A Day at the Market


 Today we decided to go do some fruit shopping at Kin’s Farm Market in Newport Village. We love Newport Village and the atmosphere of the community. It’s so quaint and cozy offering many boutiques, stores, delis, restaurants and pubs to chose from.

It is in a local town called Port Moody aka ‘The City Of The Arts’ which is located in Metro Vancouver approximately 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver. It lies along the rugged coastal mountains and the Burrard inlet. It became known as the ‘City Of The Arts‘ back in the day when it was discovered as an excellent destination for it’s beautiful scenery, ambient lighting and low rent prices. An estimated 6% of the population in Port Moody is currently employed in the arts.

Port Moody hosts numerous arts, music and cultural events every year. Natasha and I have seen many musicians perform at the outdoor summer music festivals and it is always so much fun.
We love supporting local artists and are big fans of the Vancouver music scene.
Last summer we went to see local Vancouver musicians, Daniel Wesley and The Boom Booms perform. It was so beautiful being outside under the stars, next to the water and listening to some great bands play music.


Kin’s Farm Market.


IMG_30272Being a strawberry fanatic, I head to the delectable strawberries first! Obviously.



It was a cloudy, partly sunny day when we got there. Within 15 minutes the weather completely changed and we were in a heavy rainfall. So beautiful though. People came out of the stores to witness the sudden weather change.



Just down the street from Newport Village is a very popular park called Rocky Point. Today being winter and cloudy there was really no one there except some hikers and joggers. In the summertime this park is full of people off loading their boats into the inlet, sunbathing at the pool, picnicking, watching concerts and just enjoying the surrounding beauty that is offered. It’s so gorgeous there in the summer. It is one of our favourite places to visit. 

Today I told Natasha it felt like we were in a Twilight Movie, kinda dark and dreary… ironically the series was filmed right here in British Columbia. 




Bag from American Apparel.




My son, Nicholas is an aspiring entrepreneur and artist and distributes these stickers to raise awareness to their cause. We were like real bad a**es and put one of their stickers up to show him we were supporting and representin’ him! Holla! haha.


IMG_30672The homes across from the docks on the other side of the inlet are multi million dollar homes. So beautiful.


IMG_3081Predictable selfie


IMG_30862hAn interesting building refurbished at Rocky Point Park. 


 Til next time!
Laura & Natasha xo

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