A Leap Of Faith

Do you want to hear something funny? That new job I spoke about briefly at the end of my previous post (you can read about what lead to that here!), well, I quit after 5 days. Maybe funny isn’t the right word. Weird maybe? Completely odd behaviour of myself. Something that an always do the right thing, responsible, never take risks kinda girl would ever think of doing. But the position really wasn’t for me. I think I knew after the first day but I wanted to give it a chance. Let the newness wear off some. But ya know when you just know something? That’s how I felt. Just knew in the pit of my stomach this management position with a brand new company wasn’t a good fit.

 Then it was back to the drawing board. Immediately.

Do you know how odd it is to be jobless after working full time in management for years and years? To literally not have a back up plan for the first time in one’s life and not be 20 years old? It’s not terribly comforting I have to tell ya. This may be the norm for some folks, and may not seem like a big deal, but for me, it’s bat shit craziness. 

I was eternally freaking out. Here I was, had gone and resigned from my previous job (of 10 years) during a 3 month medical leave… I willingly cut myself off from finances I had been receiving from work insurance thinking the ‘new job’ was going to be the cat’s meow… I now found myself unemployed.

So instead of going into complete panic mode, I had to first start out by making some connections with contacts in the industry (cosmetics).  Second, I had to think what it is I really want to do. What do I want to happen at this point? What does my heart truly desire? My answers came to me pretty easily. I don’t want to be consumed in a high stress position anymore. I don’t want to be making money, lots of money, working for someone else while working at that high stress job. I prefer to keep more of that hard earned money for myself, working equally as hard if need be. The hard work isn’t what bothers me, it’s working that hard for someone else and never getting ahead or feeling worthy is the bothersome part. I want to do more things in life that I actually enjoy doing. I’m a very creative person but seem to have gotten involved in a career that consumes my energy and ends up stifling any creativity. Sucking all of my energy and leaving me drained. I know it’s cliche but, life is short. 

It didn’t take long and within 2 days I had an offer.  Ironically, a position back at the company where I was employed for 10 years. Different location and the person who hired me was, get this, my former assistant, whom I trained a few years ago.  Some might think that this doesn’t sound so great, but it really is. This is a very good thing. Amazing really because we became very close and together we made an amazing team. We respect each other immensely. 

I don’t know what it is with me as of late. I leave my job after 10 years, start at a completely different company and quit there after 5 days! All I know forsure at this point is, for the first time ever, I am going with what I feel is right. Not doing it for anyone else but myself. It’s quite a liberating feeling. Regardless that I’ll be taking quite a big pay cut and I’ll have to restructure the budget, I still feel this is the right thing for right now. 

‘Leap and the net will appear.’  Zen saying quote. 

Please, please let me know about your taking a risk, changing career, or any taking a leap in life stories! 

Laura xo

2 thoughts on A Leap Of Faith

  1. Everything happens for a reason <3

    Kristine C

    • Thank you. I agree completely!
      L xo

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