A Look Inside Our Lise Watier Makeup Collection…

IMG_3901finalWe love makeup. We can’t get enough. 
I always say I own enough makeup to open up my own makeup store and I’m really only exaggerating a little bit! The ironic thing about it is, Natasha and I typically only wear the bare minimum on a daily basis. It’s crazy.

As you can see from the photo above, this is our collection of Lise Watier makeup. Obviously we kinda like this line. Alllottt. I honestly didn’t realize that I owned this much Lise Watier products until we sorted it all out for the post. It’s been one of my absolute favourite lines ever since I started working in the cosmetic industry, which is about 15 years ago now.

There are a couple so many reasons why our love is so strong for this brand… the quality, selection, great prices.. and our favourite part – it is Canadian. Gotta show some love to an amazing high quality cosmetic brand founded right here in our backyard. Love it!

gIMG_3915gfinalCouleur Folle Mineral Loose Powder Eye Shadows – long title yes, but so worth the words. They are the best. Honestly. Very pigmented and blend beautifully. And there are so many brilliant colours to choose from. But what I really love about these shadows is the versatility of ways to apply it. One of my absolute favourite techniques is wearing them as an eyeliner. The mineral powder combined with a tiny drop from their little bottle of magic Metamorfix liquid, applied with an eyeliner brush along the top lash line… OMG. So fricking stunning.
The Metamorfix Liquid Transformer ($14.50 Cdn and lasts forever) is a great accompaniment to these mineral shadows or any shadow you have for that matter. It ‘transforms’ the eyeshadow/eyeliner into a long lasting, colour enhancing miracle.

I also use these shadows when I want a very bold sophisticated (going out) kinda look. Used all over the eye lid paired with a nude lip – beautiful!

IMG_3893ggfinalAnd then there’s the pencils… ahhhlove the eyeliner pencils. I am a big fan of the Eye Shine Liners. They wear beautifully, go on so smooth and they have the best colours. They’re all so beautiful!
I prefer these pencils to other liners because they are waterproof and don’t smear all over my eyes and get all creasy. Nothing I hate worse then my eyeliner messed up all over my eyes.

IMG_4023g3bbWe have purchased many items through out the years and many have been limited edition products. The ones pictured above are no longer available. The little gold bottle is a beautiful light gold glitter and was from a Christmas collection. It comes out in a light puff which we use in our hair during the holidays or rare evenings out…gives a slight glitter which is soooo pretty, especially in darker hair. We also use it on bare shoulders and/or chest which gives the skin a gorgeous shimmery glow. Especially pretty on tanned skin. Wow. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when it’s all gone!!!

lisewatier2We will be doing posts in the future where we will feature each of these products individually. These Glitter Eyeliners that are shown above are one of Lise Watier’s top sellers. Natasha applies the Peacock Glitter Liner on top of the Peacock Eye Shine pencil for a stunning eye. The 2 products are a pair and they were one of the first colour combinations to be launched many years ago- it’s her favourite.

IMG_3936gThe Portfolio Professional Corrector is the #1 selling Corrector in Canada!
It’s incredibly smoothing, contains Vitamin E & it’s also 100% Paraben-free! The five-way concealer spectrum corrects skin imperfections and helps to conceal under-eye circles. A must-have in your beauty kit.

I’ve had these brushes in my brush collection for many, many years and they’re still holding up! Such amazing quality. Click here to see Lise Watier’s new brushes.

IMG_3938gggAssorted mixture of Eye Pencils & Lise Watier’s New Age Control Supreme Concealer.

IMG_3883gg2finalDo you have a favourite Lise Watier product? We’d love to hear about your makeup collections and the brands you absolutely love!

Laura & Natasha xo

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