Annabelle Lipsies Holiday Collection 2014

IMG_833g055We’ve been known to get a little ahead of ourselves when it comes to celebrating occasions. Okay, maybe a lot. But lets face it, there are worse things in life then wanting to celebrate even the little things in life. Don’t ya think?  It’s October and we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet and here we are showcasing Holiday Makeup! 
In our defense, it’s the store’s fault! We were innocently walking down the aisle in our favourite drug store and there they were… Annabelle Cosmetic’s Holiday Lipsies packages. Sitting there so pretty, just screaming our names!

We have purchased Annabelle Lipsies before, (you can read our first review here). And yes, we have made mention in previous posts that our makeup collection, namely our lip products is well… out of control really. But we just couldn’t live without these Holiday Lipsies! Now that’s just silly talk. We can definitely live without them. We just don’t want to. ­čśë

Annabelle’s New Holiday Lipsies are Limited Edition and come in 6 beautiful colours. The price is unbeatable for the quality of the product, the balms actually moisturize your lips and they provide a nice sheer colour which we love. The smell of these Lipsies are absolutely delicious as well. Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Hot Chocolate, Candy Canes… YUM!IMG_8317g3rgIMG_8370g5IMG_8396g22With limited edition flavours such as Flirty Candy Cane, Yummy Gingerbread, & Grandma’s Peppermint to name a few… who could pass by these adorable lip balms? And the price was irresistible at $7.95 Cdn for 2. (Hello Stocking Stuffers!) So we got all 3 packs! We’re planning on sharing. Probably. Most likely. It’s the right thing to do.


Laura’s Favourites: Flirty Candy Cane, Grandma’s Peppermint
Natasha’s Favourites: Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Candy



 Top Row
(from left to right) :
Yummy Gingerbread, Flirty Candy Cane, Grandma’s Peppermint

Bottom Row (from left to right) :
Roasted Marshmellow, Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Candy

Natasha applied the balms generously without any primer/moisturizer/or liner beforehand to show you the true pigment and colour of the balms.

We both thought that the Hot Chocolate colour would be our least favourite but were surprised and both agreed that Hot Chocolate looked the best on Natasha! Not too dark, not too light. Beautiful colour for the Holidays.
All of the Lipsies smell amazing but we think the Hot Chocolate smells the best. It really does smell like a warm, tasty cup of cocoa!

IMG_8450vrrrHere’s our ever-growing Annabelle Lipsies Collection including the colours Strawberry & Fruit Punch from previous releases.

Annabelle Online: Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Have you tried Annabelle Lipsies before? We’d love to hear what you think!

Natasha & Laura xo

2 thoughts on Annabelle Lipsies Holiday Collection 2014

  1. Absolutely love these….have 2 of them currently and they are amazing. I am SUPER excited about holiday and will be purchasing these for myself and for friends & family.

    • Hi Meredith,
      So glad you love them too! They definitely are the perfect holiday gifts. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

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