Are You A Benebabe Too?

IMG_34423We decided it was time we got down to business. I’m talkin’ some serious makeup business!

When we started the blog our intention was to dedicate a lot of our energy into our ‘Beauty‘ category. We admit, we have been slacking in this category and have been busy over at our Recipes category filling it up!  So while we’re going to continue baking up our sweet treats (couldn’t stop if we tried!) we are going to be posting more in the ‘Beauty‘ section.

We love cosmetics, we can’t get enough cosmetics… we’re truly product obsessed! So we thought we’d start off with a bang and showcase one of our most favourite cosmetic lines ever! 

Benefit Cosmetics!

All of you ‘Benefit Benebabes‘ out there know exactly how awesome this line is. Those who haven’t tried or experienced Benefit yet…well, you most definitely have to try some of their amazing products. 

They have the best packaging available. It is brilliantly executed with their eye catching vintage inspired images, their creative phrases and the cute names given to each product. But all that wouldn’t matter as much if the product inside the fun packaging wasn’t worthy. That’s the beauty of this line and why it does so well – the product is high quality. That’s what makes it even more special. 

IMG_34353Obviously judging from our pictures above, we have quite the little Benefit collection happening.

I didn’t even realize I actually owned that many Benefit products. I haven’t included a few other products that are my favourites (High Beam, Dr. Feelgood) as I finished them and had tossed them out. I need to get over to the Benefit store and get those products replaced asap!


Pictured above:
eye shadow single ‘Thanks A Latte’ 

This is the perfect go to colour. It’s applies smooth and has a beautiful satin finish. I usually wear it lightly all over my lid during the day for a natural look. – Laura

Benefit hydrating lipstick ‘Lip Service’
I find it difficult to find a lipstick that I want to wear. My lips are always drier and lipstick tends to look terrible. This one I can actually wear because it has contains hydrating ingredients such as mango, vitamin E and shea. It’s a beautiful sheer pink and looks so pretty on. – Laura

IMG_34532The Porefessional 
This product is honestly on my all time FAVOURITE products list. I can’t say enough good things about it. I continually purchase it and use it daily. It minimizes pores and fine lines, making your skin look amazingly smooth. I use it around my nose area to help with my pores and a touch on the outer corners of my eyes… you know for those wrinkles laugh lines. 

It is oil free, has a very light and silky texture and can be used under makeup or after makeup. I prefer to use it ontop of my makeup, tapping it just lightly around the problem areas I mentioned. You don’t need to use a lot, a little wee pea size drop works perfect for me.

IMG_34592gThey’re Real Mascara
I work in the cosmetic industry and as a makeup artist for years, I have witnessed a lot of hyped up new product trends that only left me feeling disappointed after trying. So I tend to be less hasty and more cautious in getting excited when a new product launches. But with this little gem of a product and its numerous accolades how could I not give it a try?
They’re Real is da Bomb for real! ha!
It does it all – lengthens, volumizes, curls, lifts and is long wearing. 
I like accentuating the outer eyelashes to create that vintage doe eyed look. It opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger. Amazing! – Laura

IMG_34523Gimme Brow
This is my new favourite eyebrow product. Hands down the best I’ve tried. I’ve worked with numerous brands, some others I have liked very much but when I tried this one… instant love!
Eyebrows are a key step in finishing your overall look. It still surprises me how many women don’t do anything to their brows. After I demonstrate ‘Gimme Brow’ on a clients one brow it becomes blatantly clear and obvious to them just how important finished brows are. Even filling in just slightly makes all of the difference.

IMG_34472444Georgia – this blush is not available anymore, and this is our last box of it. Yikes! How very, very sad. Butttt… gives us a reason to purchase new colours to replace it!

Dallas – this blush is excellent if you want that natural all over sun kissed glow… and who doesn’t want that?!

Rockateur – this newer blush is one of my favourites now. It is so rock n roll and we both love it so much. It makes your cheeks look super sexy and glowy!  

I like to first apply Benefit Watt’s Up Illuminator on the tops of my cheek bones and then apply the Rockateur powder on the apples of my cheeks.
You really can’t go wrong with any of Benefit’s Cheek Powders. They’re all amazing quality. Natasha

For me, I use a little of my Benefit High Beam Illuminator all over my cheeks then lightly sweep the Rockateur on my cheek bones. – Laura

IMG_3450244Pictured above: Rockateur Cheek Powder

IMG_34621Stay Don’t Stray Primer for eyes. 

This is used all around your eye area including the lid. It helps concealers and eye shadows stay put. It prevents creasing and helps your eye shadow colour stay true. You know when you’ve applied an eye shadow, even an expensive brand and you have to keep applying it yet it is hardly visible? Well, that’s where this l’il miracle comes into play. It allows the eye shadow pigment to be true to its colour as well as preventing it from creasing.

Pictured is 2 different types of containers of the same product.
Benefit released the newer style of applicator not too long ago. It seems there’s much debate amongst users who prefer the older version to the new. I really don’t have a preference. They both work well. I suppose it’s different strokes for different folks!

I definitely use it when I am going to be wearing a smokey style eye with lots of shadow. It is a MUST to keep the shadow in place. But for everyday when I’m not wearing much makeup I will use it alone all over my eye lid and under my eyes to cover darkness. – Laura


If you are new to the world of Benefit cosmetics and are wanting to try out 1 or 2 products, we would definitely recommend Benefit’s Moon Beam, Fake Up, or Porefessional. Those are the 3 products that we have used the most and have repurchased over and over again. 

What are some of your favourite Benefit products? We’d love to hear from you!

Laura & Natasha xo


6 thoughts on Are You A Benebabe Too?

  1. Wow… just wow! I am such a benebabe and your collection is making me all kinds of jealous! Great post, so many wonderful products!

    Lauren x

    • Thank you so much! We do love Benefit. 🙂

      Laura & Natasha xo

  2. I am so jealous of your collection, it is amazing. I have just purchased lots of new Benefit products and am in love with Gimme Brow. I use it as well as their Browzings kit, anything for bigger brows! Next time I think I am going to treat myself to some Porefessional on your recommendation. Lovely post.

    Connie x

    • Thank you Connie! Benefit is definitely a great line. I really like the Browzings kit too! That’s my go to when a client needs a strong defined brow. And yes, you should try the Porefessional! You’ll love it! Let us know what you think of it after you try it!

      Laura xo

  3. WOW! I thought my Benefit collection was good to I saw yours! Love the post! My fav is currently the Pore fessional – make-up just looks amazing with it!

    • Thank you! Porefessional is also one of our favorite products. xo

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