ROAM Gallery Reception

unnamed (4)I can’t even express how excited I am to announce that I am having my very first Art Exhibit at a real Art Gallery! Like WHAT???!!! I know! It’s the craziest thing ever! I barely believe it myself. For real.

I am so honoured that ROAM Gallery Owner, Jennifer has given me this amazing opportunity. I can’t thank her enough. Even though she told me, “Flowers ain’t my thing’… and well, flowers happen to be my whole art collection right now! Ha! She has taken me and all of my floral-ness regardless. Love her!

If you happen to be around the Vancouver area tonight, Friday, October 10th from 6 – 10pm drop by ROAM Gallery and say hello! There will be 4 of us local artists in attendance. We would love to meet you.
My art will be in the Gallery until November 2 and you can now find some of my pieces on our new Facebook page.

Address: City Square Mall – Upper Level, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada

Laura xo

Art Exhibition Announcement

photo (12)5

We are so excited to officially announce that my original paintings will be featured in Vancouver at the ROAM Gallery. They will be showcasing my work along with 3 other talented local female artists. It’s going to be an awesome show with the different forms of art and styles. I love seeing new art and meeting other artists in all genres. Can always learn something new being around such creative people. Very inspiring. It’s gonna rock!

It’s kinda surreal to me at this point still. I never thought I’d ever have my paintings in an actual gallery! Last month Natasha and I had an art showing, but we did it all on our own. We booked the venue, planned and executed the whole thing. It was a ton of work, but we did everything completely solo. This time my art had to actually be accepted and invited into the gallery. A real gallery. This is a whole different ball game. I am super stoked about the whole thing yet super freaked out that people will be seeing it. Judging it. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do, in life in general… put yourself out there. But it’s something I feel I must do, I have to do. Besides, if I don’t put my art out into the world, I’m pretty sure I have absolutely no wall space left in my small townhouse left to hang anymore paintings!  ha!

IMG_808g82Pictured above: Jennifer Daerendinger (Gallery Owner), Laura and Hana Amani (Metro-Living-Zine)

IMG_8083hgMy paintings will be on display from October 6 – November 6. For those of you that live in and around the Vancouver area, there will be a Reception on Friday, October 10 from 6 – 10pm. We’d love to see you all. Stop by and say hi!

unnamed (2)

Join us at:
ROAM Gallery
City Square Mall – Upper Level, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada.

 Laura & Natasha xo

Shop Rose & Lea Original Paintings

photo 2 (2)We had the honor of hosting our very first Art Show in Vancouver this past August. Since then we have received numerous emails and inquiries about certain paintings and where they can be purchased now that the show is over.
We do not have our official Rose & Lea Online Shop open as of yet (plans are currently in the works!) so until then we decided to post some of our available paintings and prints on our blog.
All of my paintings are original one-of-a-kind pieces. I use professional quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas. I work with a variety of techniques and tools depending on the specific image I’m wanting to achieve. Some of the pieces consist of impasto style painting which is a thicker painting style, palette knife painting, glitter, beads, metallic and antique doily imprinting, to name a few. Some of the finished paintings are gloss coated but all of the paintings have a UV varnish finish for protection and ensures long life to the painting.

Paintings431. SOLD–  Moroccan Dreams (12×12″) $195 – Deep purples, burgundy,metallic gold, yellow and metallic bronze. Inspired by the bright, bold colours of Morocco. 
2. SOLD–  P.S. I Love You (20×24″)  $325 – Bright fuschia and light pinks.
3. Cobblestone Lane (12×16″) $300 – Impasto texture pink, lilac and purple with beads and glitter. Gloss finish.
4. Take A Walk On The Wildside (8×10″) $135 – Neon orange and yellow with glitter.
5. I Do…  (8×10) $135 – Neon Pink and fuschia with glitter.

IMG_8401Cobblestone Lane


6. Crystal Bloom (top left) (16×20″) $300 – Impasto texture green, white, metallic bronze, metallic pink used with a palette knife.
7. Bronzed Bloom (top right) (16×20″) $300 – Impasto texture white, metallic bronze, metallic espresso, used with a palette knife.

IMG_697828. SOLD– Living In A Dream (36×24″) $850 – Deep red, metallic red, light pink, purple, white.

Paintings29. Lovers Lane (24×30″) $720 – Lilac, purples, metallic purple, metallic gold.
10. Bad Romance (20×20″) $400 – Impasto texture, red metallic, black, white, gold metallic. High gloss.

IMG_7225g211. SOLD– Pink Friday (24×20″) $400 – Red, pinks, peach, white.

IMG_7477tg212. Tokyo Summer (top left) (16×20″) $300 – Yellow, fuschia pink, neon orange, light pink.
13. SOLD– Lilac Wine (top right) (16×20″) $300 – Lilac, purple, pink, white.

IMG_7452b14. Kiss From A Rose (blue painting on the left) (16×20″) $300 – Turquoise, purple, white, pink.

IMG_7395415. Summertime Love (30×24″) $620 – Bright fuschia, purple, white.

IMG_72963516. Secret Garden (20×16″) $325 – Impasto texture baby pink, grey, metallic espresso, buttercup yellow.

IMG_6304g5h17. Rustic Rome (12×16″) $300 – Impasto texture lilac, yellow, metallic gold, pink, ivory, crystal glitter.

prints4sOriginal prints by Natasha.

All of our prints are designed, created and hand painted on canvas then made into prints. The prints are on high quality semi gloss 80lb cover stock paper.
These colourful fun prints add interest and colour to any room decor, photo wall or stand!

Vintage Macarons  (8.5×11″) – $20
Solo Hearts (Colours available: Pink, Orange, Aqua) (8.5×11″) – $20
Lovely Lemons (5×5″) – $15

We ship worldwide and pack each piece personally and professionally to ensure the safest delivery possible.
We are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Email us at for orders & information.

 Laura & Natasha xo

Rose & Lea Art Show Pop-Up!


Well, we did it! We had our very first Rose & Lea Art Show Pop Up this past weekend (August 28 – 31) and it was a great success! We had planned and prepped for this art showing for the past 4 months and it came and went in a blink. Phew! It was so much work but so worth it. We loved every single minute of it!
It was held in Vancouver @thisopenspace (previously Chinatown Experiment) and featured our original paintings and prints. All paintings and prints will be available on our website shortly.

The whole concept of our weekend show was to bring our blog to life. From the art, baking, music, beauty, to every single detail of the weekend – it portrayed us and our lifestyle blog.

We had such an amazing time and learned so much. It’s only the beginning! We truly appreciate everyone who came out to support and who showed us love over the weekend. You helped make our first event one to remember.

RoseAndLeaPopUp1The first picture above (top left) was the morning of the show and the first paintings to go up. Natasha being the amazing photographer she is wanted to capture this moment for me and I’m so happy she did. It is the first time I’ve ever shown my paintings publicly and the first time in a gallery setting. So it was a nice memory to capture.
We created this particular signature series of textured heart paintings called ‘All About Love‘ on 8×10 canvas that come in a wide variety of colours and designs. (We do custom requests for specific colours.)
They look awesome when grouped together for impact which you can see in some photos below!

Bottom left photo is of my painting ‘Cobblestone Lane’. It is made with a thick texture acrylic medium, some glitter and beads. Bam!  So much prettier in person when you can see all of the texture and details. Super feminine.

IMG_6898g Setting up some more paintings. This yellow one pictured is called ‘Tokyo Summer‘ and the one next to it is called ‘Lilac Wine‘. Both are names of songs. Lots of my paintings are named after songs which is very fitting since all of our art is made to music. It’s very true, music is definitely the soundtrack to our lives.


The lovely ladies at Ode To A Bloom Floral Boutique created all of the beautiful floral arrangements for the event.


During the set up. Pre-party. 


RoseAndLeaPopUp5IMG_70f856Shortbread Cookies in Pink and White & Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. Baked By Natasha. Recipes featured from our blog.



Natasha adding the final touches just before the Opening Night Party starts. Doesn’t she look like she is on the cover of an entertaining book? 

Collage2Photos of us posing by our signature textured heart paintings ‘All About Love’.


IMG_7060gKevin the DJ, set the tone for the night and got the party started by spinning some records.

IMG_7133ggVancouver blogging duo Dana & Sarah from A Petite Party.
We love their blog! Check it out and click here to read the write-up that they posted about the party. Thank you ladies for coming and for including us on your blog! xo

IMG_7192g3Even though it was a closed invite only Opening Night Party, a few walk by’s ended up joining the party! Sometimes the more the merrier, ya know what I mean! This guy was visiting Vancouver from Colorado for business and wanted a pic with ‘Rose & Lea’! – Sure why not!

IMG_72105The beautiful Kiran (Owner of Blink Brow Bar) and her husband Gary.
What a truly lovely couple! You can read about our previous visit to Blink Brow Bar here. Every woman should have gorgeous brows and Blink Brow Bar is the best. We highly recommend getting your brows done there!


Paintings90The Red Roses Painting ‘Bad Romance‘ (20×20″) is one of the pieces that created the most interest during the weekend showing. I think because it was so dramatically different then all of the rest of our light and happy floral paintings! I wanted this one to be dark and give the feeling of love gone wrong. I’m pretty sure I succeeded at that don’t you think? 

IMG_734g85×5″ Original Lemon Prints by Natasha.

IMG_7333gNatasha has become an amazing photographer and gets compliments constantly on the photos she takes on our site. She captured this photo of me during the show. So artsy!

IMG_695111IMG_7063gPopUp9We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who came out and supported our show. To all of the special ladies who came, you are the absolute best. It means so much to us!  

A big thank you to my son Nicholas for helping us set up for the party and for being our photographer during the evening. We love you! xo

Also to Yash and his team @thisopenspace and to the lovely ladies, Debbie & Joanne at Ode To A Bloom Floral Boutique. We couldn’t have had such an awesome show without all of your help! xo

Check back soon for listings and photos of all of our paintings and prints that will be available.

Laura & Natasha xo