{Coffee Talk} Caffe Divano, Port Moody


Today we went to Caffe Divano in Port Moody, BC. It’s located approximately 30 minutes outside of Vancouver and is in one of our favourite towns. We love, love, love Port Moody so much. You can read about our previous little outings in Port Moody that we’ve written about here

Caffe Divano is a family run cafe that originally started out in 1999 as Cornerstone Cafe and Catering. They later changed their name to Caffe Divano and opened new locations. Currently they have 3 locations – Burnaby, Coquitlam and Port Moody. 

This specific Port Moody Cafe is nuzzled in a beautiful residential area. It is a busy neighbourhood with many people out taking their dogs for walks and running in for a coffee. Immediately when we entered the Cafe it had a very warm and inviting atmosphere.The owners seemed to not have missed a beat when planning this location’s decor and menu. These are the kinds of things we notice immediately and it makes an instant first impression. From the wall colour, the brick work along the counter, fireplace, fresh flowers on the counters from the local florist, delicious homemade goods, the wall display of a local artist’ work and the precision placement of the beautiful rustic inspired tables and comfy leather chairs.

Ohhh, I can’t forget to tell you what really got me is when I noticed a glass canister filled with dog treats sitting on their front counter encouraging pet owners to give their ‘fur baby’ a treat. Like how thoughtful is that? They really did think of everything! Anyone who loves dogs enough to put out treats for our furry friends makes me love this cafe even more!

All of these details add up. The little extra touches that they have incorporated into the cafe is impressive and thoughtful which further makes a customers’ overall experience a really good great one.


Natasha ordered a Vanilla Latte (her go-to) and I (Laura) ordered the Chai Tea Latte. We have to say the coffee flavours were excellent. They use 49th Parallel Coffee – the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, which means they are definitely pros in the coffee business!

They sell all kinds of homemade baked goods from paninis, cookies, to wraps, all made fresh in the cafe. (They also have an assortment of wheat-free and vegan options available!) It all looked so delicious.
We have a real issue when it comes to being in the same vicinity as baked treats.. Yep, it’s sad but true. We are also quite aware of the fact that we have zero will power when it comes to baked goods.
So with that being said of course we ordered some Earl Grey Macarons. 

Now, I don’t want to come across like I’m some sort of Macaron cookie taster expert-person, because nothing could be further from the truth… but these particular macarons were not the best. All I am saying is, it wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t great.  
Damn them macarons! I really, really, really wanted to love you!  


Then after we were finished our coffees and were about to leave, these huge, amazing looking wraps in their front showcase caught our eye and lured us right towards them. We didn’t even try talking each other out of this one. No point. We bought 1 to go and shared it when we got home.
This delicious, delectable, dynamite of a wrap was awesome. Big thumbs up for this one!

Let’s re-evaluate this shall we?
Latte – Check* Excellent
Macarons – Not so much ­čÖü
Wrap with ham, eggs and hashbrowns –  Check* Delicious

So like the great 70’s rock singer, Meatloaf says, ‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’.


We definitely will be going back and certainly will recommend it to our friends and family.
Will we have another macaron you ask? Hell ya we will! (different flavour though,) We’re not quitters!
However, we keep reminiscing about their homemade cookies. They looked amazing! Next time. 


Caffe Divano Locations:
Caffe Divano / 4568 Hastings Street / Burnaby, BC / 604-558-3011
Caffe Divano / 3003 Burlington Drive / Coquitlam, BC /604-461-7233
Caffe Divano / 101 – 101 Klahanie Drive / Port Moody, BC / 778-355-3304

What are some of your favourite cafes? We’d love to hear about them!

Laura & Natasha xo. 

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