{Coffee Talk} Coffee Break at Smart Mouth Cafe…

IMG_3776gVancouver certainly does not have a shortage of amazing coffee shops and cafe’s. I’m not sure just how many coffee shops there are in Vancouver, but apparently Vancouver is known as the ‘coffee shop capital of Canada’.
Well then, I think we shall never be at a loss for a cup of great coffee while in the city!

We have always loved going to coffee and tea shops so we decided to start documenting them. We do still love our local Starbucks drive through. Yes, drive through. Can you believe that? Don’t even have to get out of the car now. I have to say we do use it mostly for grabbing a coffee while on our way driving somewhere. It has been super convenient and we adore the staff there so we keep going back!

We decided to expand our horizons in the coffee/tea world, try new places, new companies other than Starbucks. Yep, we’re kinda livin’ on the edge now. We realize there’s so much more coffee out there just waiting for us to discover! ha!

We had to go to Gastown to pick up our new cards from a printer and we noticed Smart Mouth Cafe as we were walking by. We decided to take a break and grab a much needed coffee.

IMG_3773g4IMG_3774g2Their selection of wraps and sandwiches in the showcase caught our attention so we decided to try the Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap with a side of salsa and sour cream. Omg. Soooo good. We still talk about how delicious that wrap was and will definitely go back because of it!

IMG_3779gIMG_3778g2It has a very cozy Gastown kinda atmosphere with the brick and exposed ceiling pipes. Plus we really loved the huge windows in the front with a counter and chairs to sit at. Who doesn’t love to people watch while enjoying a great cup of coffee?!

IMG_3784g3I was taking photos and snapped a pic of Natasha from outside without her knowing. Love how it turned out.

g2Smart Mouth Cafe / 131 Water St #117 / Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2 / (604) 569-1480

Natasha had the Nutella Latte and I had the Cafe MochaThey were extremely flavorful and we really enjoyed them. The only criticism we would have was that the coffee could’ve been a tad hotter but for next time we’d simply request extra hot. Otherwise, excellent flavour. 

We are looking forward to going back next time we’re in Gastown… can’t stop thinking about that damn wrap!
What are some coffee shops you guys love and recommend?
Laura & Natasha xo.

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