Happy Easter!

IMG_4049gggggbIt’s EasterYay! Happy Easter Everyone!

We hope everyone has a spectacular day spent doing whatever it is you do on Easter!

We (myself, Natasha (my daughter) and Nicholas (my son) will be spending it with family as we always do. My sister has 2 young children so being around them on any occasion makes it that much better. Those kids, my little niece and nephew have so much spunk and energy it’s always a hoot just being in their presence. They make everything seem fun! I’m forever amazed at what comes out of their little mouths… so fricking smart. It’s plain craziness. My nephew just turned 3 and he knows his way around the mini ipad since he was 2 like nobodies business! And my niece is 7 and she has more common sense then some 20 year olds I know! Insane. Really. 

Kids these days. I did say the same of my kids when they were young. It’s true. 
I knew they were quite intelligent little people too, obviously, but god… the kids nowadays! 

My niece and nephew and basically kids in general see the world different then us adults do. It’s refreshing really.
Remember how it was when we were growing up? How we used to see the world? We had the imaginations of damn genius’ and we didn’t even know it! No inhibitions, no fear, and ohmigod our determination! 

That’s what I love about spending time with these wonderful little hams… they give us the opportunity to see the world through their eyes and their minds.
They make us feel young alive and alert. To think of things differently then we might have otherwise. 

You know that saying, kids keep you young, or is it that kids age you? It could be both couldn’t it?  
In any regard, I love being around them even if they completely exhaust me because I’m getting old! 
They remind me to loosen up, not sweat the small stuff and to enjoy the moment.The present. The now.
They are brilliant. Just bloody brilliant.

IMG_4028gg22We had a blast decorating our Easter eggs. We decided to up the ante again this year and try new things. This time we used acrylic paints and added sparkles! Bam! 
Of all of the eggs we decorated the l’il chicky one Natasha is holding is our favourite!
Awwww! Like how cute is that? 

We hope you have the most fabulous Easter day whether it’s spent with family and friends or if it’s very low key. Whatever it is you choose to do today, take time to smell the roses. No really, the flowers are blooming everywhere! Take a moment and appreciate what’s around you. In the now.
That’s all we have is right now. Love every single minute! 


What are some of your Easter traditions?

Happy Easter!
Laura & Natasha xo

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