Juice Jar Flower Arrangement


 I love, love, love fresh flowers and I try to get as creative as possible when making my arrangements.

It’s fun to think outside of the box and use things in different ways when flower arranging. I like to use things around the house as flower vases… like old vintage bottles I’ve collected over the years, tea pots, old pretty drinking glasses and jars. It adds an interesting twist to the overall look of the arrangement which I find so beautiful.

We used this glass juice jar that looks very vintage-inspired as a flower vase. We saw it at a garage sale for $2 and immediately we both thought we could use it as a flower vase. We stopped at a local market and picked out some fresh flowers for $10. 
We decided to mix red roses along with some purplish/pink daisies because sometimes red roses alone seem so formal and serious. Adding a splash of purple adds some fun… and it’s my favourite colour!

Flowers make us happy!



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    I like the idea of reusing something, I like garage sales, flea markets, & thrift shops. “One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure”

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