Laura’s Fall Wishlist

Even though I prefer Summer, when Fall rolls around and I see all the new Fall fashion, I can’t help but get excited.
Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Here are my top picks for Fall…
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1. Classic Tall Ugg Boots in Black – $195
Even though Ugg boots aren’t considered ‘fashionable’, and always top ‘most-hated’ fashion trends for women by men, I still love them. They are so comfy and easy to wear.

2. Fit & Flare Knit Dress by Le Chateau – $99
The perfect little black dress – Every girl needs one.. or 3.

3. Hamilton MK Logo Satchel by MICHAEL Michael Kors – $298
Never can have too many purses. Gotta have it!

4. SINCLAIR Steve Madden Boots in Cognac – $229
Love Steve Madden Boots!


5. Rose Felt Pillow from Chapters – $34

6. Comforter Bubble Bar by Lush – $10
I love absolutely everything at Lush, but this Bubble Bar has always been my favorite.

7. Cardamom Bowl by Crate & Barrel – $85
Did I mention that I have a bowl obsession? This bowl is so purty.

8. Greenwich Grove Tea Set by Kate Spade New York – $59
Did I mention that I also have a teapot obsession?!

What’s on your Fall Wishlist?! Comment & let us know. 🙂
Laura Xo.

7 thoughts on Laura’s Fall Wishlist

  1. Lovely wish list! The rose cushion is so pretty 🙂


    • Hi Jenny
      I know, the rose pillow is so pretty and feminine! A girl can never have too many pretty pillows!
      Laura 🙂

    • Yes, Lush is the best! And Uggs…guys hate them, women love them! I have been wearing my tan pair for years now, so you can imagine just how worn and ‘ugly’ they are looking! But I don’t care, they’re just so easy and comfy! haha

  2. As a man I do have to say,(apart from being a little weird me reading this) you woman are expensive! or maybe not so much, I can afford some of these things for `a girl´I´m seeing, but 34 bucks for a pillow? isn´t that asking too much….hummm, I´ll prefer to go with the little 10 dollar comforter.
    Stay Frosty girls.

    P.S what was it that Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are girls best friends.”?

    • Yes, I admit some of these items are a little expensive… That’s why I have them on a ‘wish list’! haha
      I don’t typically buy extremely pricey clothes, I tend to spend money on key pieces. Such as a great pair of shoes or boots and bags!

      And yes, Marilyn said it best! I’m not a big jewellery girl, however, a diamond would never be turned down.
      Laura 🙂

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