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It’s the Holiday season! Well, okay there’s technically 46 sleeps left until it’s officially Christmas day. But all of our holiday decor is already out, lit up and sparkling bright. Everything that is except our tree. Even that is sitting in a box in the hallway ready and waiting for us to set up! Besides, the Lifetime & ShowCase channels started showing Holiday movies on November 1st! I’ve already watched 5 festive movies. Infact, as I’m writing this, Home Alone 2 is on. So unless Lifetime is showing holiday movies just for Natasha and I, I’m pretty sure it’s Christmas time y’all!

Since it’s the holidays… let’s talk about what’s new and exciting in Holiday makeup. Our beloved Canadian brand, Lise Watier, recently launched their Holiday collection in stores. Appropriately named Arabesque, which is a ballet pose, this collection reveals all of the elegant elements of an actual ballet. Designed by their head International makeup artist, David Vincent, the collection exudes his inspiration from ballerinas and the minimalist style they present. Everything from the gold mirrored packaging to the gorgeous colour choices of the makeup. The collection is romantic and ultra feminine.

The two eyeshadow palettes in the collection are honestly gorgeous. We’ve been wearing them constantly, playing with different variations and loving every single minute of it! Made with a creamy powder texture, they go on so incredibly smooth and feel like silk to the touch. We are very impressed with the colour combinations, pigments, wearability and lasting power.

There are 2 palettes available: Coppelia (violet shades) and Isadora (neutrals).

Palette Arabesque 5-Colour Eyeshadow ($42) – Isadora 


Palette Arabesque 5-Colour Eyeshadow ($42) – Coppelia

Limited Edition Arabesque Powder Blush ($38)

Natasha: Lise Watier’s blushes and highlighters are always stand out products in their collections. We always get giddy with excitement in anticipation of seeing their latest blush/highlighter release! 

LW’s new Arabesque Powder Blush is no exception. The design and packaging is incredibly stunning & the product quality is even better. Two blendable shades in a rich, silky texture designed to illuminate and contour the cheeks.

This blush is not very pigmented which some people may love and others may not. I (Natasha) personally really like that this blush is soft and not an overwhelming bright pink. I rarely use blushes and when I do, I apply it with a very light hand. So I was extremely happy with the pigmentation of this blush! It’s soft enough to use as a illuminator, providing a very pretty soft glow. Gorgeous for the Holiday season. 

Laura: I like to use this blush with a firmer and shorter haired brush rather then a big fluffy blush brush. This way more product attaches onto the brush and deposits more colour onto the cheeks. The colour of this blush is the bomb. Seriously. I am in love with it. Like all the kids are saying… ‘this blush is everything’! 
Baiser Velours Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the shade Swan Kisslimited edition ($28)
Rouge Gourmand Lipstick in the new shade Cerise Noire ($25)

Natasha: Pictured above are two of Lise Watier’s new lipstick releases for Holiday 2016. The new Baiser Velours Liquid Lipstick, Swan Kiss is a limited edition release. I’m a big fan of LW’s Baiser Velours Velvet Liquid Lipsticks and wear them often. They are extremely pigemented and insanely long-lasting! I’ve gotten 8-10 hours wear with one application before even with eating/drinking during the day. Seriously impressive formula. We also like that the creamy matte formula doesn’t dry out your lips at all.

After I tested and wore the new Swan Kiss shade I was quite bummed that it is a limited edition release and won’t be available for repurchase! It is an absolutely stunning matte, deep muave shade. The colour totally represents Winter.

Laura: I was totally surprised when I tried the Cerise Noir lipstick and actually loved how it looked on me. This is a colour I typically would NEVER choose for myself let alone wear. Out in public. Being a blond and ghostly pale, I tend to wear the predictable pink-ish shades.  But after I swatched the Cerise Noir on my hand, then on my lips, I was all like, ‘Hot damn girl!’ Now I’ve been wearing the heck out of it and rocking the whole dark mysterious Fall lip look. Loving it so much!

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Til next time Beauties…
Laura & Natasha xo

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