Lise Watier Expression Spring 2015 Collection

IMG_0159g8Introducing Lise Watier’s New Spring 2015 Collection EXPRESSION.

We eagerly await to see Lise Watier’s new products and collections each season. To us, their products are unrivaled in the Canadian beauty scene. The quality of the products (Lise Watier uses the highest quality ingredients and do NOT test on animals), their creative and different packaging each season and attention to detail are unbeatable. We are big, big fans and can’t get enough.

The packaging for Expression is our absolute favourite yet. I know, I know.. we may say that a lot but Lise Watier keeps getting better and better each season! Expression is bright, bold and vibrant with images of paint brush strokes. 

The collection’s message is for women to unleash their creativity, spontaneity and individuality and it really couldn’t be more of a perfect message for us (and all women!). We love doing creative projects and my mom, Laura is a painter so this collection really spoke to us. Right when we saw the new collection we both knew exactly how we wanted to display our images and wanted them to reflect the products. 

IMG_0084ggIMG_0148gThe colours in this collection are to die for! 


Over the years Lise Watier’s eyeshadows have been a favourite of ours due to their beautiful colour selection and the fact that they are nicely pigmented & long lasting. This new collection for Spring 2015 is no exception. Inspired by the runways, the Expression Palette contains 5 new shades in a cream powder formula which range from a semi-matte to iridescent finish. Soft, feminine & vibrant – these shadows are the epitome of Springtime beauty! 

The compact is nice & sleek and features a mirror on the inside.

Tips from Lise Watier for creating easy, effortless duos: 

For a natural look: pink and charcoal.
For an illuminated look: yellow and charcoal.
For a trendy look: aqua and charcoal.
For a dramatic look: turquoise and charcoal.


IMG_0168g5Palette Expression Eyeshadow Swatches

IMG_0046hEXPRESSION BLUSH TRIO – Limited Edition ($38 Cdn)

This blush is fabulous! It has 3 different iridescent colours – a brown, rose and orangey shade. Great for every skin tone when mixed together and applied. Or you can apply them separately to create various looks. It has the most beautiful subtle luminous glow. Absolutely gorgeous. 

IMG_0091gf(Pictured above) Top of the Expression Blush Trio.

IMG_010g23ROUGE GOURMAND VELOURS in ExpressionLimited Edition ($22)

Expression is the latest colour release in Lise Watier’s hugely popular lipstick line, Rouge Gourmand Velours. So popular in fact they have earned the title of being Canada’s Number 1 Selling Matte Lipstick

Rouge Gourmand Velours have an ultra-matte finish yet don’t dry out your lips thanks to the nourishing Jojoba oil formula. We have a few different colours of the Rouge Gourmand Velours and absolutely love them for the matte-lip look. They are one of the few matte lipsticks out there which makes your lips look velvety smooth and don’t show off every line on your lips. (You can read a review we did previously on the colour Red Velvet here!)

Expression is a perfect matte berry colour for Spring. Paired with a simple winged eyeliner, showstopping!


OMBER SOUFFLE SUPREME in Fairy Pink – new shade, regular product ($24)

This eye shadow is a mix of cream, powder and mousse. We own a few of these Souffle shadows from Lise Watier and we swear by them. You can apply it with your fingertip for easy application. They wear like a dream. So smooth and silky, doesn’t crease and is long wearing. It has a iridescent, luminous, airy finish. You can wear it alone or use as a colour base for a coordinating powder shadow for more impact. We love the added benefit that it contains their exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea Extract which is a powerful antioxidant. 

IMG_0123frFELINE EYELINER HD in Vert –  new shade, regular product ($20)

Lise Watier’s Feline Black Eyeliner won Elle’s award so we were thrilled to see they added a new colour to the collection. This green colour is the perfect dark green. It has a soft high precision felt-tip that is great for a high definition line. It is so easy to use and perfect for the cat eye look. We love their Feline eyeliners because they don’t crease, don’t smear all over and they are long wearing. LOVE!


Lise Watier Eye Shine pencils have been our favourite eyeliners for many years now. I do believe we own every single one available… that’s how crazy we are much we love them. 😉 They have a creamy texture and apply extremely smooth, no smudging. The new shade Expression is a beautiful metallic grey which goes perfectly with the Expression Eyeshadow Palette. 

IMG_0119g4EXPRESSION NAIL LACQUERLimited Edition ($13.50)

The EXPRESSION nail polish is the ultimate colour for Spring/Summer 2015. It is a gorgeous soft pink/coral colour that is so fun and playful.

We love Lise Watier’s nail polishes for many reasons. They are the only bottle out on the market currently that offer a light-up cap. How cool is that?! I never really cared too much about the light up bottle until I actually tried it out for myself. The light actually does help you see when you’re in low-light, (like when you’re chilling after dinner painting your toenails and catching up on your favourite shows). 😉 It really does work! Lise Watier’s polishes also feature a fine-tip brush which provide an easy application.

IMG_0152gLise Watier Expression 2015 Collection will be available in stores from February to April 2015. The new Regular Products will be available starting in February. 

Lise Watier Online: Shop Online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Natasha & Laura xo (written by Natasha)

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