Lise Watier Fall 2014 ‘FÉLINE’ Collection


As promised in a previous post, today we are revealing and reviewing the new Fall 2014 Collection ‘FÉLINE‘ from Lise Watier. We had a sneak peak of the collection a couple of weeks ago when we were invited to the Media Event for LD Cosmetics. (Thank you again to Hartley PR & the LD Cosmetic Team!). We were honoured to attend such a fabulous event and see all of the collections and new products that will be launching this Fall. We were completely awed and inspired by the new Lise Watier Fall Collection and couldn’t wait to try the products out and share our review with you!

If you follow our blog, you may know that Lise Watier is one of our favourite cosmetic lines ever! You can read more about our love affair herehere and even more here.

IMG_5912gg2Pictured above: Quatuor FÉLINE Eyeshadow Quartet, FÉLINE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Nude & Rouge, and 24 HRS GLAM Eyeshadow in Bronze Glam.

IMG_5961jhThe packaging has a beautiful leopard print – so pretty! The inspiration for this collection was the free spirited woman with a bohemian-chic twist. 


Pictured above is the Quatuor FÉLINE Eyeshadow Quartet. It is Limited Edition so don’t wait too long once it lands in stores this August!

These shadows have a cream powder formula which literally feels like silk to touch. They are absolutely gorgeous. We’ve been wearing them daily, putting them through the ‘long days at work test’ and they didn’t move! I always recommend using a base under eye shadow but we decided to try them without a base as well. Surprisingly the pigment was just as strong and wore just as well.

Tip: Lise Watier Makeup Artist, David Vincent recommends letting the shadow set for 1 minute before blending. This will help it soften on the skin and stay put for hours.


Swatches of the Limited Edition Quatuor FÉLINE Eyeshadow Quartet.
The colours are richly pigmented natural shades and have that combination of semi-matte and iridescence. Perfect for any eye colour and age. 

IMG_5967g78FÉLINE Velvet Lip Lacquers (Limited Edition)
The lighter coloured gloss on the left is Nude (Laura’s favourite) and the red on the right is Rouge (Natasha’s favourite).
They are intensely pigmented, long wearing, creamy, & non-sticky. They dry to a beautiful velvety matte finish.

IMG_5928gg24 Hrs Glam Eyeshadow Stick (the ones pictured above are Bronze Glam & Disco Glam).

These coloured eye pencils can be used as an eye shadow (which I love!), a eyeliner or a base for your powder shadows. They are water-proof so they don’t smudge or transfer and last for hours. We tested these pencils out in the various methods and they are seriously awesome. My eyelids tend to get oily and it is very important to me that any pencil or shadow I wear doesn’t get smudged all over. These stayed put and I was a very happy girl!

They are available in 6 beautiful shades.
An added feature of these pencils is that it has a built in sharpener. So for the times you do want to use it as an eyeliner, it will be perfectly pointed! 

Tip: Lise Watier International Makeup Artist, David Vincent recommended blending very quickly when using this stick as a shadow as they dry and set in seconds.

IMG_5955g98FÉLINE Eyeliner HD in Brown ($20)

Lise Watier’s top-selling FÉLINE Eyeliner HD is now available in Brown! We are big fans of the black FÉLINE liquid liner and couldn’t be happier that it’s now available in brown. It has a precise felt applicator tip making it the perfect liner to use when creating a cat-eye.

Fun fact: One FÉLINE Eyeliner HD is sold every 30 minutes in Canada! (How crazy is that?!)

IMG_5904g2Pictured Above: Quatuor FÉLINE Eyeshadow Quartet ($36), FÉLINE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Nude & Rouge ($23).


Lise Watier’s new FÉLINE Fall 2014 Collection will be available in stores starting this August till October 2014.

Lise Watier Online: Shop Online, Twitter, Facebook.

Laura & Natasha xo

4 thoughts on Lise Watier Fall 2014 ‘FÉLINE’ Collection

  1. I got a chance to play around with those shadows and the liquid lipstick today. Both are so AMAZING…I need it all in my life!

    • Hi Amy,

      Aren’t they beautiful?! We adore the Velvet Lip Laquers as well! Perfect for the Fall.

      Thanks for the comment & stopping by!

  2. The 24 hour glam and Feline liner HD are not limited editions though, theyre added to the collection 🙂 Bought disco glam today, love this product. Extremely long wear, but I recommend a very strong makeup remover or else it wont come out 🙂

    • Hi Amrish,

      We never stated that the 24 Hour Glam Eyeshadow Sticks and Brown Feline Liners are limited edition. Only the eyeshadow quartet & lip lacquers are limited edition which we wrote underneath the pictures.

      Happy to hear that you enjoy Disco Glam! We also love that colour. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment & stopping by!

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