Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Event in Vancouver


We had the honor and privilege of being invited to Lise Watier’s latest skincare launch – The Age Prevention Supreme Line. The event was held downtown Vancouver at the gorgeous ‘Vancouver Club‘ and the evening did not disappoint.

I have 15 years experience working in the cosmetic business/manager/makeup artist so I am not new to the Lise Watier brand by any means. In fact when I first started out in cosmetics, Lise Watier quickly became my favourite go to line that I would use the most. I have been a loyal and avid supporter of this line for many years.  I have gone to numerous product trainings/schools but this was the first time I was invited as a blogger to reveal the new products! Natasha and I were thrilled to have Lise Watier be our first event to cover as bloggers! Woot! Woot!

IMG_3570ggProfessional Lise Watier Makeup Artists were doing complimentary makeovers. Touch up anyone? Yes, please!

IMG_3577gHere I am with the amazing Chelsea who is the Regional Trainer & Makeup Artist for Lise Watier. Let me just say that I have been to many of her trainings here in Vancouver as well as in Toronto and she is da bomb! She has the most interesting trainings I have ever attended. I’m not just sweet talkin’ here, it’s the truth. She thinks outside of the box and always shares new tips and techniques which I love. Vancouver definitely loves when Chelsea comes to town for new Lise Watier product training!

LiseWatier2They had this really cool interactive computerized information table. I’m sure it’s completely beyond my computer technical capabilities of how it all worked but basically you place the new launched products on the table and various tabs appear, each tab leads to even more tabs which display information about each product. Everything you wanted to know you could literally get it right there at your finger tips. It felt very CSI – so awesome! Very clever and interactive.

IMG_359022Natasha, The Lise Watier ‘Science Guy’ and Laura.
The Lise Watier ‘Science Guy’ is literally a scientist from the University of Quebec. I know! Impressive right?! He had a station set up and basically explained the process of producing the Age Prevention Products. I know lots of you don’t find that kind of stuff overly exciting but when you realize the lengthy, detailed process and the steps that a new cream /serum goes through from conception to reality, it truly is impressive.

As consumers we just see it in its finished phase, sitting pretty on the store shelf but there’s always a story as to how it got there which I find quite appealing. I find it even more interesting being it is a Canadian line, made right here in our own country, with our own natural resources.

My thinking is, isn’t it better to know what we’re putting on our faces, what exactly is in these creams, the reasons for the specific ingredients used? Where it’s come from and how it’s made. To me it is very important. I have more trust and respect for a company that is willing to openly share this information with us. We as women consumers purchasing products deserve to know the facts. That’s just one more reason why I love Lise Watier products.

The main ingredient they use is hand picked Labrador Tea found in the Boreal forest in Quebec. This Labrador Tea has incredible antioxidant properties, 20% more than Idebenome, 3x more than Vitamin C. Basically this means it protects the skin from all the factors that cause aging, helps fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and preserves the skin’s elasticity. What woman doesn’t want that? We all want beautiful healthy skin!

For those of you who may be interested in seeing exactly how Lise Watier chooses her ingredients check out this link. It’s very short and sweet but at least gives you a little insight: The Story!

IMG_3573ggLabrador Tea History Presentation.

IMG_3565ggLucinda aka ‘Miss Fashionista’ of Feast&Fashion (amazing blog! check it out!) enjoying the event with us.

IMG_3564gvIMG_3594gIMG_6871IMG_3614gThis Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion is your hydrator for day and night. It’s nice to be able to use one product for both day and night. I really like that alot so that I’m not having to purchase 2 separate creams. This also contains the Labrador Extract along with Dandelion Extract. This helps with the appearance of fine lines, evens out skin tone, tightens pores and refines skins textures.

The first thing we commented on was the beautiful smell. So clean and light. The texture is fresh and silky smooth. We were both so excited because so often products disappoint with a strong odor or have a heavy thick sticky texture.

This moisturizer is to be used in conjunction with the Serum Boreal. Apply the Serum first, then the moisturizer on top.

These products truly made us giddy with excitement. I am very particular when it comes to my moisturizers, many I have tried tend to become sticky on my skin after an hour or so. I was so relieved with this Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizer because it fully absorbed and felt smooth, non oily and there were no signs of stickiness! My skin felt hydrated throughout the day and I didn’t have that feeling of being overly oily by the middle of the day. That’s a great plus for me being a combination skin type! – Laura

IMG_3604gfThe Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal contains Labrador Tea, enzymes and peptides. These power house ingredients work on fine lines, skin tone, radiance, texture, redness, dark spots, hydration, strengthens skins barrier, protects against environmental factors… phew!  Yes please! We want that!

Natasha has a normal to dry skin type and I have more of a combination with oily t-zone but even with our different skin types we both agreed it made our check list of skincare requirements… the texture, the smell, the application, the way it absorbed into our skin, it definitely checked all of the boxes we look for in a serum.

We will continue to use the serum and the moisturizer and give you our feedback after 4 weeks. But so far so good, we’re happy!

Remember ladies, it is very important to use the serum under the moisturizer. It is a critical step to ensure both products are getting their full benefits. They kinda work as a team, they work better and harder for your skin when applied as a 2 step. I tell my clients that serum and moisturizers are like lovers, one can’t function well without the other.

PicMonkey Collage7IMG_6831
Again we would like to thank Lise Watier for the great evening. We loved getting to learn firsthand about the exciting new products. Also a special thank you to Rachel from PR – it was so nice talking to you and meeting you. We look forward to seeing you again!

Laura & Natasha xo

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