Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet

IMG_5320fIntroducing Lise Watier’s Rouge Gourmand Velours Lipstick!
Featured above is the colour ‘Red Velvet‘ and we are totally in love with it. The name alone makes us drool and want to bake something sweet. Red Velvet cupcakes here we come!

This gorgeous matte formula lipstick is a very welcome addition to the prestige Lise Watier brand. Launched this Spring (2014) it has already become a highly sought after lipstick. An interesting fact to note is that Lise Watier’s original Rouge Gourmand Lipsticks are one of the top selling lipsticks in Canada with one tube selling every 7 minutes! This new matte formula is available in 9 rich beautiful shades, all perfect for Spring & Summer. (I’m thinking I will be trying the bright pink shade called Sundae next!)

We love the look of matte lipsticks but have been mostly disappointed in the appearance of most brands we have tried in the past. Typically mattes are very drying and not appealing.
When Lise Watier launched their matte lipstick, we were excited to try them and eager to see just how they would stack up.
We are so happy to say that these lipsticks are nothing like the disappointing mattes we have tried in the past!
This matte formula is created with sweet almond oils, jojoba oils and vitamin E so it has a very hydrating texture which is rare for a matte lipstick. It makes such a huge difference in the feel, wearability and appearance.

It has a beautiful velvety rich finish and is long lasting. Infact, we found that it actually wears at least 4-5 hours with no bleeding or fading.

IMG_5331g4Natasha is rockin’ the bold new ‘Red Velvet‘ matte lipstick.

Tips for applying bold lip colours:
Tip # 1: For this photoshoot with Natasha I used a lip liner called No Bleeding Lips before applying her lipstick. When wearing a bold and bright lipstick we always recommend using this liner. It’s a clear wax based liner that’s like a invisible magic line around the lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. It really works and I highly recommend it! Last thing we need to be worrying about is if our lipstick is bleeding all over!

Tip # 2: I used a lip brush to precisely apply the Red Velvet lipstick on her lips. Using a lip brush to initially apply your bold lipstick colour gives more definition and perfects the over all shape and look.

IMG_5414gbbbIMG_5341g2Red lips have been a staple in women’s cosmetic bags for eons! Red is classic, powerful, sophisticated and oh so fun to wear. It is like an instant ‘pick me up‘. We found that this particular shade of red was the ‘perfect‘ red. It’s difficult to find that just right red shade. Some have more pink base and some are more on the orange side but this one is that true red. That 50’s Marilyn red. So fabulous!

IMG_5376g6Natasha’s sunglasses are vintage Ray-Bans. Actually they were mine when I was 20.. Just more proof that what is old is new again!  I knew there was a reason why I hate parting with anything. Natasha always tells me she wishes I kept more of my things from when I was 20. Ahhh yes, the memories… of those Madonna style era days. 


Treat yourself to one of these amazing Lise Watier matte lipsticks for summer! You won’t be disappointed. 

Shop online at Lise Watier, or find Lise Watier products at the following stores: Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, London Drugs & The Bay.

Have you tried any of Lise Watier’s new Rouge Gourmand Velours Lipsticks? Let us know what you think!

Laura & Natasha xo. (written by Laura)

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