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We have all heard about HD televisions and most people probably own one by now. The HD 4K TV is the latest technology for TV screens which basically means it’s quadruple the number of pixels found in an HD picture. Ultimately this means much better detail, depth, and colour resolution. Wayyy better quality, therefore people appear way more ‘life like‘ on film. This technology also applies to many android cell phones as well. This is totally awesome for our television and smart phone viewing pleasure. But for all of those that are actually ‘in‘ the film, TV and photos (hello selfie lovers!) well, your face is now like a real life close up. But not to worry! That’s where MAKE UP FOR EVER‘s new ULTRA HD Foundation really steps up and knocks it right out of the park.


You definitely don’t have to be in the movies to wear this foundation. Sometimes people think foundation that works for film must be heavy, thick and cakey and therefore they don’t consider it.  I think that is certainly how it used to be. But that is no longer the case. This foundation is light weight, oil-free, buildable, provides a light to medium coverage and is for all skin types. The best part is that this foundation makes your skin look natural.


You may be asking yourself… what is this HD 4K Complex of which they speak? (or maybe not, but just in case you’re like us and did…

We’re definitely not tech geeks, nothin’ wrong with tech geeks, it’s just not us. So really any technical talk doesn’t faze us all that much. But the curiosity (and my type A personality) led me to do some research. You know, be in the know. You know?

So this is the scoop, the new Ultra HD Foundation formula is going to make your skin look like hot damn on film, photos and to the naked eye.

The formula is developed with advanced technical ingredients such as:
Amino Acid Coated Pigments: reflective particles which blur and provide a translucent invisible coverage.
Hylaronic Spheres: hydrates and plumps the skin for a longer more comfortable wear.
Sericite: a fine grain that reflects light to create radiance and luminosity. 


Available in 40 shades, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation provides a natural finish in a lightweight, oil-free formula.


I have been wearing this foundation in Y215 and I have to be honest… I really, really, really like it a lot. I have never been one to wear much make up. A Make Up Artist that doesn’t wear much make up… odd, yes. I only started to wear actual foundation a few years ago. Literally I hit my 40’s and BAM… needed foundation. Well, that and the fact that a co-Make Up Artist friend couldn’t stop raving about how ‘great my skin looked‘ after she applied foundation on my face. Obviously I really needed it. Subtle, she’s not
Being more of an oily skin I have always been leery of what goes on my face. Not a fan of heavy or thick products.

I typically like to wear a light BB cream during the day and only wear foundations at night or when I’m going out. But I decided to give this new Ultra HD foundation a good ol’ try and put it to the test. I have been wearing it during the day to work. All day long and into the evening until I wash it off. I was very surprised at how light the texture was when applying it yet the coverage is amazing. I don’t need to apply much at all. The first couple of days I kept checking in the mirror through out the day when I’d get a second. I was concerned about my oily skin looking even more oily. But happily I discovered that was not the case. It has sustained it’s wear even on the days I was running around doing errands in the hot summer heat wave we’ve been having here in Vancouver.

Natasha and I both have been supremely impressed with this new foundation and can’t wait to wear it to our next event!  😉

IMG_4444g Where to buy:
MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation retails for $50 Cdn and can be found exclusively at Sephora stores,, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques & online at MAKE UP FOR EVER.COM

MAKE UP FOR EVER Online: Official Site, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Have you tried the new Ultra HD Foundation? Let us know what you think! 

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)

2 thoughts on MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation

  1. I swatched the Y205 in store but it had less yellow than I was hoping, on my skin looked rather pink in fact. They don’t carry Y215 in stores in my area and I don’t really want to blind buy and return if it’s too dark – would you know if it’s around the same lightness as NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia? Siberia is a good color match for me (only sometimes looks a touch dark) but doesn’t wear that well and still requires fiddling to avoid settling into my pores. Would love to have another option that didn’t require mixing with white! Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,

      We chose the Y205 thinking it would be a perfect match for us as well as we both have very fair skin. It is definitely more pink and doesn’t suit our skin tones either. The Y215 suits us perfectly and has more of a beige tone than pink. It is not too dark at all and has more yellow undertones.

      Sorry, we haven’t tried the NARS Sheer Glow so we can’t say how it compares. However it seems if you have tried the Y205 and it was too pink, the next shade is Y215 and we think it would probably be a good match for you as well!

      Hope this helps. Let us know if you try the shade. 🙂

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