La Roche-Posay is the number 1 Dermatologist recommended sunscreen brand in Canada. We have been using La Roche-Posay products for many years and their sunscreens are one of our favourite brands that we have ever used. We are both extremely picky when it comes to SPF and we have high expectations of what we want. What we like and what we don’t. We know that we don’t like thick, heavy, greasy, white residue left on the skin like some SPF’s. No one wants to feel that, especially on the face.

La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios SPF 60 Ultra Fluid Lotion for the face has been a favourite for many reasons. It’s such a light fluid formula that you don’t even know it’s on the skin because it absorbs instantly and completely. It’s a matte finish, fragrance free, water resistant and paraben free. I wear it daily. Every single day of the year. Yes, even on the cloudy days.

We are all very aware by now that wearing SPF during the hot summer days is extremely important to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. But what some people don’t seem to realize is that it is just as important to protect your skin year round from the environmental factors such as air pollution and the ozone layer. Doing so prevents those unattractive browns spots aka age spots, skin blotchiness, redness and premature aging in general. Let’s not forget about skin cancer. The earlier you start wearing sunscreen the better your skin will look when you’re older.

We were thanking the SPF gods for this gem of a product that La Roche-Posay recently launched. It’s like our beloved LRP fluid SPF 60 for the face but for the body! It has all of the same benefits, ultra light fluid that quickly absorbs, is fragrance free, water resistant and paraben free. It literally feels like nothing on your skin. It has quickly become our numero uno body SPF!

NEW LIPIKAR LAIT ($19/200ml, $25/400ml)

In addition to being completely paraben and fragrance free, Lipikar Lait contains:

66% soothing Thermal Spring Water (this product contains the highest concentration of thermal spring water than any other product from La Roche-Posay!)
10% nourishing Shea Butter (sourced in Burkina Faso)
3% repairing Cold Cream
Anti-inflammatory Niacinamide

What we love most about the new Lipikar Lait is that the formula is 100% safe for the whole family – babies, children, adults and seniors. It is sensitive enough for all skin types. I have been wearing the Lipikar Lait lotion for the past two weeks and absolutely love it. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy lotion that is perfect for everyday wear.

What La Roche-Posay product are you lovin’ this Summer?!
Laura & Natasha xo

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Summer 2017

Summer is officially here! Let that sun shine baby! After enduring many cold snowy months this year, all of us here in Vancouver are more than happy to soak in the sunshine while we can. Along with the beautiful weather, we can’t help but get excited over all of the fun summer beauty products that have begun to hit the shelves. My mom, Laura and I both love to change up our nail polish colours constantly. During the Summer, we are all about the bright, bold shades – the brighter, the better we say! Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Summer 2017 Collection is full of absolutely stunning shades that are perfectly designed for the Summertime.

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Summer 2017 Collection contains 6 stunning shades. The shades are not actually new releases, they are re-promotes. The collection features a variety of shades that are sure to suit every event this summer – everything from your classic light pink with a hint of sheen (Tulips are Talking), a lovely soft matte lavender (Grape Gatsby) to a fun and daring turquoise (Ripple in Time) for the adventurous!

Sally Hansen Summer 2017 Collection:
Tulips are Talking
Get Juiced
Peach of Cake
Grape Gatsby
Tickle Me Pink
Ripple in Time

Like all of Sally Hansen’s polishes, the formula is amazing. We love the quality of Sally Hansen’s polishes and have been buying and recommending them for years. Complete Salon Manicure polishes provide 7 benefits in 1 bottle! You get your base coat, growth treatment, color, top coat, shiny finish, chip resistance and strengthener all in one bottle. Amazing right?! They also contain Keratin Complex for stronger, healthier nails ensuring chip-free polish for ten days.

(swatches pictured above show 2 coats colour with no top coat)

Grape Gatsby‘ is by far our favourite shade from the collection. Some may call us a little biased though because our sweet, sweet baby cat is actually named Gatsby. 😉 We may be quite partial to the name itself. However whether or not this polish is named Gatsby, it is indeed an absolutely beautiful shade.


Connect with Sally Hansen Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Polishes can be found at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart & Rexall stores across Canada.

What colour polishes are you rockin’ this Summer? Let us know!
Natasha & Laura xo

SKIN CARE: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Skin Kit


Happy Summer everyone! Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?! Today we are celebrating by sharing some of our latest favourite acne-fighting skin care finds.

I suffered from acne as a teenager and still get occasional breakouts from time to time. I know first hand just how hard it can be to find skin care products that are not only effective but also safe. A lot of acne products contain harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and can leave your skin feeling/looking worse off than before! As I’ve gotten older, I find myself continuously choosing beauty products that contain natural ingredients. When we heard about Thursday Plantation‘s 100% natural skin care products, we knew we had to try them out!

Thursday Plantation is an Australian beauty and wellness company who make 100% natural skin care products. They carry everything from essential oils to skin and hair products.

Today we are talking about Thursday Plantation’s line of Tea Tree skin care products that are specially suited for acne-prone skin. Thursday Plantation was actually the first company in Australia to use Tea tree oil in an acne range of skin care products! Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial ingredient which is a very effective acne treatment. Not only is tea tree oil an amazing remedy for acne, it has many other uses. Tea tree oil can be used to relieve minor cuts and bites and it can also be used as a household cleaner killing 99.9% of household germs! Pretty amazing stuff right?

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Skin Care range includes the following:

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil ($7.99/10ml)
Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne ($11.99/10g)
Tea Tree Face Wash Foam ($14.99/150ml)
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner ($12.99/100ml)
Tea Tree Face Cream ($15.99/65g)

Each product contains 100% pure tea tree oil which was sourced from and made in Australia.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how well all these products worked, especially when used in conjunction. You have your Foaming Cleanser (step 1), Toner (step 2), and Face Cream (step 3). All are loaded with powerful natural ingredients that fight breakouts. I tested the acne range for the past 2 weeks and I am thrilled to say that I did not get any new breakouts which was awesome! As someone who doesn’t currently have severe acne, I did find that the 3 steps may be a little too much for people who don’t suffer from acne. If you have sensitive skin and are not prone to breakouts, the 3 step routine may be a little too harsh for your skin. I would recommend adding in just one of the tea tree products into your current regime and alternating products when needed. Each night I switched things up – one night I used my regular cleanser and finished with the Tea Tree Face Cream. Than the next night I would use the Tea Tree Cleanser and than my regular moisturizer. It worked perfectly on my skin.

My favourite product in the acne range is the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner. It is completely effective in fighting breakouts. It tones and purifies, tightens the pores without drying out the skin. The toner contains aloe vera and calming lavender to soothe the skin and is alcohol/benzoyl peroxide free.

Where to buy:
Thursday Plantation products are available at Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, Rexall, and Natural Heath Food Stores across Canada

*products pictured in this post were provided to us by PR for review purposes. all opinions are our own.

Have you tried Thursday Plantation products? Let us know!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written, photos by Natasha)



Each year, up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed. Sharks are caught illegally, their fins are cut off and then thrown back into the ocean. Though many countries have placed bans on shark finning, there are still countries where it is legal.

In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8), LUSH recently re-released their limited edition Shark Fin Soap.
100% of the sales of the soap will be donated to supporting the completion of Rob Stewart’s newest documentary SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION.

Rob Stewart was a brilliant Canadian conservationist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He dedicated his life to raising awareness/educating humans on conserving our oceans and planet. He was in the process of filming his latest documentary when a tragic diving accident took his life. To honour Rob Stewart’s life and work, all the money raised from the sales of ‘Shark Fin Soap’ will be used to continue Rob’s legacy.

I am so incredibly happy that LUSH released this soap in honour of Rob Stewart. I have been a fan and followed Rob Stewart’s work for years. His documentaries and book really made me take notice of so many important issues that are happening on our planet. Stewart’s documentary, ‘Sharkwater‘ was so eye-opening and powerful that it actually ignited shark fin bans worldwide. Absolutely incredible. I highly recommend watching Rob Stewart’s documentaries if you haven’t already.


Shark Fin Soap is made with natural ingredients including seaweed, sea salt and zesty lime oil, (smells SO good!). All LUSH products are never tested on animals, cruelty-free, handmade and 100% vegan. This is a limited edition release so once the stores run out of stock, it will be gone. There weren’t too many left at our local store and I read online that some stores have already sold out! Don’t hesitate if you want to pick one up.

The Shark Fin Soap is actually made up of the same ingredients as LUSH’s popular, ‘Sea Vegetable‘ soap. They are the exact same – the only difference is the cute recyclable paper fin. So if you fall in love with the limited edition Shark Fin Soap, you can still buy ‘Sea Vegetable’ all year round.

Shark Fin Soap retails for $5.95 each. Instead of picking up your daily caffeine fix, we encourage you to drop by LUSH, purchase a Shark Fin Soap and help support a worthy cause!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written by Natasha)