SKIN CARE: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Skin Kit


Happy Summer everyone! Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?! Today we are celebrating by sharing some of our latest favourite acne-fighting skin care finds.

I suffered from acne as a teenager and still get occasional breakouts from time to time. I know first hand just how hard it can be to find skin care products that are not only effective but also safe. A lot of acne products contain harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and can leave your skin feeling/looking worse off than before! As I’ve gotten older, I find myself continuously choosing beauty products that contain natural ingredients. When we heard about Thursday Plantation‘s 100% natural skin care products, we knew we had to try them out!

Thursday Plantation is an Australian beauty and wellness company who make 100% natural skin care products. They carry everything from essential oils to skin and hair products.

Today we are talking about Thursday Plantation’s line of Tea Tree skin care products that are specially suited for acne-prone skin. Thursday Plantation was actually the first company in Australia to use Tea tree oil in an acne range of skin care products! Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial ingredient which is a very effective acne treatment. Not only is tea tree oil an amazing remedy for acne, it has many other uses. Tea tree oil can be used to relieve minor cuts and bites and it can also be used as a household cleaner killing 99.9% of household germs! Pretty amazing stuff right?

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Skin Care range includes the following:

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil ($7.99/10ml)
Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne ($11.99/10g)
Tea Tree Face Wash Foam ($14.99/150ml)
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner ($12.99/100ml)
Tea Tree Face Cream ($15.99/65g)

Each product contains 100% pure tea tree oil which was sourced from and made in Australia.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how well all these products worked, especially when used in conjunction. You have your Foaming Cleanser (step 1), Toner (step 2), and Face Cream (step 3). All are loaded with powerful natural ingredients that fight breakouts. I tested the acne range for the past 2 weeks and I am thrilled to say that I did not get any new breakouts which was awesome! As someone who doesn’t currently have severe acne, I did find that the 3 steps may be a little too much for people who don’t suffer from acne. If you have sensitive skin and are not prone to breakouts, the 3 step routine may be a little too harsh for your skin. I would recommend adding in just one of the tea tree products into your current regime and alternating products when needed. Each night I switched things up – one night I used my regular cleanser and finished with the Tea Tree Face Cream. Than the next night I would use the Tea Tree Cleanser and than my regular moisturizer. It worked perfectly on my skin.

My favourite product in the acne range is the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner. It is completely effective in fighting breakouts. It tones and purifies, tightens the pores without drying out the skin. The toner contains aloe vera and calming lavender to soothe the skin and is alcohol/benzoyl peroxide free.

Where to buy:
Thursday Plantation products are available at Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, Rexall, and Natural Heath Food Stores across Canada

*products pictured in this post were provided to us by PR for review purposes. all opinions are our own.

Have you tried Thursday Plantation products? Let us know!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written, photos by Natasha)



Each year, up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed. Sharks are caught illegally, their fins are cut off and then thrown back into the ocean. Though many countries have placed bans on shark finning, there are still countries where it is legal.

In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8), LUSH recently re-released their limited edition Shark Fin Soap.
100% of the sales of the soap will be donated to supporting the completion of Rob Stewart’s newest documentary SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION.

Rob Stewart was a brilliant Canadian conservationist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He dedicated his life to raising awareness/educating humans on conserving our oceans and planet. He was in the process of filming his latest documentary when a tragic diving accident took his life. To honour Rob Stewart’s life and work, all the money raised from the sales of ‘Shark Fin Soap’ will be used to continue Rob’s legacy.

I am so incredibly happy that LUSH released this soap in honour of Rob Stewart. I have been a fan and followed Rob Stewart’s work for years. His documentaries and book really made me take notice of so many important issues that are happening on our planet. Stewart’s documentary, ‘Sharkwater‘ was so eye-opening and powerful that it actually ignited shark fin bans worldwide. Absolutely incredible. I highly recommend watching Rob Stewart’s documentaries if you haven’t already.


Shark Fin Soap is made with natural ingredients including seaweed, sea salt and zesty lime oil, (smells SO good!). All LUSH products are never tested on animals, cruelty-free, handmade and 100% vegan. This is a limited edition release so once the stores run out of stock, it will be gone. There weren’t too many left at our local store and I read online that some stores have already sold out! Don’t hesitate if you want to pick one up.

The Shark Fin Soap is actually made up of the same ingredients as LUSH’s popular, ‘Sea Vegetable‘ soap. They are the exact same – the only difference is the cute recyclable paper fin. So if you fall in love with the limited edition Shark Fin Soap, you can still buy ‘Sea Vegetable’ all year round.

Shark Fin Soap retails for $5.95 each. Instead of picking up your daily caffeine fix, we encourage you to drop by LUSH, purchase a Shark Fin Soap and help support a worthy cause!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written by Natasha)

May Beauty Favourites


We have picked some fantastic products for our May Beauty Favourites. Whether it’s discovering newly launched products or products that are just new to us and we’re finally trying it for the first time, we get excited. Trying new cosmetic products never gets old for us. Product junkies at heart.

A couple stand out gems we came across this month are the SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL hair products… and the Biotherm Blue Therapy… and the new Stila sparkle eye shadows. OMG sparkles, sparkles, sparkles! I can’t get enough of their new eye shadow sparkles! Okay, all of the products on this list were stand out stars hence why they are on this months list! We literally love them all.

BIOTHERM – Biosource Total Renew Oil
BIOTHERM – Blue Therapy Serum-In-Oil
BIOTHERM – Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream
BIOTHERM – Blue Therapy Night Cream
STILA – Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow / Shade: Smoky Storm
LIPSMACKER – Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Frappe
REVLON – Colorstay Gel Envy / Shade: To The Chapel
EOS – Organic Smooth Stick


We are no strangers to the salon quality hair products of Sebastian Professional. His Potion 9 cult classic developed in the early 1990’s is still a top favourite hair product of ours. So we were super excited to try these 3 products from Sebastian Professional. Both of us have fallen in love with these hair products. The Stylixir is Natasha’s ultimate favourite find. Natasha’s hair is long and very thick. She certainly didn’t get this awesome trait from me and my thin hair. She found that it made her hair incredibly soft, shiny, conditioned and so much more manageable. This hair smoothing elixir protects hair from heat styling, de-frizzes and moisturizes the hair. It is non-greasy while providing natural texture making it easy to style and create numerous styles.

The Texturizer is my (Laura’s) favourite. This is a liquid gel that doesn’t make your hair ‘crunchy’ like the gels of the past. It gives texture to the hair and makes styling it a breeze. It’s awesome for all hair types but for my thin hair, I find it perfect. It doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it look oily. It gives my hair more volume and makes styling it so much easier. My hair feels fuller and like I actually have more hair then I really do. I’ll take that.

What beauty products are you loving lately? Let us know!
Laura & Natasha
(written by Laura)

April Beauty Favourites


We’ve been busy trying out some new products lately. With it finally being Spring and all, it feels like a good reason to change up regular products and routines. Oh, who are we kidding? We are always up for trying out new products! 😉 Would we be true product junkies if that wasn’t one of our favourite things to do? We think not. We get so excited when we try some new products and we know instantly that we are onto something AWESOME. Our picks for this month are products that we quickly incorporated into our (already endless) beauty regime.

NEW Skyn ICELAND Brightening Eye Serum
NEW Skyn ICELANDHydro Cool Firming Neck Gels
Skyn ICELAND – Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
NEW MAKE UP FOR EVERArtist Liquid Matte Lipsticks
NEW bareMinerals – Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter in shade Medium

NEW Skyn ICELAND – Brightening Eye Serum

This newly launched little gem of a product is da bomb. Truly. If there is one product for the face that I can never get enough of it is surely eye products. Considering the eye area is the first to show signs of aging. There ya go. That’s why I am forever obsessed with eye products! And as I get older (and older) the more focus and effort I give to the skin around my eyes. As for Natasha who is in her early 20’s, she can still benefit from using this eye serum. I have always stressed how important it is to start taking care of your skin early. The earlier in life you take care of your skin the better. So while she doesn’t have wrinkles… yet, (everyone WILL get them eventually people) using eye products will definitely help keep them at bay longer. Plus it just helps keep your eye area looking the best it can possibly be at every age.

In recent years we’ve become much more aware and interested in products that are not tested on animals. Skyn ICELAND is an 100% cruelty free brand. I mean in this day and age of so much information at our finger tips we have no excuse to continue to stick our heads in the sand and be uninformed.

The Brightening Eye Serum is loaded with 20+ peptides, potent algae extracts and antioxidants.
So let’s list exactly what this eye serum will do: De-puffs, brightens, smooths lines, wrinkle repair, targets and treats the signs of aging around the eyes, gives intense hydration and improves elasticity.
Phew! Is that enough reasons? And let us tell you, it does check all of those concerns off the list! I’ve never had to deal with dark circles until recently. Ahhh… the aging process is so fun. So this has become mama’s best friend as of late. Thank you Skyn ICELAND for this star eye product. Just thank you!

Now to further help aid in the fight of aging and/or tired eyes there is Skyn Iceland’s best-selling Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. The perfect partner to their new Brightening Eye Serum. If you’ve not heard or tried these yet… what cha’ waiting for?! Oh. My. God. So awesome.

The Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels have literally become a cult favourite for Hollywood actresses and models worldwide. And with good reason. Named Good Housekeeping’s Lab Test Winner for Instant Eye Revivers in 2015 and raved by beauty editors galore from Allure to Vogue, they’ve quickly become a must-have for everyone and anyone who needs… an instant eye hydration boost, cooling, depuffing, dark circle diminishing, pre-mature wrinkle prevention… in just 10 minutes! Excellent for prepping for that special night out, after a long flight or when you’re just plain stressed out and tired. Only problem we have with them is that we love them so much and would use them daily if we could! Definite must try product for everyone. Men and women!

Skyn ICELAND facts:
– 100% cruelty free brand, certified by PETA.
– their products are 100% vegan – free of parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and sulfates.
– they favor and use packaging that can be recycled.

Skyn ICELAND Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

NEW bareMinerals – Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter in shade Medium

Of course we can’t not talk about highlighters. I mean, just one scroll through IG and it’s pretty clear there is a highlighter fad happening. It’s pretty evident some people are really digging their highlighters out there! We love a good highlighting just like the next gal, but some are taking highlighting their face to a whole other level. That’s part of the reason we are loving this new bareMinerals highlighter. It’s called ‘invisible’ glow for a reason. This beautifully hand made, light baked powder is meant to look like a natural, healthy glow on your skin. These gorgeous highlighters are made by Italian artisans and no 2 are the same. They begin as a cream then are baked on a terracotta tile for 24hrs and hand finished to an ultra light luminous powder. Made with no fillers or binders and are not tested on animals. We have used and have been big fans of the bareMinerals brand for many years and this highlighter just gives us one more reason to show them more love.

NEW MAKE UP FOR EVER – Artist Liquid Matte
Shades pictured above (from left to right) : 109, 101, 203

Yes, liquid lipstick have officially become the latest lip product craze. We are all out there scouring high and low at the beauty counters in hunt for the best liquid lipstick, (or is that just us?). Well we can all just stop. Our beloved professional makeup brand, MAKE UP FOR EVER has once again (as always) pulled through for us all. I’m not even kidding when I say that they killed it and found the perfect combination of everything we’ve been searching for in a liquid matte. We have said it before and I’ll say it again, we both have dry lips. Seriously dry. Like all the time… dry. I love lipstick and I love colour on my lips but liquid lipsticks, especially matte liquid make my lips shrivel up. Like a piece of dry fruit. Cute right? Not exactly the look I’m striving for. This one is a must try and you won’t be disappointed. We were both legitimately surprised at how they wear. Unbelievably they did not dry out our lips in the least. They are extremely pigmented and we both found that they provide extreme long-lasting wear, at least 7 hours even after we eat/drink. Really, really comfortable to wear.

The only complaint we have about them is we wish they had more colour selection! There are currently six shades available. I think these will be a huge success for them and then maybe we’ll see more colours added. MAKE UP FOR EVER please hear our prayers!

*products pictured in this post were provided to us by PR for review purposes. all opinions are our own.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these star products yet and what you think?!

Til next time beauties,
Laura & Natasha xox
(written by Laura)