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I finished my previous post with the promise of sharing a list of my own personal goals.

That was all fine and dandy to say until it came time to actually do it. I predictably became hesitant to do so because, well, when you put it out into the universe you kinda have to actually do it! You feel more obliged to follow through so you don’t feel like a complete loser if you don’t.

Which brings me to an amazing fact that numerous motivational guru’s continually point out… the first step is to make your goals known to people rather then keeping it a big ol’ secret to yourself. One then feels more ‘pressure’ to have to get the job done. Saying it verbally to others actually encourages you make the effort to work towards succeeding at your intended goal. Which is the whole point isn’t it? Motivate yourself in anyway necessary to just Do It. And I know all of this yet I still get nervous to put it out there.  Hello

So it’s not such a bad thing. If that’s what it takes to get the ball rolling in the right direction to succeed at your goals. Whatever it takes right? I find it so ironic that I totally understand this yet I still am cautious. You know what that is don’t you? Fear. Yes indeed, the dreaded curse. It’s so boggling to the mind that I want to succeed at my goals yet I fear saying them out loud! Wow. How completely backwards is that whole thing?!
Fear prevents us from accomplishments in our lives which is why mind power is paramount. People are fearful of failure and also of success oddly enough. Ultimately it’s the fear of change, fear of the unknown. This unfortunately often creates a stand still in life. Which is crazy when you think about it.
Again, mind over matter. It really truly takes effort to program our minds to overcome negative thoughts.


Our minds are so powerful, if you think you’ll succeed you will. If you think you’ll fail, guess what? You will. Pretty simple yet so difficult at times. 

Here I go, I’m going to share my list of personal goals that are uber important to me. Drum roll please!! ha!

My first goal is to get back into shape. Better shape. I know, I know, so lame, common, boring, unimaginative and predicticable. But oddly enough it’s not for any vain reasons but more for my health and strength. With all of my medical issues it’s crucial I take better care of myself if I want to live longer. Period. Besides walking to and from work plus the walking I do at work I have really been lacking physical activity. You can read about some of my health story here.

I spoke of breaking down your goals into smaller intervals on a previous post. In order to succeed and not get discouraged at the overall intent goal it’s best to break the goal down. Also be very specific with yourself about each goal. With me stating I want to get into shape is vague and a seemingly endless goal. I could find myself getting overwhelmed and disappointed pretty easily and early on if I don’t give myself various points of victory along the way. So to get into better shape I plan to start small and build up. I know myself well enough with certain personal promises and my reality is to typically jump into whatever it is all head over heals and hyped up only to peter out sooner then later. Not good and so discouraging. Then I feel like a failure and that’s definitely counter productive. This is really more of a lifestyle maintenance change but it is obviously a goal for me to achieve this. So I am looking at it as a long term, lifestyle goal. I plan to start out with a daily mini workout of 50 situps, 50 squats and 50 arm lifts with 10lb weights. That’s it. Along with my daily walking that’s all I’m going to commit to at the start. I will build up each week and add in a new set of exercises until I get back to the level of exercise I used to do regularly. Then maintain. At the beginning of next week I will take my measurements then record them weekly. I don’t do weight as I know I have consistently maintained approximately the same weight (+/- 10lbs) for years. My goal isn’t necessarily weight loss but rather to be toned and healthy overall. If I lose a couple of pounds in the process, sweetness! 

I will celebrate my weekly successes by feeling hella better (and having a wee l’il sweet treat). Which makes no sense but I know me. If I tell myself I can’t have any I want it more. I know right! My mind is like a 2 year old when it comes to sweets. I can’t possibly live without some sweets once in awhile, let’s be real. It doesn’t matter how much Mind Power I use on this goal. A girl’s gotta live a little! Come on

My second goal is to make our blog successful. Now that couldn’t sound more overwhelming and vast! What does it mean exactly and what is it going to take for that goal to actually succeed? First I need to break this goal down in order to be accountable to myself.  A more successful blog to me means more readership. More readership requires regular posts. So to start, I will write consistently for the blog. I want to have at least 2 posts per week minimum. This means I have to allow certain time during the week to prepare and write. My work schedule is always different week to week so I already know I could fail at this goal swiftly and miserably. Instead, I will schedule specific days according to my work to prepare and write. That way if I have days scheduled on my calender I will feel more obliged to accomplish these deadlines. I have to look at the blog posts as a job that has a deadline. We (my side-kick blog partner, Natasha, aka my beautiful daughter) have a combined plan on the goals for the blog but I am just stating mine right now.

My third goal is to become (my version) of a successful artist (painter on canvas). Okay, saying it out loud scares the sh*t out of me! Yikes! My first thought is, ‘Really Laura? Lets be real…successful painter?!’ And you know what I’m going to say right back to myself? 
Hell to the yeah I want to be!’ Soooo….um, yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. (Gulp) Really have to use that Positive Mind Power here!

The break down to this ultimate goal is to sell at least 4 large style paintings this year. To me that’s reasonable for a newbie artist. This will require more promoting online, researching, contacting gallery’s and having my paintings more visible on social media. I’m not a ‘professional painter’ by the Art Industry standards or even by MY own standards. However, I proved to myself these past months that I can indeed sell some paintings. Which I have to say, I would’ve laughed out loud at a year ago. If someone would’ve told me I’d sell some paintings in a Vancouver gallery I certainly would never have believed them in a million years. So for this goal I have a tiny little bit of confidence going for me at least. (I need all of the help confidence I can get!)

So you see, never say never. Believe and you will achieve. 


So 3 goals for now. I definitely have many more but that’s a good start at the ones I am most desiring. I think I’m off to a fairly optimistic start since these goals are real to me. I have true intent and desire in accomplishing each of them regardless of anyone Else’s opinions or thoughts. Which for me is half the battle. I will have to be consistent with my Mind Power in order to remain driven.

Phew. Alrighty then. Lets do this.

Laura xo

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