It’s Spring! It’s finally Spring! It’s such a relief when the cold weather has disappeared and the sun starts shining and flowers are blooming. Every season has it’s perks when it comes to cosmetics and colour choices. Granted we love our dark lips and nails during the winter months, it’s so refreshing to start wearing all of the new bright Spring colours. This Spring RIMMEL LONDON launched some brand new fabulous lipsticks and colours! Their new The Only 1 Lipstick collection offers 12 brilliant colour choices and we are absolutely obsessed. Scroll on to find out more..!

RIMMEL LONDON products featured:
The Only 1 Lipstick in shade Pink A Punch
The Only 1 Lipstick in shade Cheeky Coral
Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Lacquer
Match Perfection Concealer
Brow This Way Gel
Supercurler 24HR Mascara

NEW THE ONLY 1 LIPSTICK in shade Pink A Punch

The Only 1 Lipsticks are everything you could possibly want in a lipstick. They are creamy, hydrating, long lasting and very pigmented. They provide full coverage and come in a range of beautiful, vibrant colour choices.

We have worn and tested our fair share of lipsticks. Some really overpriced expensive brands, some of which we do honestly love. But we both have always been really impressed with the quality and price of Rimmel’s lipsticks. You can afford to spoil yourself with a few! This new line of Rimmel lipsticks do not disappoint.

Laura wearing the shade Pink A Punch

When I wear this lipstick it literally lasts for several hours. Even after I ate and drank the lipstick was still on my lips. I’m loving this new pink shade lately. So bright and perfect for Spring and Summer.


If you gals out there are like us and love full, lush, thick lashes, then you will love this mascara. We both like the mascaras that build up our lashes with tons of volume. Like we always say, the thicker the mascara, the better! We are pretty particular when it comes to our mascara and we both have some favourites. So we’re almost overly picky at this point just because we’ve tried so, so, so many through the years. At one point Natasha counted 42 mascaras between the 2 of us!!


Rimmel’s new SuperCurler 24 hour Mascara gives amazing volume without clumping. You can tell by the brush style that it also curls the lashes and gives them great lift. We both use 2 coats on each eye for a really solid bold lash. It also wore extremely well and does not flake. You definitely need to use a eye makeup remover to remove this mascara. We both use an eye makeup remover for all eye makeup regularly anyways but we know that some women don’t. For this one you will in order to remove it easily with no scrubbing or tugging around the eyes.

TIP: When you remove any eye makeup 1st dampen your 100% cotton pad slightly with water or micellar water then add some eye makeup remover to it as well. Gently place lightly on eyes for a couple seconds then swipe over entire eye to clean. This helps to remove all of your eye makeup easier and cleaner. Plus this saves you from going through your remover so quickly.


Rimmel London products are available at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart & Jean Coutu stores across Canada.

Connect with Rimmel London Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

What Rimmel London product are you currently lovin’? Let us know! 
Laura & Natasha xo

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