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When it comes to perfumes and gorgeous smelling fragrances we all can pretty much agree that no one does perfume quite like the French do. Most of the world’s best perfume houses are from France. So when we were invited to an exclusive opening for the French Perfume House, Roger & Gallet Boutique we were excited! What’s even more exciting is that this Vancouver location, at The Bay downtown, is the first Boutique to open in Canada.

Roger&Gallet was originally founded in 1806 by the heir of the inventor of Eau de Cologne, Jean Marie Farina. Then in 1862 Roger & Gallet took over the brand and modernized the perfume bottles, shapes and sizes while maintaining the original rare, natural ingredients and distillation methods used. 

In 1879 they created their now famous round fragrant soaps. The first soap was violet scented and wrapped in the pleated paper and ring as it still is today.

Through the years they eventually expanded the product line to include bath, shower, body and men’s grooming.


The boutique’s decor is absolutely stunning. Walls lined with shelves showcasing their irresistible assortment of colourful pastel products. It’s all so beautiful. The visuals of Paris adorn the feminine wall paper all around the shop. It’s like you’ve been transported to France and you are actually shopping in their boutique du bonheur- boutique of happiness– in Paris on Rue Saint-Honore. Exactly where we want to be! Je taime Paris! We’ll meet you someday!

Each section of the shop features various choices of fragrances and all of the gorgeous body products to coordinate for fragrance layering and hydrating. They will have you ooowwing and ahhhhing, and wanting them all! You can choose from a variety of aromas to suite any mood, from Rose, Lemon, Green Tea, Fig, Orange, Ginger, to Osmanthus and more.


This Fleur de Figuier is a very special addition to the Roger&Gallet line. For the first time in 150 years they added a Eau de Parfum with distilled precious essences.

Interesting Fact:
I’m not sure how familiar everyone is with ‘the noses’? I’m not talking about our ‘noses’ on our faces but the people who create fragrances. You know? Those noses. The Perfumer Nose. ­čśë

The nose of the fragrance is a pretty big deal in the world of fragrance. They essentially are the creator of the fragrance. They put the notes all together and it’s no easy feat. Apparently it takes at least 7 years of training, including chemistry, and the top noses (usually in France) are sought after by the big perfume houses. These noses/perfumers are treated like celebrities.
Francis Kurkjion, whom was the nose for this fragrance was only 25 years old when he created his first successful super star fragrance, Le Male for Jean Paul Gautier. Still a top selling male fragrance to this day.

Natasha and I loved most of the fragrances but we both took a particular liking to this Fleur de Figuier. It is a beautiful balance of sweet and musky. I think it’s the notes of mandarin, grapefruit and fig they blend so well together. It’s a really soft, feminine and sexy scent. 


These soaps are hands down some of the prettiest l’il soaps we ever did see. Each soap is individually wrapped in beautiful coloured paper, colour coordinated with each soap fragrance. How cute would a bunch of these soaps look displayed in a guest bathroom? Adorable. 

They are made in France and are 95% natural. Each individual soap is still made with the same 11-step process that they originally used when they first began making soaps in the 1800’s.


This hand cream is 95% origin based and is loaded with natural ingredients including shea butter and fig extract to soothe and nourish. I don’t use hand creams often as I don’t like the greasy feel that they often leave. However we both really like this Roger&Gallet balm! It’s not greasy and it is actually very hydrating. I put a dab (a little goes a long way) on the top of my hands before bed each night and have noticed that they are drastically softer the next day. The scent is also delicious and not overpowering. Love this product!


We are BIG fans of body oils. In the Summertime, there is nothing better than applying a body oil after a shower. Good dry oils will add radiance, nourish the skin and provide a beautiful sheen glow. Dry oils are especially good for those with dry skin as they hydrate exceptionally well. 

 L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil and Jergens Shea Beauty Oil are two of the oils that we are currently using and love! We were intrigued to see how Roger&Gallet compares.

The Huile Gourmande Fleur de Figuier Oil of course smells divine! (as do all Roger&Gallet products). The formula is enriched with fruit extracts and contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested, paraben/silicone free, and contains no mineral oils or artificial colours. We found that this particular oil absorbed into the skin quickly, moisturized and isn’t greasy or sticky at all. 

Tip: Dry oils can be used on the ends of your hair to combat frizz & add shine! 


Roger&Gallet Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Have you tried Roger&Gallet before? Let us know your favourite products!

Until next time Beauties…
Natasha & Laura xo

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