Rose & Lea Pop Up Art Show @ Chinatown Experiment.

IMG_6246ggg3We are so excited to finally share with everyone that we are having our very first Art Show

The lowdown:
 Chinatown Experiment, 424 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC.
When: Friday, August 29 –  Open: 11 – 7 pm
Saturday, August 30 – Open: 11 – 7 pm
Sunday, August 31 – Open: 11 – 6 pm 

We are having our VIP Grand Opening Party on Thursday, August 28th from 7-9:30 pm. 
(Official invites & more details will be sent out shortly.)

We have been working consistently for the past months planning, prepping, painting, and painting some more! 
For now we are just giving you some sneak peaks at a few of the pieces that will be available at the show.

IMG_61643Now some of you may be saying “I had NO idea she painted!” That is because I have always solely painted for myself and family. That’s it. I’ve always painted out of pure enjoyment. That and the simple fact that any art I’ve come across and fell in love with was way above my price limit so I decided I’d just paint my own pieces instead. I was never into painting with the intention of one day sharing them with the world and selling my work! Gasp! Just the mere thought of that would send me into instant panic and hives. 

As my kids got older, they would tell me I should sell my pieces. Family and friends would say the same. I would laugh it off as being something I could never do. It was just never something I gave a 2nd serious thought to.

We started our blog about a year ago and we instantly had plans and goals of what we ultimately wanted our blog to be. And we still do. Probably more so now as we go along. Creative minds never turn off, it can drive us crazy! haha! Amongst our numerous plans for our blog, we’d like to open an online shop featuring our original paintings and prints. Also, we would love to collaborate with some fabulous brands and designers.

And that is where I figure I got talked into selling my paintings! I think somewhere between the we’re gonna do this and we need to do that, there was the, ‘We should start our shop with Laura’s paintings!’ Then Natasha also came up with the idea of the perfect way to launch these paintings…  downtown at a Pop Up Shop. Specifically at the Chinatown Experiment Pop Up Shop. I had never heard of a ‘Pop Up Shop’ prior to actually being invited to one this past Spring. For those of you who haven’t heard of such a shop before, it is simply an empty store/shop that is rented out to various entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. It’s a brilliant marketing & advertising means for business’ that are just starting out, or for online stores to travel to different cities setting up their products in these shops so customers can see the products in person. And ultimately it’s a effective way for the business owners to meet and greet with clients, network and get valuable feedback in person. It’s basically putting a face to your brand. 

So here’s the thing… I wasn’t about to do this whole Art Show all on my own! I have talented, artistic kids who are more than capable of creating some beautiful things. So Natasha rolled up her sleeves, pulled up a chair beside me and began to create some magic! Day after day, night after night, we sit at our kitchen table which has now turned into a painting table in our ‘painting studio’ which I believe used to be our kitchen.
She will claim that she’s no painter, I disagree. I also know that she is an amazing sketch artist! So she has created some beautiful pieces for the Art Show as well. I’m beyond thrilled that she is going to share her pieces at the show. They are amazing! My son, Nicholas is an incredibly talented artist as well. Since he was 2 years old he was able to draw better then some adults! He has been our photographer on many shoots for our blog.


I like to work with various mediums mixed with acrylic paints. For some specific paintings I use a very thick medium mixed with my paint in order to create a rustic appearance. I find it gives the painting some life and added interest visually. I am constantly experimenting and mixing up textures until I come up with something I’m happy with. 

My inspiration for textured painting started years ago when I seen and fell in love with a painting by an artist named Sam Park. It cost thousands of dollars, of which I didn’t have, so I settled for a brochure of his paintings. I brought the brochure home and studied it and pined over it and was in total awe of his work. Since I couldn’t afford one of his paintings I decided to paint my own version. It was a tall order to even attempt and I didn’t even come close to resembling his but I was still happy I had something similar.  

One day I will definitely have at least one of his paintings in my home!


IMG_6269g2As you may have noticed from the pics most all of my paintings are of flowers and hearts. That seems to have been my main focus these past months. It’s just the mood and mindset I’ve been in. This series of paintings totally reveal my feminine, girlie, happy, carefree and light kind of presence. 

These paintings are a pleasant change as I have been known, (and have paintings from the past to prove) that I can paint some fairly dark and more subdued pieces. Years ago I remember I was painting a large piece and Natasha came in the room, looked at the painting and asked if I was in a bad mood? I said no. She left the room, I stepped back and looked at it and it consisted of black, dark purple, and dark blue. If I recall that was coincidentally right after my divorce! 

Art depicts feelings and life at that moment.  


Every single piece of art is created with our favourite music playing. And that ranges on a song to song basis! A good ol’ country song could be playing one minute then an indie artist the next. If there is no music, there is no creative inspiration. It truly fuels everything we do in art and in life.

outtakesPeople have been telling us that we need to post more photos of ourselves and need to be more visible on our blog and social media outlets. Soooo….we are including these oh so glamourous out takes of us for all to see. Flattering don’t cha think?



These are just a few of the textured heart and flower 8×10″ paintings we created. The textured heart ‘It’s All About Love’ Collection will be available in various colours.


This original textured 8×10″ heart painting in Pearl is so elegant and so much prettier in person. Say “I love YOU” with a heart painting. Awww, now that’s sweet! 

We will continue to post info, behind the scenes progress of the event, and updates leading up to our Art Show in August. Join us on Twitter & Instagram for more photos and behind the scenes goodies! @roseandlea

We hope to see you all there!
Laura & Natasha xo

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