Single At Christmas


Well, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I started talkin’ about it again. Dating. Or in my case it would be ‘lack of dating‘.

If you’ve followed our blog you know that when we started this blog a year ago I shared a few ‘dating’ stories. Then I just kinda stopped. Here’s the thing, I stopped writing about it because I stopped dating. Completely. Initially I shared stories of dates I had experienced in the past years since my divorce. I exclaimed I had numerous tales of dating adventures left to share until new experiences should arise. Which I definitely do, and I will continue to share when the mood strikes my fancy again. But then I became bored of talking about these ‘old’ tales as well as trying to find my Mr. Right amongst endless Mr. Wrong’s. So I literally stopped dating all together. I mean, completely and totally stopped dating. Like, haven’t had a date in 2 years this month. What??!!! I know right! I’ll talk about that more in another post.

Now, I certainly didn’t plan to not date anyone for this length of time. It sorta just has happened that way. I had stopped all effort of putting myself out there, no more online dating sites (I can’t even express how over all of that sh*t I was!) no more being set up… nothing. Zero, nodda, zilcho. Funny thing is I never really even cared about dating or gave it a serious thought until recently. I’ve been busy and totally focused on changing my life. For real! And that’s a time consuming, damn big job! 

But here it is. That time of year is here… Christmas time. The time of year when you feel emotional, all reminiscent of time gone by. Then suddenly the realization that you’re completely partner-less slaps you right in the face. The time of year when you become blatantly more aware of couples seemingly everywhere holding hands and kissing under the mistletoe. Endlessly planning their holiday festivities. Where every song on the Christmas radio station is a sad, lonely, heart broken, won’t be home for the Holidays love song. What is up with sad Christmas songs anyway?
And yes, I do listen to Vancouver’s 24/7 Christmas music radio station at home! (Shout out to 103.5!) Perfect channel to put on when you’re doing your Christmas baking, wrapping or entertaining!  

Anyways, there’s no need to be sad during the Holidays. All of you single ladies, we will get through this Holiday season and prevail. Here, here!! 

So for all of my fellow solo sista’s out there I took it upon myself and made a list of things to be grateful for while being single during the holiday season. You’re welcome. 😉

1. You’ll save money $$$ by not having to buy him a gift. Go on. Buy yourself something extra pretty instead. You deserve it.

2. Avoid getting a migraine from racking your brain trying to think of the most perfect gift idea. The worst! Men are the hardest to buy for.

3. Merrily spend as much Holiday time with your own family. No dividing, arguing, guilt or splitting time between your family and his family. Truth be told, you’d rather be with your own friends and family. Honestly.

4. Watching all of your favourite Holiday movies with no opposition and complaints. Love Actually, Elf and Christmas Vacation over and over. With tree lights twinkling, sipping hot cocoa with double Bailey’s and being all cozy in your flannels. Blissful. Friggin’ blissful

5. Eat & drink as much as you want. Why not! You’re single remember? What’s a few extra pounds over the holidays gonna hurt?  Enjoy yourself. Eat, drink, and be merry! Worry about it in January. Mmmmm, shortbread.

6. More time to do the Holiday things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time before. Like get together with girlfriends more often or donating your time to a worthwhile cause/charity. This is like a bonus, doing something for others while feeling better about yourself. Winning!

7. Not having to attend his work party. Hallelujah!

8. Playing Christmas music anytime you feel. All day, all night. Blue Christmas on repeat. Yes please. 

9. Splurging on and purchasing as much Holiday decor as humanly possible. And desired. That’s right. As much as our little hearts desire.

10. Doing what you want, when you want and how you want. Whatever makes you happy

What are some of the things you like to do during the Holidays? Or wish you didn’t have to do?! 🙂

(Currently listening to: Kelly Clarkson Christmas Album ‘Wrapped In Red’ – watch here!)

Laura xo 

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