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Happy Summer everyone! Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?! Today we are celebrating by sharing some of our latest favourite acne-fighting skin care finds.

I suffered from acne as a teenager and still get occasional breakouts from time to time. I know first hand just how hard it can be to find skin care products that are not only effective but also safe. A lot of acne products contain harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and can leave your skin feeling/looking worse off than before! As I’ve gotten older, I find myself continuously choosing beauty products that contain natural ingredients. When we heard about Thursday Plantation‘s 100% natural skin care products, we knew we had to try them out!

Thursday Plantation is an Australian beauty and wellness company who make 100% natural skin care products. They carry everything from essential oils to skin and hair products.

Today we are talking about Thursday Plantation’s line of Tea Tree skin care products that are specially suited for acne-prone skin. Thursday Plantation was actually the first company in Australia to use Tea tree oil in an acne range of skin care products! Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial ingredient which is a very effective acne treatment. Not only is tea tree oil an amazing remedy for acne, it has many other uses. Tea tree oil can be used to relieve minor cuts and bites and it can also be used as a household cleaner killing 99.9% of household germs! Pretty amazing stuff right?

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Skin Care range includes the following:

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil ($7.99/10ml)
Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne ($11.99/10g)
Tea Tree Face Wash Foam ($14.99/150ml)
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner ($12.99/100ml)
Tea Tree Face Cream ($15.99/65g)

Each product contains 100% pure tea tree oil which was sourced from and made in Australia.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how well all these products worked, especially when used in conjunction. You have your Foaming Cleanser (step 1), Toner (step 2), and Face Cream (step 3). All are loaded with powerful natural ingredients that fight breakouts. I tested the acne range for the past 2 weeks and I am thrilled to say that I did not get any new breakouts which was awesome! As someone who doesn’t currently have severe acne, I did find that the 3 steps may be a little too much for people who don’t suffer from acne. If you have sensitive skin and are not prone to breakouts, the 3 step routine may be a little too harsh for your skin. I would recommend adding in just one of the tea tree products into your current regime and alternating products when needed. Each night I switched things up – one night I used my regular cleanser and finished with the Tea Tree Face Cream. Than the next night I would use the Tea Tree Cleanser and than my regular moisturizer. It worked perfectly on my skin.

My favourite product in the acne range is the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner. It is completely effective in fighting breakouts. It tones and purifies, tightens the pores without drying out the skin. The toner contains aloe vera and calming lavender to soothe the skin and is alcohol/benzoyl peroxide free.

Where to buy:
Thursday Plantation products are available at Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, Rexall, and Natural Heath Food Stores across Canada

*products pictured in this post were provided to us by PR for review purposes. all opinions are our own.

Have you tried Thursday Plantation products? Let us know!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written, photos by Natasha)

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