IMG_4013gA couple of weeks ago we heard that the amazing The Cross Decor and Design store in Vancouver was hosting a tea party. With us being 2 girls who would never turn down a cup of tea and a party, we couldn’t resist going. We had to check things out. They were also featuring the talented baking extraordinaire Rosie Daykin and her #1 selling baked goods cookbook, Butter. Which by the way, is absolutely beautiful. We own it and love it.

IMG_3990g2IMG_4005gbIMG_3986gggThis was everything a mid-day Tea Party should be. Beautiful china tea cups, check. Delectable baked sweet treats, check. Tons of pretties to browse through, check. A total tea lovers delight.

teacupsDon’t you think that tea just tastes better when you drink it from a pretty little tea cup?
Natasha purchased this gorgeous little blue beauty. The Royal Albert Polka Blue Teacup/Saucer
It’s so very English.

IMG_4007g IMG_3983gbMacaron lip balms. Adorable.

IMG_3877ggOn a different day we had to go downtown and decided to continue our ‘coffee shop visits’. We stopped in at this local coffee shop Elysian on West Broadway.
Huffington Post British Columbia recently rated it #5 on their top 15 Vancouver cafes. Elysian baristas are well known as the ‘real deal’… true coffee bean connoisseurs.

IMG_3870ggI ordered the cafe macchiato pictured on the left and Natasha ordered a latte, pictured on the right.

IMG_3869gbIs it just me or does this seem like a rather… ummm, smallish macchiato?

IMG_3872bgWhen they brought it to me I was all like ‘Whoa, my coffee is so little!’
But small or not, the flavour was spot on. Really, really good.

IMG_4060gg2We’ll end this post on a sweet note.
Natasha made these mini delicious vanilla cupcakes for Easter day. Just like the little cup of java above, these little cupcakes reaffirm that sometimes the best things come in small packages!

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)

2 thoughts on Snapshots

  1. beautiful post, now I need me that book and those delish cupcakes

    • Thank you!
      Yes, if you want a new baked goods cook book, this one is really amazing. She has a bakery downtown Vancouver and it is one of the top bakeries in the city! Delicious treats.

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