‘Secret’ Family Pecan Tarts Recipe

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I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys! Why? Because it is my all time favourite. This is my ex mother-in-law’s recipe and is a family favorite. I’ve been making it forever. The crust for these tarts is the key. It’s light and fluffy and delicious. Without a great crust the tart is, well… not worth making. And this crust is da bomb! You are going to love them. They are the ultimate holiday treat.

Natasha was playing around with the camera and ended up filming me while baking the pecan tarts last night..
Here’s a little behind the scenes of what went down; Check it out!

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'Secret' Family Pecan Tarts
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  1. Ingredients for the Pecan Tarts Crust
  2. (Yield: 3 dozen tarts or 2 pies (top & bottom crusts))
  3. 1 lb Crisco
  4. 4 c. Flour
  5. 2 tsp. brown sugar
  6. 2 tsp. white vinegar
  7. 1 tsp. baking powder
  8. 1 tsp. salt
  9. 1 egg (mixed in with a 1/2 cup of water)
Ingredients for Pecan Tarts Filling
  1. (yield: 1 dozen)
  2. 1 egg beaten
  3. 1/3 c. butter (melted and cooled)
  4. 1 c. brown sugar
  5. 2 tbsp. milk
  6. 1/2 c. chopped pecans (can substitute with walnuts or raisins)
  7. 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
Pecan Tart Crust Directions
  1. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Refrigerate covered for 1 hour.
  3. After chilling, roll out dough and cut into tart shapes.
Pecan Tart Filling Directions
  1. Mix all ingredients together. Fill tart shells 2/3 full.
  2. Bake at 450 degrees f. for 8 minutes then adjust oven to 350 and continue baking for 15-20 minutes.
Rose & Lea http://roseandlea.com/

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I hope you enjoy these amazing Pecan Tarts as much as my family does!

Happy baking!
Laura xo

Natasha’s Fall Wishlist

It’s no secret that I love Fall & all the goodness which it brings.
I especially love all the Fall fashion.. rich deep colours, sweaters, gorgeous coats, tights & booties galore!
Here are some of the items I’ve been pining over…


1. Talula Lambeth Dress from ARITZIA – $60
I adore this dress. It’s so simple, yet looks very flattering & I love the dress paired with the black tights. I want to start wearing more dresses during the Fall & Winter months, and I think that this is the perfect dress to help that transition. It looks comfortable & doesn’t really need any accessories which is always important to me when it comes to clothes. I’m definitely a ‘comfort’ over ‘fashion’ kinda girl. If I’m not comfortable, I’m not wearing it.

2. JONS Ankleboots from ALDO – $100
I’ve never actually owned a pair of ankleboots, but I think these are so cute & versatile.

3. Speed Tight by LULULEMON – $98
I am an avid runner & Vancouverite, so it was really only a matter of time before I mentioned Lululemon! I love, love, LOVE Lululemon. Every product that I have ever bought from Lulu has been excellent quality and lasted for years. I’m a big fan of & swear by the Wunder Under Crops. I’ve been wearing the same pair for the past 2 1/2 years on almost every single run that I go on, & they have been washed many times and yet, they’re still in excellent condition. It’s crazy!

I’ve loved Lululemon since I was 8 years old & received my first-ever lulu outfit for dance class from my Uncle. (At the time, lululemon wasn’t very popular and this was before the whole ‘Scuba Hoodie’ craze). Only my dance teachers at the studio knew about lulu, than gradually over the years, every dancer was sportin’ lulu.

I still have some retro Lululemon bags that are in mint condition from years ago – I’ll have to post them eventually! If you’re looking for crops or pants for running, I definitely recommend Lululemon. They are pricey, but worth it in the long run.

4. Gil Cross-Body Bag in Ivy by MATT AND NAT – $88
I’m a big fan of cross-body purses. I can’t stand handbags and having to carry them around on my arm all day. Cross-body’s are so much comfier, and I think they look really cute & casual. I love this Matt & Nat bag. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also vegan!

About Matt & Nat: (copied from Chapters.ca)
Canadian Matt & Nat leads the way in cruelty-free fashion with their 100% vegan bags and accessories. Their Gil cross-body bag with adjustable straps has two interior zippered compartments, one zippered pocket at the front and an interior slip pocket with logo-embossed cork tag. Polished silver-toned hardware completes the look. 100% recycled nylon lining.


  Now for the Kitchen & Home portion…
(I swear I didn’t plan the ‘orange’ theme! I’m just drawn to orange) 😉

5. LE CREUSET Tea For One Teapot in Flame – $40
I’ve been drooling over Le Creuset cookware for awhile now. My dream kitchen would have plenty Le Creuset cookware! Great quality & just gorgeous appliances.

6. LE CREUSET Tea Bag Holder in Flame – $10
Cute little tea bag holder to go with the teapot. Love the Flame colour.

7. SILPAT Baking Sheet
I know, I know! I’ve read about how great they are, and every baker must get one. I’m dying to try it out. Is it really worth all the hype? 

8. MARTHA STEWART’s Baking Handbook – $33
I love books and have been wanting to grow my collection of cookbooks. This one came out quite a few years ago but seems to be a classic. I’ve only read good things about it.

What Fall Fashion trends & decor are you guys loving? What’s on your Wishlist?!
Comment below & let us know! 

XO Natasha

What’s Goin’ On: Fall Update


This may be the most randomest post ever, (just warning ya now). But we’ve been MIA lately and haven’t been posting nearly as much as we’d like so we wanted to give you guys a little update!

The reason for the lack of posts is because we have been COMPUTERLESS (i know right?! bloggers without a computer – such a nightmare) for almost a month now which makes blogging extremely challenging… to say the least.

We are currently blogging using 2 Ipads (one full-size & one mini), which makes things just a tad bit harder. The formatting & text in new posts get all screwed up most of the time & editing text takes awhile, but the hardest thing is adding photos. We use a Canon camera, and don’t have a way to get the photos online right now.

Fear not! We are still busy baking new recipes which are all ready to go & will all be posted as soon as we get a new computer to upload & edit them! Until then, we are doing our best to continue to post regularly.

 We took some IPhone shots of some recipe sneak peaks below & some other random photos… Check it out! 🙂




Mmm, Pumpkin Pancakes.


Who’s tried the new Chocolate Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks? We tried them today… We’re both not a fan! 


Checking out chairs at Crate & Barrel.


Amazing Staub Pumpkin Casserole Dish from Crate & Barrel. I’m still dreaming about this! – Natasha


Natasha + Cupcakes = Love. 


Picked up fun new bakeware from Michaels! Can’t wait to bake some spooky cupcakes.

To add to the randomness of this post, we are going to end this post with a little MUSIC(is there really any better way to end a blog post? 😉 )

Laura’s Song Of The Day: The Stand by Mother Mother


Natasha’s Song Of The Day: Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake


Xo Natasha & Laura

Mother’s Day Family Love

IMG_4746g It was Mother’s Day this past weekend… hope all of you amazing mothers out there had the absolute best day! YOU deserve it. A mother’s work is never done. Ever. It’s only right they created 1 special day to appreciate and adore mothers. 

IMG_4739gbb2And of course I was completely appreciated and adored by my kids. I know they do everyday but it’s nice to feel that extra-ness on Mother’s Day. Nicholas (my favourite son). Luckily he’s my only son (a running family joke with my kids.) gave me this beautiful pink orchid. I’ve never had an orchid before and have always wanted one. They’re such an elegant dainty flower.  And a fragile scary one.  I was all like, “Ohmigod it’s so beautiful! I hope I don’t kill it. I’ll try my very, very best to keep it alive! But just in case we should really take a pic of it.”

Not too good with the plants.
I love them, but they’re just so tricky ya know? Not too much water, not enough water, more water, full sunlight, shade preferred! It’s confusing. Luckily Nicholas gave me the low down on all of the florist’s care instructions.
Let’s see how this goes.  


This adorable little number of a card is from Natasha (my Rose & Lea sidekick, the most beautiful and my favourite daughter. Okay. Only daughter) 
She made it for me. Like how beautiful is that? I love it so much. After she gave it to me she later told me that she was going to just have the colorful pieces of paper on the card but then decided at the last minute to add the pretty polka dot flower on it too. She said it was because, and I quote, “You love that kinda shit.” She knows me too well. I do adore that polka dot flower, was a good call adding it on her part. I love that kinda shit.
The sweetest thing about the card was what she wrote on the inside…
Thanks Mom, I turned out awesome.
Happy Mother’s Day! 
Love you so much!’

I certainly can’t argue with that!
Yes, I think that was supposed to be a compliment to me in a weird sort of self praise to herself kinda way. I’ll take it. I do think she’s pretty awesome, and I am responsible for the creation of her soooo I’m happy with that.


Nicholas was taking pics of us outside on our way to my parents for Mother’s Day dinner. Natasha’s showing me some real Mother’s Day lovin‘.  I’m saying to Nicholas, ‘Take the picture already.’ ha!


This is a painting I made specially for my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s from a series of paintings called ‘Faithfully‘  (named after one of my favourite Journey songs) that I’m currently working on for our Etsy Shop. She got the very first one.
The series has to do with love and music. Romance.
Coming to our Rose & Lea Etsy Shop soon! 

IMG_4821g2ggThese delicious lemon cupcakes were da bomb! OMG. Natasha baked them for us on Mother’s Day and used a recipe from The Cupcake Diaries.



My darling niece kinda loved them alot. What a sweetheart.  
Should note here…my 3 year old nephew refused to be happy for any photo op today. Pffft. Boys.
Not to worry, we’re gonna get him in a good shot next time when he’s not even lookin’!  


I just wanted to eat her up she’s too sweet! Or at least get a bite of her cupcake! Come onnnn! 


L’il fingers and cupcakes. So cute. 
Natasha and I are telling her ‘No! Don’t eat it yet. Just hold it so we can take some pics of it! Hold it a little lower, no higher. K stay still.’ 
All she’s thinking is, can I eat it now Auntie & Natasha? … How about now? …Now???


Ohhh those ‘Gangsta Gals’ .


This amazing pot full of gorgeous flowers is from my parents. For me for Mother’s Day. They get my sister and I a big flower arrangement every year on Mother’s Day since we became mothers. A couple of weeks ago my mom says to me, “Do you want dad to pick up one of those arrangements from the same florist as last year for your Mother’s Day gift?” to which I replied, “You guys don’t have to get me anything for Mother’s Day.” I say the same thing to her every year. I tell her I appreciate it but they really shouldn’t. “Besides” I continue, “I’m not your’s and Dad’s mother!”  Then she says the sweetest thing, “Dad likes to get his 2 daughter’s a gift for Mother’s Day because you’re the mothers of his beautiful grandchildren.”  So Sweet. Sigh.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get pics of all of my family members. It’s a real feat to accomplish that task.
Christmas holidays are the best bet of snagging a pic of everyone!  
The thing is they just aren’t into it. ‘Put that camera away! You better not be taking any pics of me! My picture better not show up on your blog!’
So my goal this summer at our family get togethers is to get me some photos of everyone! 

We’d love to hear how you celebrate Mom’s Day

Laura & Natasha xo 
(written by: Laura)