{Coffee Talk} Caffè Cittadella

IMG_79992We’ve been wanting to check out Caffè Cittadella in Vancouver for awhile now. When we heard that they started serving 100% organic agave-based Pumpkin Spice Lattes, that sealed the deal. Off to Caffè Cittadella we went! 

Caffè Cittadella is beautiful on the inside & out. It’s an old heritage building re-purposed into a cafe which opened in 2010. There are two floors, with seating available on the main floor, upstairs on the second floor and outside. The cafe is on the smaller side and seems to be consistently busy. Luckily we found a table and got to enjoy our lattes & scenery.

IMG_7984g7They served us 2 beautifully designed PSL coffees. It doesn’t matter how many times we go out for a coffee we are always super excited with anticipation of what the design/latte art will be. It’s the simple pleasures of life, ya know what I mean? It just never gets old with us! 

IMG_7990gcaffecitadella3IMG_7985ghTheir PSL was one of the main reasons we decided to check out the cafe. It is 100% organic agave (a sweetener made from plants) contains no artificial sweeteners and no unnecessary ingredients which are found in most popular PSL’s. I have to say, you know, being the Pumpkin Spice Latte Connoisseurs that we are, this was honestly by far the best tasting coffee we’ve had. Who am I kidding? Natasha is the true Pumpkin Spice Latte obsessed connoisseur here. I am just an innocent by stander. But even I, the one who typically is not fond of PSL’s because of how sweet they are, have to 2nd that claim. So good! 

IMG_800f2gWe thoroughly enjoyed everything about this cafe. The location, the atmosphere and coziness of the decor, the superb flavoured coffee (obvs most important), the fact that they use 49th Parallel Coffee (one of the best), and the staff is super welcoming and friendly. Love that. Nothing worse then unfriendly staff who make you feel unwelcome. Shout out to their team! 🙂

We would definitely recommend this cafe and will be heading back there soon for another Pumpkin Spice Latte before the season’s over. We can’t stop thinking about that darn coffee! 

Caffè Cittadella2310 Ash St (@7th Ave) / Vancouver, BC / (604) 568-5909

Happy Fall & Pumpkin Spice Sippin’!

Laura & Natasha xo