Gotta Hear This: Face To A Name by Windmills

1609947_771512486213229_1510743722023973017_nSong: Face To A Name / Artist: WindmillsSimilar Music: Bernhoft, FYFE, Dan Croll.

(Caution: seriously catchy tunes ahead.)
I first heard this song about a month ago on Indie Shuffle and literally haven’t stopped listening to it since.

Windmills (Cory Myraas) is a one-man band/loop artist based out of Kelowna, BC. 
His music is a genre-bending mix of experimental pop/ambient-indie layered with killer vocals and dreamy, mysterious undertones.

Windmills has released 2 records since beginning in 2011 – ‘Keep Moving’ (released in 2012) and a 5 track EP titled, ‘Tilting’ (2013). Face To A Name is his latest single and is the first of 2 new songs that Windmills will be releasing this Summer!

Myraas’ clever lyrics really stand out and to me, his songwriting is very much reminiscent of one of my all-time favourite artists’, the great Jeff Buckley. Both have that rare, unique ability of writing incredibly poetic lyrics.

Face To A Name is a super catchy pop song that I guarantee will be on repeat all Summer long. Head on over to Windmills’ Official Site to listen and download the full tracks.

Listen to ‘Face To A Name:

Check out one of my other favourite tracks by Windmills titled, ‘The Great Divide‘:

‘And she thinks she knows me, but she hasn’t got a clue. 
Cause the lies I told her, are the same that I told you.’  – The Great Divide by Windmills.

Windmills OnlineSoundcloudOfficial SiteYoutube, Twitter, Facebook.

Natasha xo.