Scrunchies Saving Animals: EZZY LYNN


What do you get when you mix original designed scrunchies with saving animals worldwide? You get Ezzy Lynn. An amazing socially minded fashion company started last year by 3 young women entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada. Being the huge animal lovers we are, their story and business really caught our attention.

They create their scrunchies from repurposed vegan material from local Goodwill outlets in Toronto. But the best part is when you purchase a scrunchie, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be used to adopt an animal of your choice through the WWF-Canada Species Adoption Program. To date, Ezzy Lynn has adopted a total of 76 animals worldwide

There are so many scrunchies and animals to choose from which makes it even more difficult to make a decision, (That’s when you have to start thinking of multiple scrunchies!). Each scrunchie represents a different animal and they only make 10 of each scrunchie.

This particular scrunchie that we photographed is in support of adopting a Red Wolf. Red Wolves are in risk of extinction due to the reduction of habitat as a result of increased agricultural land.


I had my 9 year old niece, Larissa, spend the night with us a couple of nights ago. She always wears hair goodies so I knew she would absolutely love the new scrunchie! Natasha and I took her to the park by our house to do an ‘official photo shoot’. It was the perfect hot summer day, at a great (‘happenin’) kids water park which features a huge wall, painted with a fun sea mural on it. Our perfect back drop for Natasha to work her photography magic with our pretty l’il model.


Doesn’t her hair look absolutely adorable with the Red Wolf Scrunchie? We think so!


Click here to visit Ezzy Lynn’s site to browse & shop all of the scrunchies & apparel sets available. Support Canadian fashion while helping to save endangered animals worldwide. 

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Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)