{Coffee Talk} Cafe Joie


We are always on the look out for new coffee shops. Continually searching for that quaint little (or large) cafe that has a warm and cozy atmosphere and also serves perfect flavoured coffee. Lets not forget about delicious sweets too! That’s just a bonus to have delectable sweet treats available to accompany the coffee. Everyone here in Vancouver knows all too well that our gorgeous city does not have a lack of options when it comes to cafes. Seriously. We do love our coffee it’s true.

Last week Natasha found Cafe Joie on instagram and literally ran into my room in the middle of the night to show me what she discovered. Could she get more excited about what she found? I think not!

IMG_9869g5It was a photo of these little gems that first caught Natasha’s attention on Instagram. Stopping her dead in her Instagram scrolling tracks. She couldn’t believe her eyes… Cafe Joie makes one of our favourite sweet treats, Macaroons. But not just your regular round shaped Macaroons. They also have Macaroons shaped in a little bear. Way too cute.

We decided we must go and find these adorable bear macaroons immediately. We were on a very serious quest to get our hands on some of these cookies. Wasting no time we went the very next day. Yes, we appreciate the little things in life it’s true.

How have we been living without these our whole lives and why has no one ever told us about them before?! Not only are they super cute, they also taste delicious. Definitely one of the best macaroons we’ve tasted in Vancouver.



Mmmmm… sweet, sweet bear macaroon and desert showcase paradise.


If the bear macaroons weren’t enough, they also serve this! Shut up! Are you kidding me? I think I’ve died and gone to sweet treat heaven. So what we have here is a freshly grilled waffle with strawberry icecream, whipping cream, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds and drizzled with strawberry syrup. All of that topped with a delicious macaroon cookie. Oh. My. God.

gCan we just pause and admire this grandiose piece of  desert amazing-ness for a moment. We can’t even tell you how incredible this tasted. I was concerned (not really, who am I kidding) that it may be way too sweet. You know how sometimes these types of dishes can be over powering with so much going on and be too much goodness? Well, we both agreed it wasn’t in the slightest. Wow. Seriously, just WOW.


Natasha had seen photos of some of Cafe Joie’s fancy coffee art on Instagram. When we ordered our coffees she asked the Barista if she could have her coffee with one of their cute bear designs on it. Unfortunately when they made our coffees we ended up receiving these coffees pictured above instead. Natasha looked devastated disappointed.


A few minutes later the Barista noticed us taking photos and she brought over this oh so cute coffee with a bear design. She apologized for the mix up and Natasha was now as happy as a clam. Notice her (pictured above) lovingly looking down at her l’il bear design coffee with such admiration. All was well again.


That’s some crazy coffee art skills.


I have to say, the coffee art is really fun and all but what really matters is if the coffee actually tastes good. We noticed they use JJ Bean coffee and both agreed that the coffee was superb.

IMG_9900fffOverall we can’t say enough about our experience at Cafe Joie. Everything was top notch. From the service the minute we walked in the door, the decor, to the delicious taste of the coffee and treats. All of it was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We highly recommend this cafe and will most definitely be going back. Soon. I’ve been dreaming about that waffle, and Natasha… she’s still giddy about her adorable bear art latte. 

Cafe Joie / #110 6125 Sussex Ave / Burnaby, BC / V5H 4G1 
Monday – Friday : 9am – 11pm
Saturday – 10am – 11pm

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)

{Coffee Talk} Caffè Cittadella

IMG_79992We’ve been wanting to check out Caffè Cittadella in Vancouver for awhile now. When we heard that they started serving 100% organic agave-based Pumpkin Spice Lattes, that sealed the deal. Off to Caffè Cittadella we went! 

Caffè Cittadella is beautiful on the inside & out. It’s an old heritage building re-purposed into a cafe which opened in 2010. There are two floors, with seating available on the main floor, upstairs on the second floor and outside. The cafe is on the smaller side and seems to be consistently busy. Luckily we found a table and got to enjoy our lattes & scenery.

IMG_7984g7They served us 2 beautifully designed PSL coffees. It doesn’t matter how many times we go out for a coffee we are always super excited with anticipation of what the design/latte art will be. It’s the simple pleasures of life, ya know what I mean? It just never gets old with us! 

IMG_7990gcaffecitadella3IMG_7985ghTheir PSL was one of the main reasons we decided to check out the cafe. It is 100% organic agave (a sweetener made from plants) contains no artificial sweeteners and no unnecessary ingredients which are found in most popular PSL’s. I have to say, you know, being the Pumpkin Spice Latte Connoisseurs that we are, this was honestly by far the best tasting coffee we’ve had. Who am I kidding? Natasha is the true Pumpkin Spice Latte obsessed connoisseur here. I am just an innocent by stander. But even I, the one who typically is not fond of PSL’s because of how sweet they are, have to 2nd that claim. So good! 

IMG_800f2gWe thoroughly enjoyed everything about this cafe. The location, the atmosphere and coziness of the decor, the superb flavoured coffee (obvs most important), the fact that they use 49th Parallel Coffee (one of the best), and the staff is super welcoming and friendly. Love that. Nothing worse then unfriendly staff who make you feel unwelcome. Shout out to their team! 🙂

We would definitely recommend this cafe and will be heading back there soon for another Pumpkin Spice Latte before the season’s over. We can’t stop thinking about that darn coffee! 

Caffè Cittadella2310 Ash St (@7th Ave) / Vancouver, BC / (604) 568-5909

Happy Fall & Pumpkin Spice Sippin’!

Laura & Natasha xo