LUSH Limited Edition Valentine’s Day 2015


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, Christmas is, but Valentines’s is 2nd! Who are we kidding? We love every occassion/holiday because it gives us yet another reason to celebrate something fun! Valentine’s may be for ‘lovers’ par say but even us single ladies (and guys alike) can have some fun for Valentine’s Day. Even if that requires picking up a little something for yourself or for someone special in your life like a family member or close friend.

Chocolates are always a much appreciated Valentines gift but sometimes thinking outside of the usual box is even better. Such as these special soaps and goodies from one of our absolute favourite stores ever, LUSH. Talk about making us happy! Who would’ve thought a piece of soap would have such ability?!

LUSH products are all handmade using the freshest ingredients and are 100% vegetarian (completely safe for your skin and body). LUSH is also a lead supporter in the fight against animal testing. We have been loyal customers for years. So when we walked into the store and seen the Valentines display, we just couldn’t resist. It was true L.O.V.E.

All of LUSH’s Valentine’s products are Limited Edition so be sure to pick them up while you still can! 

IMG_9953ggCupid’s Love Soap ($6.95 per 100g)

Could the Cupid’s Love Soap be any more perfect for Valentine’s Day? I think not! 
The soap is a delicious blend of fruity scents including citrusy bergamot, rosewood and even cinnamon to give it that little spicy somethin’ extra. We looove the look of the soap with the cute white heart in the middle of the bar. Definitely one of the cutest soaps ever.

Fact: Lush’s handmade soaps are all composed of their new vegetable soap base and are completely palm oil-free. Palm oil is a nasty ingredient consisting of animal tallow which is the main ingredient in some of the world’s best-selling soaps!
We were extremely happy to learn that Lush’s soaps are completely safe and healthy for your body and are made with natural ingredients such as rapeseed and coconut oil. 

IMG_9929gLove Locket Bath Bomb ($11.95)

I will admit I picked out this bath bomb solely based on the appearance. SO CUTE RIGHT? I was even more thrilled to learn that when you crack open the heart in half, there is a mini heart bath bomb inside as well. 

The Love Locket Bath Bomb is super nourishing and has a lovely blend of vanilla, jasmine and neroli essential oil which smell divine. It releases a glorious mix of tiny red paper hearts and shiny red agar seaweed hearts when exposed in the water. Though it’s a little more expensive than their regular bath bombs, it is generously sized and can be broken up and used in multiple baths (approx. 3-4). 

IMG_9996bbIMG_9975gThe Kiss Lip Scrub ($9.95 per 25g)

We have never tried any of Lush’s lip scrubs previously but when we came across the pretty pink packaging and smelled how nummy this one was, we had to try it out. The Kiss Lip Scrub contains caster sugar, sea salt and adorable tiny hearts and sprinkles (oh so cute!). The scrub itself is edible and tastes sweet & fruity. It leaves a really pretty natural-looking pink tint to your lips after applying. 

My mom and I have both been using the scrub for about a week now (applied nightly) and are pleasantly surprised with the results. We both agreed that this lip scrub has actually made a difference in the appearance of our lips. They feel softer, smoother and healthier. Definitely a fantastic product to use during the cold Winter months when lips are prone to cracking and dryness. 
We love the Kiss Lip Scrub and will be trying out Lush’s other scrubs in the future. 

IMG_993bb7IMG_9916tClick here to view & shop Lush’s full Valentine’s Day line.

Have you tried any of Lush’s Valentine’s goodies? What’s your favourite product in this year’s collection?

Happy Valentine’s Beauties!
Natasha & Laura xo (written by Natasha)

Lise Watier Expression Spring 2015 Collection

IMG_0159g8Introducing Lise Watier’s New Spring 2015 Collection EXPRESSION.

We eagerly await to see Lise Watier’s new products and collections each season. To us, their products are unrivaled in the Canadian beauty scene. The quality of the products (Lise Watier uses the highest quality ingredients and do NOT test on animals), their creative and different packaging each season and attention to detail are unbeatable. We are big, big fans and can’t get enough.

The packaging for Expression is our absolute favourite yet. I know, I know.. we may say that a lot but Lise Watier keeps getting better and better each season! Expression is bright, bold and vibrant with images of paint brush strokes. 

The collection’s message is for women to unleash their creativity, spontaneity and individuality and it really couldn’t be more of a perfect message for us (and all women!). We love doing creative projects and my mom, Laura is a painter so this collection really spoke to us. Right when we saw the new collection we both knew exactly how we wanted to display our images and wanted them to reflect the products. 

IMG_0084ggIMG_0148gThe colours in this collection are to die for! 


Over the years Lise Watier’s eyeshadows have been a favourite of ours due to their beautiful colour selection and the fact that they are nicely pigmented & long lasting. This new collection for Spring 2015 is no exception. Inspired by the runways, the Expression Palette contains 5 new shades in a cream powder formula which range from a semi-matte to iridescent finish. Soft, feminine & vibrant – these shadows are the epitome of Springtime beauty! 

The compact is nice & sleek and features a mirror on the inside.

Tips from Lise Watier for creating easy, effortless duos: 

For a natural look: pink and charcoal.
For an illuminated look: yellow and charcoal.
For a trendy look: aqua and charcoal.
For a dramatic look: turquoise and charcoal.


IMG_0168g5Palette Expression Eyeshadow Swatches

IMG_0046hEXPRESSION BLUSH TRIO – Limited Edition ($38 Cdn)

This blush is fabulous! It has 3 different iridescent colours – a brown, rose and orangey shade. Great for every skin tone when mixed together and applied. Or you can apply them separately to create various looks. It has the most beautiful subtle luminous glow. Absolutely gorgeous. 

IMG_0091gf(Pictured above) Top of the Expression Blush Trio.

IMG_010g23ROUGE GOURMAND VELOURS in ExpressionLimited Edition ($22)

Expression is the latest colour release in Lise Watier’s hugely popular lipstick line, Rouge Gourmand Velours. So popular in fact they have earned the title of being Canada’s Number 1 Selling Matte Lipstick

Rouge Gourmand Velours have an ultra-matte finish yet don’t dry out your lips thanks to the nourishing Jojoba oil formula. We have a few different colours of the Rouge Gourmand Velours and absolutely love them for the matte-lip look. They are one of the few matte lipsticks out there which makes your lips look velvety smooth and don’t show off every line on your lips. (You can read a review we did previously on the colour Red Velvet here!)

Expression is a perfect matte berry colour for Spring. Paired with a simple winged eyeliner, showstopping!


OMBER SOUFFLE SUPREME in Fairy Pink – new shade, regular product ($24)

This eye shadow is a mix of cream, powder and mousse. We own a few of these Souffle shadows from Lise Watier and we swear by them. You can apply it with your fingertip for easy application. They wear like a dream. So smooth and silky, doesn’t crease and is long wearing. It has a iridescent, luminous, airy finish. You can wear it alone or use as a colour base for a coordinating powder shadow for more impact. We love the added benefit that it contains their exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea Extract which is a powerful antioxidant. 

IMG_0123frFELINE EYELINER HD in Vert –  new shade, regular product ($20)

Lise Watier’s Feline Black Eyeliner won Elle’s award so we were thrilled to see they added a new colour to the collection. This green colour is the perfect dark green. It has a soft high precision felt-tip that is great for a high definition line. It is so easy to use and perfect for the cat eye look. We love their Feline eyeliners because they don’t crease, don’t smear all over and they are long wearing. LOVE!


Lise Watier Eye Shine pencils have been our favourite eyeliners for many years now. I do believe we own every single one available… that’s how crazy we are much we love them. 😉 They have a creamy texture and apply extremely smooth, no smudging. The new shade Expression is a beautiful metallic grey which goes perfectly with the Expression Eyeshadow Palette. 

IMG_0119g4EXPRESSION NAIL LACQUERLimited Edition ($13.50)

The EXPRESSION nail polish is the ultimate colour for Spring/Summer 2015. It is a gorgeous soft pink/coral colour that is so fun and playful.

We love Lise Watier’s nail polishes for many reasons. They are the only bottle out on the market currently that offer a light-up cap. How cool is that?! I never really cared too much about the light up bottle until I actually tried it out for myself. The light actually does help you see when you’re in low-light, (like when you’re chilling after dinner painting your toenails and catching up on your favourite shows). 😉 It really does work! Lise Watier’s polishes also feature a fine-tip brush which provide an easy application.

IMG_0152gLise Watier Expression 2015 Collection will be available in stores from February to April 2015. The new Regular Products will be available starting in February. 

Lise Watier Online: Shop Online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Natasha & Laura xo (written by Natasha)

Holiday Makeup Haul


2015 is now well underway, where does the time go?! We hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday season and enjoyed all the goodness it brings. We finally got around to taking down all of the Christmas decor a few days ago. A little late this year, yes. I loathe putting away the tree and all the beautiful Christmas ornaments every year. The house always feels so empty and bare once the lights and sparkle are gone. So to make the post-Christmas season sadness a bit more bearable this year, we decided to put out the Valentine’s Day decor right away. Xmas decor came down, Valentine’s went up. Never too early to celebrate! Valentine’s Day is only a month away. 😉

For our very first Beauty post of 2015 I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the products I’ve received and picked up over the Holiday season.

IMG_983g2Jennifer Aniston Perfume

I’m super picky when it comes to perfumes. Either they’re too strong or just don’t smell right on my skin. I tend to prefer scented body creams for daily wear. However, I tried a sample of Jennifer Aniston’s self-titled debut fragrance when it was released few years ago and was pleasantly surprised. The fragrance is clean & floral with notes of Citrus Grove Accord, Rose Water, Jasmine, Violet, Amazon Lily, & Sandalwood (to name a few). I love this perfume for everyday wear as it’s not overpowering. It’s fresh & feminine with a gorgeous bottle to match!

IMG_9789tSally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel & Quo by ORLY Cuti-prep – The perfect duo to help repair & touch-up your nails during the Winter.

IMG_981f2Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara – Love the brush on this mascara. It’s large and curvy which makes it easy to reach all of your lashes. The formula doesn’t get clumpy. Pretty good mascara but I still prefer my go-to Covergirl Lashblast.

IMG_9835dGOSH Professional Colour Rescue Hair Conditioner –  A great conditioner for the price ($9.99). I’ve never tried any hair products by GOSH before, only used their makeup so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My mom and I were both really impressed with this conditioner. It is super nourishing, smells great and actually moisturizes your hair. I also really like the pump-style bottle, very salon-like.

IMG_9805bLypsyl Intensive Lip Balm & COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara

I can’t wait to try COVERGIRL’s new Full Lash Bloom Mascara. We’ve heard so many great things about it! My all-time favourite mascara is Covergirl’s LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara. I’ve been using it for years so I’m interested to see how this new one compares.

IMG_979gI couldn’t resist when I saw a 3 pack of these Vaseline Lip Therapy Balms on sale after Christmas. I’ve used Vaseline’s Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion over the years and LOVE it. Vaseline Lip Therapy Balms are just as lovely. For the price ($2.99 each), they are shockingly good. I’ve been using them constantly since I got them. They are extremely hydrating and moisturizing, perfect for the cold Winter months. I prefer the Cocoa Butter over the original Vaseline because it smells so good, just like the body lotion.

IMG_9800rPink and white ombre brushes… LOVE!

IMG_9764gWho doesn’t love Bath & Body Works candles? $22.50 a candle is pretty steep so I usually only buy them when they go on sale every now and then. Their Fall & Winter scents are my favourite so I was pretty happy to pick up these 2 on sale after Christmas.

IMG_9742g2IMG_9776gIMG_97523Cinnamon Frosting… ohmygosh. This one smells so nummy!

IMG_9822gIMG_9824rHave you tried any of these products? What products were you loving this Holiday Season? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

‘Til next time Beauties…
Natasha & Laura xo

Lise Watier Aurora Winter 2014 Collection


If you’ve followed our blog you know that we are big fans of Lise Watier Cosmetics. We’ve mentioned the brand numerous times on our blog and we own way more products than 2 girls really need. But you ladies know how it is. You really don’t ‘need’ more makeup, but ya just gotta have it because it’s sooo pretty!

We have looked forward in great anticipation each season for their new launches. Patiently waiting to discover the new colours and admire the creative packaging, (and let’s be honest… to ultimately get our hands on them asap!) Their new Winter 2014 Collection Aurora is absolutely gorgeous. The colours and packaging were inspired by our very own Canadian Aurora Borealis and the shimmering, sweeping colours that are captured in the Northern lights. 


This eyeshadow palette is Limited Edition and features 6 very pigmented cream-powder solo shadows. The shadows range from semi-matte to iridescence and can be worn in a number of different colour combinations or duo’s. International Makeup Artist, David Vincent recommends the following pairings to create a basic look: Midnight Blue with Gold, Violet with Pink-Mauve, and Taupe with Ivory Rose.


Colour Swatches (from left to right): Ivory Rose, Pink-Mauve, Voilet, Taupe, Gold, Midnight Blue.


Limited Edition Illuminator with a blend of brown, rose and gold tones. Can be used on face and body for a soft luminous glow. We love using it on top of the cheek bones after applying blush to finish off the look.
This powder is by far our favourite product from the Winter 2014 Collection! Love, love, love it. 

IMG_9086g24Top of the Aurora Celestial Light Powder. We absolutely love the packaging of this collection. Beautiful blue hues with colourful sparkles, totally reminiscent of our starry canadian night skies.


Limited Edition metallic liquid eyeliner with a precision tip that allows for easy application. The rich, bold colour shifts from violet to copper with light reflections.
We love using this liner along the top lash line only (in a cat’s eye style) with a light sweep of eye shadow (no liner) on the lower lash line. Very impactful and totally perfect for the Holidays!

IMG_920hgbbIMG_91782AURORA ROUGE FONDANT SUPREME in the colour Stella (Pantone colour of the year) ($24)

This is a new shade addition to their Rouge Fondant Supreme line. It is a rich, deep Mauve-y/pink coloured lipstick and glides on so silky and smooth. It is infused with antioxidant properties of Labrador Tea Extract (which is exclusive to Lise Watier) and is super moisturizing. Perfect for the upcoming Winter months when lips can get dry. Stella is such a beautiful colour and is now one of my Holiday lip staples!

IMG_9184g4Lise Watier Aurora beautyWith so many options and holiday collections available this year, Aurora really is the one not to miss out on! Every single product is beautiful, high-quality and absolutely perfect for the Holidays. Lise Watier’s Aurora Winter 2014 Collection is available in stores now until Jan. 2015. 

To view all the products from the Aurora 2014 Collection, click here

Lise Watier Online: Shop Online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

What’s your favourite product from the Aurora Winter 2014 Collection?!
Laura & Natasha xo