DESIGN: Chairish Styleboard

We were recently contacted by Chairish and asked if we were interested in designing a styleboard for them based around one of their numerous fabulous accent chairs. We were totally inspired and up for the challenge. Chairish is an online store where people can buy and sell beautiful pre-loved pieces of home furnishings.

We had a variety of chairs provided to us (via photos) and were asked to design a whole space around that one chair. Who doesn’t like to play designer and pretend they are putting together a room for a very important client (thyself) and create a totally gorgeous design! This was totally right up our alley. LOVE it. We suggested to Holly at Chairish that Natasha and I both create a design separately to see what we come up with. She was totally into it. 

It’s funny because when we both had completed our designs and seen each others, we weren’t surprised at all what chair we each ended up choosing and the overall designs around it. Each of our designs completely represent each of our styles and personalities. It was so much fun to go ‘pretend shopping’ at Chairish, and some of our favourite decor stores such as Pottery Barn, Anthropologie & Pier 1 Imports and choose whatever our little hearts desired. Price a non issue of course. Oh a girl can dream!

Laura'sChairishStyleboard4 Laura’s Styleboard Items:

Rosette Pinstripe Quilt from Anthropologie
Clift Glass Table Lamp Base in Egglant from Pottery Barn
Vintage Clock from Pottery Barn
Silver Side Table from Chairish
French Victorian Wall Mirror from Chairish
Violetta Bench in Lavender from Chairish
Antique Cast Iron Candle Sconces from Chairish
Turkish Metal Vase from Pottery Barn
Purple Channel Back Wing Chair Purple from Chairish
Silver Flower Frame from Pier 1 Imports
Hayworth Rosette Lamp from Pier 1 Imports
Mirrored Bedside Table from Pottery Barn
Flounce Pillow Purple from Pier 1 Imports
Shimmering Sunset Pillow from Anthropologie
DIOR Hardcover Book from Pottery Barn

Laura: I loved this design challenge! When I scrolled through the pictures of chair choices it was a no brainer when I laid my eyes on the deep purple chair. First of all, purple is my FAVE colour and the style of the chair was perfect. I instantly pictured it in a bedroom. My dream bedroom! 
The pieces I chose are simply pieces that I love and would purchase for my own home (if I had no budget of course!). I like to mix old with new, traditional and modern, pieces that don’t always match, and odd numbered items. Like groupings of 3’s and 5’s, not in 2’s. Three candles, not just two, that kinda thing. Just visually more interesting to me. 
I actually went way over board when ‘online shopping‘ for pieces to fill my bedroom design. I ended up having to delete many items just because they all wouldn’t fit on the screen! I know! I had a huge dark black antique dresser, a stunning stand alone antique mirrored jewelry box and an absolutely gorgeous Turkish area rug for the bedroom sitting area. 

So basically I wanted the room to look warm and cozy, romantic, feminine and elegant. A room where you can just curl up in the big fluffy bed, light candles, sip on tea and read a book. Ahhhh… sounds perfect!
Ironically Natasha said that this design resembles my real bedroom in many ways. I agree, only this online version would be the ‘high end’ design and my actual bedroom (sadly) would be the ‘bargain‘ design. ha!

ChairishInspirationModern1Natasha’s 70’s-Inspired Styleboard Items:

Live Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase from Pottery Barn
Vintage Yellow Vase via Etsy
Graphic Printed Basket from West Elm
Modern Honeycomb Lamp Shade via Etsy
Green High Back Tufted Broyhill Chairs from Chairish
 Ludlow Trunk Side Table from Pottery Barn
Barr-Co. Candle from Anthropologie
Mandarin Solid Square Tuck Pillow from West Elm
Ivory Throw from West Elm
Petal Patch Rug from Anthropologie

Natasha: It was love at first sight. The moment I saw the pair of beautiful Green High Back Tufted Broyhill Chairs, I just knew they were the chairs for me. ­čśë They are bright, bold & totally reminiscent of the 70’s which I adore. They certainly take any boring old room to bright & cheery in an instant! 

I love mixing vintage pieces with modern and tend to lean towards more minimal (but cozy!) designs. That said, I combined all those elements within my styleboard and came up with a 70’s Inspired Modern Vintage theme. Colourful, clean, & simple.
As you can probably guess based on my styleboard choices, I am a big fan of colour. Whether that be in home decor, clothing or nail polish – I’m always all-for a pop of colour! Adding a bright accent chair to a room is a great, simple way to refresh a space.

Click here to visit Chairish to find out more about the chairs we featured and browse among plenty of other gorgeous vintage accent chairs.

What is your design style? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!
Laura & Natasha xo

ROAM Gallery Reception

unnamed (4)I can’t even express how excited I am to announce that I am having my very first Art Exhibit at a real Art Gallery! Like WHAT???!!! I know! It’s the craziest thing ever! I barely believe it myself. For real.

I am so honoured that ROAM Gallery Owner, Jennifer has given me this amazing opportunity. I can’t thank her enough. Even though she told me, “Flowers ain’t my thing’… and well, flowers happen to be my whole art collection right now! Ha! She has taken me and all of my floral-ness regardless. Love her!

If you happen to be around the Vancouver area tonight, Friday, October 10th from 6 – 10pm drop by ROAM Gallery and say hello! There will be 4 of us local artists in attendance. We would love to meet you.
My art will be in the Gallery until November 2 and you can now find some of my pieces on our new Facebook page.

Address: City Square Mall – Upper Level, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada

Laura xo

DIY Gift Bags

IMG_4631g2bestbbbNatasha and I are crazy for all things paper… pretty little gift tags, cute notepads, adorable journals, wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, ribbons. Love it all! Can never have too much! We love it so much that we hope to create our own line someday. That’ll be way too much fun!

In our family, wrapping a gift has become sort of like an art of it’s own. A very important detail in the whole gift giving process. My dad (Natasha’s Grandpa) is the one who originally set the standard very high when it comes to wrapping gifts. He’s been that way since I was a little girl.

You wouldn’t believe it! He puts so much love into every detail. It has to be the perfect paper, the good quality kind and not that cheap stuff that tears when you fold the edges. He chooses the most beautiful matching bows, bundles the gift precisely with fabulous ribbon and finishes it all off with the most thoughtful card. Like really? Impressive. Very impressive.

IMG_3692gWe have quite a collection of pretty paper and trimmin’s already. Mostly from some years ago when I was on a huge ‘scrapbooking‘ frenzy and ordered a heap load of a gold mine of goods from the Shopping Channel. I think it was some amazing package deal of a zillion pieces of paper, stickers, tags, ribbons, sparkles and enough bedazzles to last like, forever.

But, of course, we’re girls and obviously it’s never enough. 
So… it’s off to the market we go.
Well, more specifically, the $1 bargain bins at Target and Michael’s. Omg. Have you guys been? Just try and drag us away from those bins! Once we’re in, there’s no getting us out until we’ve covered every single inch of all the goods and not miss a single item.

IMG_4614gbbbSo here’s the thing about buying gift cards and gift bags… it can get so expensive! Right? That’s why we were beyond excited when we discovered all of the cheap inexpensive treasures at these fabulous stores. You don’t need to spend a fortune (unless one wants to) on wrapping and cards.  

: Reuse your preloved greeting cards & wrapping paper to save on expenses and create new fabulous tags and goodies.

I have a box full of greeting cards I’ve received throughout the years. Old Birthday, Easter, Valentine’s and Christmas cards galore.  I always display any cards I receive for like, way too long, on my hutch. Then they would go from the hutch into a drawer. And that was that. I mean, what are you supposed to do with all of these beautiful cards? It’s really a shame that they’re never to be seen again and stuck in a drawer. Then a few years ago I decided to haul them out and love them again in different ways! By making new cards, gift tags and pretty things from them. Recycling the love people. 

We used a couple different old greeting cards for this DIY Gift Bag project. The strawberry bag (emhmm, my personal favourite.).. and the shiny silver and pink heart bag, also beautiful. (both pictured in above group photo)

To make adorable gift tags from old cards just cut out the beautiful embellishment on the old card in your desired shape, glue coloured paper to the back of that cutout (optional), hole punch in the corner, thread a pretty ribbon through the hole and voila, a beautiful new ‘original’ gift tag. Boom!

During one of our Target $1 bargain bins treasure shopping excursions we discovered these cute little brown bags. $1 y’all! (We also purchased white ones we’ll use later!)
We thought it would be fun to make little gift bags that are cost efficient and easy to make.  You know, for those times when you want to give someone a gift card from their favourite store. Or some wrapped chocolates or candies just because. Or any kind of small, little gift. Wouldn’t it be so sweet presenting it to them in a cute l’il gift bag you made with love? I know right?! 

IMG_462g3ggggIMG_4622gbWe were in paper crafting heaven let me tell you! We pulled out all of our crafting boxes along with all of our new $1 bargain finds and sat down for an afternoon of fun-ness. In all honesty it took us a little longer then 1 afternoon, it actually turned out to be numerous crafting sessions. But we eventually got the job done! 

IMG_4644g2bestWe let our imaginations run wild and created some really cute gift bags. 

IMG_4646g2Of course we had friendly debates on which bags were our favourites, which bag was most creative and which bag we thought others would choose! We even considered having our family members rate their favourites but in the end we were very diplomatic about it and determined they all were so darn cute.

But I just have to say, isn’t that ‘strawberry’ one the cutest thing ever?

CollagebestIMG_462g6gFor Mother’s Day I gave my sister and my mom each a bag. I put little gifts of lipgloss, handcreams and eye mask packettes into each of their bags and I have to say I think they liked the bags more then what was actually inside! They loved them and wouldn’t stop commenting on how adorable they were! Definitely a hit! 

IMG_4663ggIMG_4659goodgggOkay, we just have to know… what bags do you guys prefer? 
No hard feelings. Really.

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)

Rose & Lea Etsy Shop Announcement…

IMG_4396g2bbbAnd may we introduce.. the Official Rose & Lea Etsy Shop!
We are so excited to finally announce that we now have our very own Etsy Shop.

We are from a family that has always been very creative and into artistic hobbies. Whether it be sewing, painting, needlework, music, writing, sketching… we always had some sort of project on the go. You can read a little bit about my family and how I (Laura) grew up doing DIY’s here. However, back then it was called ‘crafting‘… and crafting definitely wasn’t the ‘it’ thing to do. Of course now it’s called DIY and apparently it is definitely the ‘it’ thing to do. So you can bet I am so happy that I am ‘in’ the ‘it’ group. Finallyha!

Both of my kids, Nicholas (an aspiring artist and entrepreneur) and Natasha (my beautiful Rose & Lea sidekick) are extremely talented artists and have been since they could hold a crayon! We have been creating art and I’ve been painting for years so it was only a matter of time until we would share our art with people other than our family and friends. When Natasha and I discovered Etsy a couple of years ago we fell in love with the site. We were instantly hooked and have made numerous purchases of some incredible products. See one of our favourite finds here. It is like a gold mine of amazing handmade goods! Things you would never think of, things you could never make if you tried and some of the most beautiful original artwork ever! All right there available at your fingertips. It’s brilliant. Who doesn’t want different and interesting pieces of artwork and decor in their homes? Something that speaks to your heart. We quickly realized that Etsy was exactly where we should open up shop for our exclusive original paintings and decor.

We put our heart and soul into each art piece and only use the highest quality supplies. Our paintings are all originals and we do take special requests for specific colours on many of our paintings. Message us on Etsy, or email us for info on custom pieces.

IMG_4427tytg22Our shop features original paintings and decor that are handmade (with lots of love!) by us. Be sure to check out our Rose & Lea Etsy Shop often as we will be adding more paintings and home decor regularly. We have so many projects on the go and so many ideas for upcoming artwork we just can’t stand it, we’re so excited! Eeeeek!! 

IMG_4713g3IMG_4424g2IMG_43312IMG_44943Sneak Peek of a clock that we are working on for our shop…IMG_4545ggggIn celebration of our Etsy Shop Grand Opening, anyone who makes a purchase will receive free shipping! When ordering just use the code: Rose & Lea Blog in the message section.

Happy Shopping!
Laura & Natasha xo