Fall Decorating Ideas 2015


Regardless of the fact that the weather is still warm hot here in Vancouver, the stores are proudly displaying their fall merchandise. Even though I love summer, it is the end of August and I can’t help but get a wee bit excited seeing all of the new gorgeous autumn home decor. I actually look forward to every season because it gives me an excuse to change things up a bit around the house. I get bored with things looking the same ol’ way for too long. Even if it’s just adding a few new items that co-ordinate with the season it makes me super happy. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make Fall decor changes… adding a couple pretty seasonal throw pillows on the couch, a fall wreath on your front door (or living room mirror) and burning a pumpkin candle (or your fave Fall scent) changes the mood of the home instantly. I love the whole Fall through Winter vibe. The house is all warm, cozy and inviting. Sittin’ by the fireplace, sippin’ hot chocolate (and Baileys), one pot dinner on the stove, pie in the oven and playing board games. Just like a real modern day Leave It To Beaver-Cleaver family style.  😉

I’ve compiled a list of some quick and inexpensive ways to put a l’il spice of Fall into your home.  


Laura xox 

DESIGN: Chairish Styleboard

We were recently contacted by Chairish and asked if we were interested in designing a styleboard for them based around one of their numerous fabulous accent chairs. We were totally inspired and up for the challenge. Chairish is an online store where people can buy and sell beautiful pre-loved pieces of home furnishings.

We had a variety of chairs provided to us (via photos) and were asked to design a whole space around that one chair. Who doesn’t like to play designer and pretend they are putting together a room for a very important client (thyself) and create a totally gorgeous design! This was totally right up our alley. LOVE it. We suggested to Holly at Chairish that Natasha and I both create a design separately to see what we come up with. She was totally into it. 

It’s funny because when we both had completed our designs and seen each others, we weren’t surprised at all what chair we each ended up choosing and the overall designs around it. Each of our designs completely represent each of our styles and personalities. It was so much fun to go ‘pretend shopping’ at Chairish, and some of our favourite decor stores such as Pottery Barn, Anthropologie & Pier 1 Imports and choose whatever our little hearts desired. Price a non issue of course. Oh a girl can dream!

Laura'sChairishStyleboard4 Laura’s Styleboard Items:

Rosette Pinstripe Quilt from Anthropologie
Clift Glass Table Lamp Base in Egglant from Pottery Barn
Vintage Clock from Pottery Barn
Silver Side Table from Chairish
French Victorian Wall Mirror from Chairish
Violetta Bench in Lavender from Chairish
Antique Cast Iron Candle Sconces from Chairish
Turkish Metal Vase from Pottery Barn
Purple Channel Back Wing Chair Purple from Chairish
Silver Flower Frame from Pier 1 Imports
Hayworth Rosette Lamp from Pier 1 Imports
Mirrored Bedside Table from Pottery Barn
Flounce Pillow Purple from Pier 1 Imports
Shimmering Sunset Pillow from Anthropologie
DIOR Hardcover Book from Pottery Barn

Laura: I loved this design challenge! When I scrolled through the pictures of chair choices it was a no brainer when I laid my eyes on the deep purple chair. First of all, purple is my FAVE colour and the style of the chair was perfect. I instantly pictured it in a bedroom. My dream bedroom! 
The pieces I chose are simply pieces that I love and would purchase for my own home (if I had no budget of course!). I like to mix old with new, traditional and modern, pieces that don’t always match, and odd numbered items. Like groupings of 3’s and 5’s, not in 2’s. Three candles, not just two, that kinda thing. Just visually more interesting to me. 
I actually went way over board when ‘online shopping‘ for pieces to fill my bedroom design. I ended up having to delete many items just because they all wouldn’t fit on the screen! I know! I had a huge dark black antique dresser, a stunning stand alone antique mirrored jewelry box and an absolutely gorgeous Turkish area rug for the bedroom sitting area. 

So basically I wanted the room to look warm and cozy, romantic, feminine and elegant. A room where you can just curl up in the big fluffy bed, light candles, sip on tea and read a book. Ahhhh… sounds perfect!
Ironically Natasha said that this design resembles my real bedroom in many ways. I agree, only this online version would be the ‘high end’ design and my actual bedroom (sadly) would be the ‘bargain‘ design. ha!

ChairishInspirationModern1Natasha’s 70’s-Inspired Styleboard Items:

Live Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase from Pottery Barn
Vintage Yellow Vase via Etsy
Graphic Printed Basket from West Elm
Modern Honeycomb Lamp Shade via Etsy
Green High Back Tufted Broyhill Chairs from Chairish
 Ludlow Trunk Side Table from Pottery Barn
Barr-Co. Candle from Anthropologie
Mandarin Solid Square Tuck Pillow from West Elm
Ivory Throw from West Elm
Petal Patch Rug from Anthropologie

Natasha: It was love at first sight. The moment I saw the pair of beautiful Green High Back Tufted Broyhill Chairs, I just knew they were the chairs for me. 😉 They are bright, bold & totally reminiscent of the 70’s which I adore. They certainly take any boring old room to bright & cheery in an instant! 

I love mixing vintage pieces with modern and tend to lean towards more minimal (but cozy!) designs. That said, I combined all those elements within my styleboard and came up with a 70’s Inspired Modern Vintage theme. Colourful, clean, & simple.
As you can probably guess based on my styleboard choices, I am a big fan of colour. Whether that be in home decor, clothing or nail polish – I’m always all-for a pop of colour! Adding a bright accent chair to a room is a great, simple way to refresh a space.

Click here to visit Chairish to find out more about the chairs we featured and browse among plenty of other gorgeous vintage accent chairs.

What is your design style? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!
Laura & Natasha xo

Interior Design Show West 2014


We were so excited to attend the 10th Annual IDS West (Interior Design Show West) on Friday evening. It took place at the Vancouver Convention Center and featured some of the world’s best designers from Amsterdam, London, New York, Italy, Montreal, Toronto, Portland, San Francisco, Nevada, Los Angeles and of course Vancouver! It is showing this weekend only, September 25 – 28. If you have a passion for design and love seeing what’s new and exciting for your home, you should really check it out. 

(Pictured above: Endeavour Neon – Bright neon signs in various sayings and shapes created by Andrew Hibbs.)

ggWe loved the Dinner by Design displays which featured various dining environments by internationally known designers & local talent. The designs ranged from elegantly beautiful to outrageous and whimsical. The stunning arrangement pictured above was designed by local favourites, Vancouver’s own The Cross Decor & Design. Classy, girly & simple. We loved all the details that went into this design. The mismatched vintage chairs brought it all together. Beautiful.

IMG_7944Clean, crisp & elegant. Lovely. Design by Angela Robinson Interior Design.


This tablescape pictured above by designer Robert Blaney was to resemble a dining room after a catastrophe. Regardless of the oddness of the setting, the creativity was absolutely amazing. Loved the details and the thought that obviously went into this whole design. Old newspapers as the tablecloth, a massive centerpiece of melted cream candles, mis-matched chairs, dark grey coloured walls, everything just made you want to keep standing there and stare at it. It brought you into a story that felt as though it were taking place at that moment. Completely captivating.


The red rose (top left) tablescape was designed by début Event Design and was my (Laura’s) favourite dinner party setting. It was dark, mysterious, dramatic, over the top, romantic and I loved it! I could imagine sitting at that table at a dinner party with an intimate group of close friends, candles all lit, jazz music playing, having the best evening! So fun.
The other picture to the right was eye-catching and I loved the creativity of using colorful ribbons as dripping paint from the cans.


The multiple vases of fresh pink and red flowers add such elegance to this setting. The pearl-lined plates, tall pillar candles and gold cutlery added to the over all luxurious feeling. Love. 

IDSWEST2Plaid is back, baby! The tartan couch (pictured above) was a huge hit at the show this weekend. Instead of having just a regular ole’ booth featuring various sofas, the designers of Montauk Sofa created this tartan photobooth for attendees to snap pics in. The booth featured their ‘Sarah’ sofa upholstered in Ralph Lauren tartan fabric which also matched the fabric on the floor and walls. Proving less is more. Awesome. Simply a brilliant display. 


This amazingly gorgeous hanging light was breath taking. It’s over $4000 and Natasha and I were stunned by it’s beauty.
I’m pretty sure I need that for my dressing room… in my mansion… that I’m going to have. Possibly. One day. 
A girl can dream. 🙂

The Interior Design Show West is open tomorrow (Sunday Sept. 28) for its fourth & final day! Open from 10am – 5pm. Don’t miss out! Tickets are available at the door or online.

Laura & Natasha xo

Cracked Plates Bring You Closer


My sister invited us to go to a pottery studio with her so we could work on some ceramic pieces and get a little family bonding time in too. This was perfect because Natasha and I had been talking a lot about going to do some ceramic pieces. Spending time with my sister is somewhat of a rarity these days with our schedules, so I was completely excited to do both.


We decided to meet on a Sunday which is ‘family’ day for us.  Our motto: Sunday = Funday. I don’t know what we we were thinking, just waltzing into the studio thinking we were going to simply pick out a piece, design it, paint it, glaze it, fire it and bring it home with us a few hours later. There were so many choices of objects to choose from. Plates, cups, bowls, vases, trays, tea pots, nick-nacks of everything you could think of. Just making a decision took us almost half an hour. Then we actually had to design it, pick out the colours, stencil a design onto our ceramics and paint it. Three coats of paint and in between each coat putting it in the heater to dry.. So many steps!

Our little projects turned into 3 Sundays spent at the pottery studio.

After we got it all organized we finally sat down and got to work on our masterpieces.

Tricia was the pottery expert (we LOVE Tricia!) who helped us with every step. She wasn’t about to let us be plain and not be as creative as we could be with our pieces.
We basically relied on her to give us step by step instructions and ideas. Although now we have learnt many techniques that we will use again and some that we won’t use again. (sorry Tricia, we still love you!)

Natasha ‘a la artist‘.

Natasha’s project before.

Natasha’s project after (cupcake cookie jar)

Along with my sister’s bird, which we ended up naming ‘sexy bird’ because it took so many steps and techniques to complete, and it turned out gorgeous!

Ta da! 
Natasha’s finished masterpiece.

Ah yes… and this is my ‘masterpiece’ in progress. The Flower Power Plate.

And this is my masterpiece after..

Notice the huge crack right down the middle of the plate.
Tricia felt horrible about the crack and vowed to get to the bottom of the mystery of who dropped something on the my plate and cracked it!
Alright, I admit I think I was shocked when she gave it to me and it was cracked. I realize I’m no Picasso, but I did work on that piece for 3 weeks lets not forget.

However,  I wasn’t mad, sad or anything really. The funny thing is I have nothing but good memories of these past few weeks spending the time together while making the plate. My sister, Natasha and I had such fun that it was honestly worth more than crying over a cracked plate.

My cracked plate has become a conversation piece of sorts. Mostly of what I would design and paint differently when I paint another plate. Yes, I said it. We are going back and I will work on yet another plate. Different design and colours altogether, but definitely another plate.
What did I do with this plate you ask?
Well, I use it on my dresser and display all of my perfume bottles on it.
And every time I look at it, I smile.

Laura xo