Mother’s Day Family Love

IMG_4746g It was Mother’s Day this past weekend… hope all of you amazing mothers out there had the absolute best day! YOU deserve it. A mother’s work is never done. Ever. It’s only right they created 1 special day to appreciate and adore mothers. 

IMG_4739gbb2And of course I was completely appreciated and adored by my kids. I know they do everyday but it’s nice to feel that extra-ness on Mother’s Day. Nicholas (my favourite son). Luckily he’s my only son (a running family joke with my kids.) gave me this beautiful pink orchid. I’ve never had an orchid before and have always wanted one. They’re such an elegant dainty flower.  And a fragile scary one.  I was all like, “Ohmigod it’s so beautiful! I hope I don’t kill it. I’ll try my very, very best to keep it alive! But just in case we should really take a pic of it.”

Not too good with the plants.
I love them, but they’re just so tricky ya know? Not too much water, not enough water, more water, full sunlight, shade preferred! It’s confusing. Luckily Nicholas gave me the low down on all of the florist’s care instructions.
Let’s see how this goes.  


This adorable little number of a card is from Natasha (my Rose & Lea sidekick, the most beautiful and my favourite daughter. Okay. Only daughter) 
She made it for me. Like how beautiful is that? I love it so much. After she gave it to me she later told me that she was going to just have the colorful pieces of paper on the card but then decided at the last minute to add the pretty polka dot flower on it too. She said it was because, and I quote, “You love that kinda shit.” She knows me too well. I do adore that polka dot flower, was a good call adding it on her part. I love that kinda shit.
The sweetest thing about the card was what she wrote on the inside…
Thanks Mom, I turned out awesome.
Happy Mother’s Day! 
Love you so much!’

I certainly can’t argue with that!
Yes, I think that was supposed to be a compliment to me in a weird sort of self praise to herself kinda way. I’ll take it. I do think she’s pretty awesome, and I am responsible for the creation of her soooo I’m happy with that.


Nicholas was taking pics of us outside on our way to my parents for Mother’s Day dinner. Natasha’s showing me some real Mother’s Day lovin‘.  I’m saying to Nicholas, ‘Take the picture already.’ ha!


This is a painting I made specially for my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s from a series of paintings called ‘Faithfully‘  (named after one of my favourite Journey songs) that I’m currently working on for our Etsy Shop. She got the very first one.
The series has to do with love and music. Romance.
Coming to our Rose & Lea Etsy Shop soon! 

IMG_4821g2ggThese delicious lemon cupcakes were da bomb! OMG. Natasha baked them for us on Mother’s Day and used a recipe from The Cupcake Diaries.



My darling niece kinda loved them alot. What a sweetheart.  
Should note here…my 3 year old nephew refused to be happy for any photo op today. Pffft. Boys.
Not to worry, we’re gonna get him in a good shot next time when he’s not even lookin’!  


I just wanted to eat her up she’s too sweet! Or at least get a bite of her cupcake! Come onnnn! 


L’il fingers and cupcakes. So cute. 
Natasha and I are telling her ‘No! Don’t eat it yet. Just hold it so we can take some pics of it! Hold it a little lower, no higher. K stay still.’ 
All she’s thinking is, can I eat it now Auntie & Natasha? … How about now? …Now???


Ohhh those ‘Gangsta Gals’ .


This amazing pot full of gorgeous flowers is from my parents. For me for Mother’s Day. They get my sister and I a big flower arrangement every year on Mother’s Day since we became mothers. A couple of weeks ago my mom says to me, “Do you want dad to pick up one of those arrangements from the same florist as last year for your Mother’s Day gift?” to which I replied, “You guys don’t have to get me anything for Mother’s Day.” I say the same thing to her every year. I tell her I appreciate it but they really shouldn’t. “Besides” I continue, “I’m not your’s and Dad’s mother!”  Then she says the sweetest thing, “Dad likes to get his 2 daughter’s a gift for Mother’s Day because you’re the mothers of his beautiful grandchildren.”  So Sweet. Sigh.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get pics of all of my family members. It’s a real feat to accomplish that task.
Christmas holidays are the best bet of snagging a pic of everyone!  
The thing is they just aren’t into it. ‘Put that camera away! You better not be taking any pics of me! My picture better not show up on your blog!’
So my goal this summer at our family get togethers is to get me some photos of everyone! 

We’d love to hear how you celebrate Mom’s Day

Laura & Natasha xo 
(written by: Laura)

Sunday Family Dinner


Tonight we had my grandparents over for dinner & my mom and I made Chili with an Eggnog & Rum Coffee Cake for dessert. We usually have Sunday dinners at my Grandparents house, but we wanted to switch things up a bit and make dinner for them instead. They always make the most delicious meals, so we had our work cut out for us!

My mom’s famous chili is sooo good. SoSooooo good that I actually ended my 2-year stint of Vegetarianism tonight and ate meat. Yup, that’s right. After 2 years of not eating any meat, I ate the chili tonight and it. was. delicious. No regrets whatsoever!

The meal turned out great, but the company was even better. We love spending quality time with family and always look forward to our Sunday family dinners.


imageWatching the Vancouver Canucks game.. typical Canadians & proud of it! (this is the only photo I could get of my grandparents tonight. they hate the camera, i had to sneak this one!)



Lame-o IPhone selfie

Image Reppin’ my Jason Mraz concert tee.

Random fact: I cried like a baby for a good 3 songs during his concert. What can I say, music makes me emotional, can’t help it.


My mom’s a babe. She makes holding a tub of sour cream look good.

ImageMmmm, chili.


The meal that ended my Vegetarianism!



ImageZeus Photo Take # 1.

Image Zeus. Photo Take # 2. He was so not down with the photo-taking. Such a little grump tonight haha.

Xo Natasha & Laura

Summer 2013 Snapshots

Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna, BC

Lake Okanagan – Kelowna, BC



Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna, BC

Laura dining at Mission Hill Winery

Natasha at Mission Hill Winery

Taking the mandatory ‘mirror-selfie’ shot in the hotel room!

At Keloha Music Festival in Kelowna! – Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shad at Keloha!
His equipment broke down during his set so he ended up doing an impromptu freestyle rap performance which was crazy. Max (the lead singer from Arkells), was watching and joined him onstage for a impromptu performance of Ms. Jackson by Outkast.

Fields of Green live at Keloha.
My favorite band at Keloha! I’ve been a big fan for awhile and was so excited to see them. – Natasha

Atlas Genius live at Keloha.





The Boom Booms live in Port Moody..
We LOVE The Boom Booms!




Natasha & Zeusie wearing matching Birthday Glasses. 🙂

Natasha at Mission Hill Winery


Natasha Flower Shopping

Hostess Gifts


We are all so busy during the holidays. With all the running around, shopping, baking, cooking, & entertaining, it can get real exhausting. We have made up a sweet list of hostess gifts that any girl would be happy to receive. Wine, chocolates or poinsettia’s are typical hostess gifts that are commonly given and while these gifts are great, we think hostess gifts can be a little more personal and have a wee bit more pizazz.

1. Soap Gift Sets from Lush

You can’t go wrong with Lush products. We love them so much. I know, I know, I have Lush on every single list for gift giving. Trust me, the hostess that receives a gift from Lush will definitely invite you back next year!

2. Specialty Tea from Teavana

Every Host knows that it takes a lot of time and energy to plan a get together let alone get through all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. A quality cup of tea is always appreciated. We love these gift sets that come in the beautiful tins that can be reused over and over. You will be affectionately remembered every time she brews a cup of tea long after the holidays are over.

3. Pure Maple Syrup from Blisgourmet

This amazing maple syrup is recognized by top chefs and foodies such as Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray. This is something a little different then the typical bottle of wine or chocolates. Especially great for those that love to cook.

4. Scented Candles from Bath And Body Works

The scented candles from Bath And Body Works are to die for! We can’t pick just one as a favourite. This one is the ultimate holiday scent of rich red apples, green pine and golden cider. One for the hostess and one for me!

5. Lip Balm Sets from Korres

We love, love, love this line from Greece. The body products are the ultimate and so are their lip glosses. Perfect for the long winter to keep lips hydrated and smooth. This limited edition lip glaze set has delicious flavours such as jasmine, pomegranate, raspberry. Made with no parabens or sulphates.

6. Nail Polish Sets from Nails Inc.

Nail polish and nail art is all the rage and who doesn’t love to have their nails all done up? We are amazed at the selection of colours, textures and art that is being done on nails. Can never have too many nail polishes, now can we?

7. Bath and Body Products from Philosophy

We will never get tired of Philosophy products! Ever. The festive gingerbread products add spice to any girl’s day!

8. Designer Fragrance Sets

So many mini sets to choose from during the holidays. A set like this one is perfect with the rollerball fragrance so she can throw it in her purse.

9. Fun Novelty Gifts

Finding really fun personalized gifts are the ultimate if you know the hostess well. For music lovers, a gift like these coasters is different, unique and fun.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Love, Laura xox