Rose & Lea Etsy Shop Announcement…

IMG_4396g2bbbAnd may we introduce.. the Official Rose & Lea Etsy Shop!
We are so excited to finally announce that we now have our very own Etsy Shop.

We are from a family that has always been very creative and into artistic hobbies. Whether it be sewing, painting, needlework, music, writing, sketching… we always had some sort of project on the go. You can read a little bit about my family and how I (Laura) grew up doing DIY’s here. However, back then it was called ‘crafting‘… and crafting definitely wasn’t the ‘it’ thing to do. Of course now it’s called DIY and apparently it is definitely the ‘it’ thing to do. So you can bet I am so happy that I am ‘in’ the ‘it’ group. Finallyha!

Both of my kids, Nicholas (an aspiring artist and entrepreneur) and Natasha (my beautiful Rose & Lea sidekick) are extremely talented artists and have been since they could hold a crayon! We have been creating art and I’ve been painting for years so it was only a matter of time until we would share our art with people other than our family and friends. When Natasha and I discovered Etsy a couple of years ago we fell in love with the site. We were instantly hooked and have made numerous purchases of some incredible products. See one of our favourite finds here. It is like a gold mine of amazing handmade goods! Things you would never think of, things you could never make if you tried and some of the most beautiful original artwork ever! All right there available at your fingertips. It’s brilliant. Who doesn’t want different and interesting pieces of artwork and decor in their homes? Something that speaks to your heart. We quickly realized that Etsy was exactly where we should open up shop for our exclusive original paintings and decor.

We put our heart and soul into each art piece and only use the highest quality supplies. Our paintings are all originals and we do take special requests for specific colours on many of our paintings. Message us on Etsy, or email us for info on custom pieces.

IMG_4427tytg22Our shop features original paintings and decor that are handmade (with lots of love!) by us. Be sure to check out our Rose & Lea Etsy Shop often as we will be adding more paintings and home decor regularly. We have so many projects on the go and so many ideas for upcoming artwork we just can’t stand it, we’re so excited! Eeeeek!! 

IMG_4713g3IMG_4424g2IMG_43312IMG_44943Sneak Peek of a clock that we are working on for our shop…IMG_4545ggggIn celebration of our Etsy Shop Grand Opening, anyone who makes a purchase will receive free shipping! When ordering just use the code: Rose & Lea Blog in the message section.

Happy Shopping!
Laura & Natasha xo