VIFF 2015 Style in Film

The Vancouver International Film Festival wrapped up October 9th after 16 days of amazing cinema being shown around the city. Vancouver hosted over 350 films from 70 countries around the world.

We were super thrilled to be invited to celebrate a few of the VIFF Beauty – Style in Film events. It’s always fun to watch exciting film while at the same time having a great excuse to dress up!

The films included in the Style In Film Series were:
The True Cost
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
Tana Bana
Homme Less – We attended the screening of this film and also a live Q&A with the director, Thomas Wirthensolm and the film’s subject, Mark Reay.
The Royal Tailor
City of Gold
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words

See our previous post of 8 Films You Must-See at VIFF 2015 here. Since we posted our list over a month ago, we have seen numerous reviews on films that we would have definitely included. I mean, we could’ve made a Must-See list of 100+ films! There were so many to choose from. But we had to contain ourselves and be realistic. One of the films we missed including was Beeba Boys. But we are totally excited to actually be going to a viewing tomorrow in Langley B.C. at the Colossus Theatre. It’s based on real incidents and characters of a Sikh crew determined to take over the drug and arms trade in Vancouver during the 90’s. It originally made it’s world premiere at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) this past summer and has since gained acclaim. We’re looking forward to it!


We were invited to the wrap party on October 9th which included a screening of the film, I Saw The Light, the story of country music legend, the great Hank Williams. Then it was off to a fabulous party at the Rocky Mountaineer Station.
It was so much fun, from jello/cotton candy shots, drinks, food, interactive wall, DJ Rhiannon and Vancouver’s own rock band, Damn Fools. Amazing evening.

photo credit: VIFF

What Natasha Wore:
Jumpsuit by Mimi McQueen
Shoes by Nine West

We wanted to send a very special thank you to VIFFbeauty Sponsors, NeoStrata Canada and London Drugs for including us. We had such a great time celebrating Style in Film this year at VIFF!

Laura & Natasha xo

10 Of The Hottest Fall Fashion Trends 2015

It’s Fall! It’s Fall! 

I was completely content and lovin’ our hot Summer weather we were having here in Vancouver. Then without a warning, our weather did a complete turn around. It literally went from 30+ degrees Celsius to 20 degrees. Over night. That was it. No more hot and sun-shiny days for us.  

I was dead set against even thinking of having anything to do with Fall until at least October. But since the clouds and rain appeared, I am all about Fall madness. Put away the flip flops and bring out the sweaters!
I’ve compiled a list of what’s HOT from the Fashion runways for Fall 2015. I researched all of the top fashion and designer sites and riffled through all of the fashion mags so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. 😉    

Not every single style might appeal to you (or me) but sometimes it’s fun to see what’s new and what the trends are for the season. Granted the items I have chosen are from some very ‘elite’ designers and are in the pricier range.  
The pieces on this post (some that I’d actually wear) are obviously on my dream list. It’s fun to dream about these gorgeous designer items then go out and shop the more ‘reasonable’ priced, alternative versions of them.  A girl can dream!

hosiery pic 1Yannis Vlamos /                            Marcus Tondo /


Tights, tights, tights! It’s all about the designed tights and patterned nylons. 
I’ve always liked this trend. It is an inexpensive and simple way to add a pop of interest and pizzazz to your outfit.

(a). Diane Von Furstenberg. The legendary designer of the original classic ‘wrap dress’ (from the 70’s) added extra elegance to a simple cream wrap dress with sheer polka dot nylons. 
(b).  Rodarte. Amazing lace tights with a skirt and boots would look fantastic!  

70s & 80sMonica Feudi /        Yannis Vlamos /       Alessandro Garofalo /

2.  70’S & 80’S INSPIRED 

Ahhh yes… the 80’s. Sigh. I was in my teens through the 80’s and I loved it.  The music, the wrist full of bangles, and the early Madonna style clothing. Hello! 
For those of you who were there in the 80’s… weren’t they so fun?  
Well, maybe not the back combed hairstyles or the shoulder pads or parachute pants…but the rest of it right? 

(a). Prada – 70’s Style 
(b). Tracy Reese – 70’s Style 
(c). Tom Ford – 80’s Style 

head to toe blackMarcus Tondo /                         Yannis Vlamos /


Well this is an extremely easy fashion trend for me. I always wear black! Seriously. Always black.  
Yay! Now I have a reason to buy even more black clothes because I’m sooo on trend this season. Finally I’m on trend! 😉

(a). Rodarte. 
(b). Oscar de le Renta. This lace black gown is 1 of numerous gorgeous designs from designer, Peter Copping’s debut collection with the Oscar de le Renta brand. Shortly after being hand picked a year ago as Creative Director by the great Oscar himself, Oscar de le Renta passed away.  This left Copping on his own to design and launch his first RTW (ready to wear) collection in less then 3 months. Fashion critics and industry guru’s were greatly anticipating this launch. Copping’s Fall collection revealed at the New York Fashion week ended up being a huge success. The designs stayed true to the ultra sophistication of the classic Oscar brand while adding some of his own style, colour and design flair.

brown                        Umberto Fratini /                                   


The thought of brown clothing I immediately picture drab and boring. But today’s designers are proving that the brown from the 70’s is in the past.  
Instead it’s a new glam brown that can be mixed and matched with bronzes and golds and any colour you choose. Brown has never looked sooo good.

(a). Jenny Packham. When doing research for this post I stumbled upon this fabulous English designer.  
I have never heard of her before but I was honestly super excited when I discovered her stunning pieces.  
It’s pretty rare when you like love almost every single item in a designer’s collection.  But I did.
Her dresses are completely feminine and incredibly beautiful. 

(b). Jenny Packham. I ended up using 2 of her dresses to display brown style.  
Honestly I would’ve shown all of her designs because that’s how much I love, love, love her dresses.  
She is one of the top designers and is very well known in the UK.
She has dressed everyone from Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie to many of the Royals. Kate Middleton often wears her clothes.  
Should’ve known I have Royal expensive 
taste in dresses! I can only hope that I can actually own one of her dresses one day.   
If owning a dress by Packham is a goal, then add that to my list.  

What is it that all the kids are saying on Instagram these days…
#lifegoals  #musthavedress  #needthatdresswantthatdress  #gottagetmethatdressrightaway
velvet        Monica Feudi /                                   Kim Weston Arnold / 


And then there was luxurious velvet.
Ironically, I actually own a black velvet dress from the 90’s. Roar right?! Why would I still have it? I obviously have that hoarding your clothes in case they come back into style ever again issue. And all of you velour haters said it would never come back in style!! 😉 Thing is, I’m not sure I’d actually wear this velour dress again but at least I have it handy if there’s ever a ‘wear your velour to the party’ party

(a). Emilio Pucci
(b). Lanvin

white blouse                   Monica Feudi /                                        Yannis Vlamos /           


A beautiful white blouse under a blazer can change the whole style instantly and effortlessly. Gotta get me one of these white shirts. Asap. 

(a). Emilio Pucci. I’m really into his collection this season.
(b). Emilio Pucci.
(c). Roberto Cavalli.  I so love his clothing designs! This Fall’s collection is like rock star meets glamour with an Asian flair! Bold and brilliant. 

pant suitsMarcus Tondo /                                 Alessandro Garofalo /


I think Pant Suits are always in style.
You just look more put together, stylish, polished and chic. And easy. I like easy.     

(a). Dion Lee.
(b). Armani.  

eastern influenceKim Weston Arnold /                      Yannis Vlamos /


I totally love designs that have the feel of far away cultures. It’s exotic.  
From dragons, floral, tigers, shiny fabric and glamorous beads, there are so many beautiful pieces available this Fall. 

(a).  Louis Vuitton.
(b).  Diane von Furstenberg. Again, her dresses are absolutely stunning. 

knit wearCourtesy of Banana Republic                                      PYannis Vlamos / 


Sweaters are in ladies!  
Ummm… aren’t sweaters always in during the Fall & Winter months?  
I mean, who doesn’t LOVE wearing an over sized, cozy and warm knit sweater during the cold months?  
I love covering up. I’m sooo into covering up. The more covering up, the better, ya know what I mean? 

(a). Banana Republic.  
(b). Valentino.  

long coatsKim Weston Arnold /                  Yannis Vlamos /  


I like long coats, perhaps not necessarily right to the floor. I think to my knee or a little past would be the longest I’d be interested in just because I’m so short.  

(a). Chanel. I must say however, I do love this long coat from the Chanel Fall collection. So elegant. I don’t even know what a coat like this costs from Chanel. (I couldn’t find the price anywhere short of making a trip to the Vancouver Chanel Boutique just to find out!) But I didn’t do that knowing full well that it is expensive. Very, very expensive. 
(b). Christian Dior.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Let us know what some of your favourite Fall Fashion styles are!

Happy Fall Fashion Shopping 🙂
Laura xo

Scrunchies Saving Animals: EZZY LYNN


What do you get when you mix original designed scrunchies with saving animals worldwide? You get Ezzy Lynn. An amazing socially minded fashion company started last year by 3 young women entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada. Being the huge animal lovers we are, their story and business really caught our attention.

They create their scrunchies from repurposed vegan material from local Goodwill outlets in Toronto. But the best part is when you purchase a scrunchie, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be used to adopt an animal of your choice through the WWF-Canada Species Adoption Program. To date, Ezzy Lynn has adopted a total of 76 animals worldwide

There are so many scrunchies and animals to choose from which makes it even more difficult to make a decision, (That’s when you have to start thinking of multiple scrunchies!). Each scrunchie represents a different animal and they only make 10 of each scrunchie.

This particular scrunchie that we photographed is in support of adopting a Red Wolf. Red Wolves are in risk of extinction due to the reduction of habitat as a result of increased agricultural land.


I had my 9 year old niece, Larissa, spend the night with us a couple of nights ago. She always wears hair goodies so I knew she would absolutely love the new scrunchie! Natasha and I took her to the park by our house to do an ‘official photo shoot’. It was the perfect hot summer day, at a great (‘happenin’) kids water park which features a huge wall, painted with a fun sea mural on it. Our perfect back drop for Natasha to work her photography magic with our pretty l’il model.


Doesn’t her hair look absolutely adorable with the Red Wolf Scrunchie? We think so!


Click here to visit Ezzy Lynn’s site to browse & shop all of the scrunchies & apparel sets available. Support Canadian fashion while helping to save endangered animals worldwide. 

Connect with Ezzy Lynn Online: Shop Online, FacebookTwitter, Instagram

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)

Run, Run, Run


What Natasha Wore:
Pink Sports Bra / Adidas (similar here)
Spark Shorts / Icebreaker
Runners / Asics
Sunglasses / Armani Exchange
Ipod + Headphones / Apple

I started running about 4 years ago. At the time, I was 20 lbs heavier & wanted to be healthier and get into better shape. I still remember the very first run that I went on… it was absolutely horrible and I loathed every second of it. I could hardly run down the street without gasping for air. I ended up going around the block and walking the majority of the way home. It was not fun at all but for some reason, I was determined to keep going and pushed myself to run about 2-4 times a week.

For the first few months I stuck to the same short route alternating between walking for a few minutes than running a few minutes. Slowly but surely, I started to see and feel the difference in my body and it wasn’t long before I added on time to my route making it longer. 

I still run about 2-5 times a week and absolutely love it. I never time my runs and honestly have no idea how far I go. I feel like if I start doing that than it will start being a competition and I might feel the need to constantly beat that time. I run strictly for enjoyment and don’t want to turn running into something I feel like I have to do.

I love the fact that running is so accessible & is completely free. You’re not tied down to a class every week. You can run anywhere at anytime and all you really need is a good pair of running shoes (and sports bra!).

Another reason why I love running? Workout gear! If you are looking for a little motivation to help get back into shape, a little shopping may do the trick! Workout gear is so bright, colourful and fun. I know that I definitely feel a little more inspired to get up and workout when I have a new outfit to wear and show off! 😉


A pair of comphy lightweight shorts is a must when it comes to Summertime running.

I love this pair of Spark Shorts* from Icebreaker’s 2015 Spring Collection. They are made with a sustainable, odour-resistant fiber called merino wool which is designed to keep the body cool in even the most hot & humid conditions. The material is extremely comfortable & prevents overheating making it the perfect choice for Summertime workouts!


Tips To Start Running:

1) Don’t Give Up. 
Running is not the funnest thing in the world when you are first starting out. Stick with it. It gets easier and you will see the results.

2) Listen to Your Body.
If you really don’t feel like running very far, don’t! There’s going to be bad run days and good run days. Some days you might do more walking than running and that’s totally okay! Just keep going.

3) Make A Kickass Workout Playlist.
I have a Running Playlist filled with upbeat songs ready to go whenever I’m in the mood for a run. Running to music makes the time go by that much quicker and makes it way more enjoyable.  (New runners: Try running for the full length of one song than walking during the next).


Some of my favourite workout apparel brands:

Lululemon, Adidas, Asics, IcebreakerNike, Under Armour

What are some of your favourite workout clothing brands? Let us know!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written by Natasha, photos by Laura)