GIVEAWAY: Dr Roebuck’s Bubs & Bits


We are super excited to be having our very first Rose & Lea Giveaway! (See details to enter at the bottom of this post!)
Dr Roebuck’s has generously sent us a jar of their top selling cream, Bubs & Bits. They also sent one to share with one of our lovely readers. We have been wanting to try this cream since we’ve heard so much about it. It has been described as a ‘miracle in a jar‘.

Bubs & Bits is a moisturizer specially made for the most sensitive areas on the body.
It is so gentle, nourishing and pure that it can be used for a variety of uses – as a diaper rash solution (it is completely safe to use on your baby), post bikini wax repair (prevents ingrown hairs), and on anyone who suffers from dry skin, dry patches or problem skin areas. Perfect as a repair cream for cracked hands, heals, elbows. It may also be used for day to day moisturizing which is what Natasha uses it for when her skin needs a little extra hydrating on those cold winter days.

This product is the ultimate moisturizer with only 8 simple ingredients including lavender oil which creates a natural barrier enabling the skin to heal. Dr Roebuck’s has said it’s a cream that you should always have on hand, you know, for those Bubs & Bits parts of your body!


Dr Roebuck’s is a 100% natural skincare line from Australia. Their products contain no unnecessary harsh chemicals, no synthetic fragrance or colours and their products and packaging are all BPA & Paraben free. We have been using their products for the past 5 months and we love them. You can read about some of our favourite Dr. Roebuck’s products here. 

IMG_033bbGatsbyMay we introduce the latest edition to our family, Gatsby aka Mr. Gatsby. We adopted this distinguished 8 month old little guy a couple of weeks ago. 

We are ‘dog‘ people and have never owned a cat before. So needless to say we have all been going through an adjustment period. Including Mr. Gatsby. He’s been getting used to us and living in his new home and we’ve been getting used to him and his odd-like cat behavior. Cats are a little… different, aren’t they?
Everyday that goes by we all bond a little more and he gives us just a bit more trust. When Natasha was trying to take photos for this post he was a persistent little rascal. He insisted on investigating the whole photo process and was infatuated by the pretty fresh flowers. Natasha snapped this photo of him smelling the flowers right before he could resist no longer and took a huge chomp out of the petals. Trouble maker. But we still think this darn cat is adorable!

IMG_0292g2IMG_0370g7Dr Roebucks Online: Shop Online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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