illhueminati Photoshoot Outtakes


My brother (Nick – cofounder of the illhueminati) asked me to model some t-shirts for his company the other day, and I was honoured & more than happy to do it!

Just wanted to post some of the outtakes from the photoshoot!
All photos are shot by Nick L.

The illhueminati is an amazing movement, and the site just launched on September 1st! I’m so proud of my brother for all the hard work he’s put in, and everything he’s accomplished.

Check out the site for more info:

‘The illhueminati began as a meme on Twitter in August 2012 in opposition to the image and label based cultures which seek to standardize beauty and being, and by doing this, produce divisions which cause suffering by perpetuating self-image problems and arbitrary ideas of superiority and inferiority.’

‘The illhueminati is a contribution driven, borderless community which seeks to assist and enable the publication and promotion of ideas and independent artists who might otherwise not have access to this kind of support.’
(Copied from the illhueminati Site)



Thanks again to Nick & Santino for letting me be a part of it. ­čÖé 

Natasha xo