HAIR: Glam Waves


We were invited to a Red Carpet Event last week (stay tuned, we’ll be talking all about it & an exciting upcoming VIFF Beauty contest soon!). It was our first Red Carpet and we quickly realized that we had to figure out so many things. What to wear, makeup choices, hair styles. All very important details for 2 gals who’ve never been to this kind of event before. Hair it turns out is a big deal.

Anyone who has long hair knows just how much time and effort it takes to style it. Especially for those special occasions. Omg… talk about dealing with pressure! One can never really have enough time to prep and style hair to perfection. If given no time limit we would still probably never be satisfied! Or is that just us?!

However we both prefer optimum style in a minimum time frame. Who really wants to spend hours upon hours just prepping your hair? Not us. And since we don’t have a personal hair stylist on speed dial we have come up with a very quick and easy way to style your hair for any occasion. Natasha found an amazing long summer maxi dress so she wanted to have her hair down in a loose, wavy curl.

We didn’t use many products plus it didn’t take more than 45 minutes from start to finish. How’s that for Red Carpet Ready in a jiffy?!

VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event
VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event

Get Natasha’s Red Carpet Glam Hair Look:

1. We recommend washing your hair the day (or night) before the event. The curl and style will hold much better this way.
2. The day of we used Batiste Dry Shampoo mostly on the roots of her hair. The Dry Shampoo adds structure and absorbs any oil. This product is amazing! I literally used to wash my hair every single day until I discovered dry shampoo. Now I wash it every 2nd or 3rd day and use the spray in between. Saves me sooo much time!
3. Brush the dry shampoo through. We used Conair’s new InfinitiPRO Brush which produces conditioning ions leaving the hair shiny, sleek and completely frizz free. We then added a dab of L’Oreal Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice just to the ends. This adds some hydration, shine and protection before using a hot curling iron.
4. I used a couple quick sprays of John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Spray all over before I did any curling.
5. When curling is complete, run your fingers through the hair lightly to fluff. Finish off by spraying hairspray generously through hair.
6. When totally complete I added a spritz of a scented hair mist. The one we I chose (Natasha didn’t have a choice! ha!) was a strawberry scent (duh! I’m obsessed with strawberries. Is there any other flavour?) by Be Deluctable by Cake. This gives a nice soft pretty smell to your hair.

That’s it! It looks gorgeous and it was so easy.


We used our KISS Instawave to create the curls. This is not an ordinary curling iron. It is super easy to use. It grabs a hold of your hair and twists it around the barrel creating amazing curls. Natasha has thick and long hair so I found that using smaller sections of hair worked the best. I focused on the outside pieces of hair mostly and loosely curled the under pieces. Then fluffed and sprayed the hair altogether. 


Til next time Beauties

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)

Summer Hairstyles with John Frieda


Summer is right around the corner (finally!) & things are heating up. Literally!
Natasha and I both have really long hair. Anyone with long hair knows that it isn’t so glamorous when it’s scorching hot out and your hair is sticking to your face and neck! So we’re always interested in learning about easy, no fuss hairstyles during the hot, humid weather months. The high pony-tail style is probably one of our favourites because it’s easy to do and keeps you looking fresh and stylish. Even on the hottest summer days. Plus trying different variations of the pony-tail keeps it interesting. There are so many amazing styling products out there to help us achieve that gorgeous effortless look.. You know, that ‘effortless‘ look that actually takes some effort?! 

John Frieda Canada has made it easy to achieve beautiful, simple hairstyles that are perfect for Summer. Minimal products & effort is required which we love!


The Look: BEACH WAVESBeach_Waves_1

How-to: Recreate this easy-breezy beachy, wavy look with products from John Frieda’s new Beach Blonde Collection. For all of you Blondes out there, this is a must try collection!

I have been using John Frieda’s Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner for years and I absolutely love it. It totally brightens my hair and keeps it fresh and non-brassy looking between colourings. It has become a staple product for me and I seriously can’t live without it. – Laura

For detailed step-by-step instructions, click here. And/or watch the simple tutorial video provided by John Frieda here.


The Look: RUNWAY PONYTAIL Runway_Ponytail_2

How-to: Create a chic beautiful runway ponytail with a twist using John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery System.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, click here. And/or watch the simple tutorial video provided by John Frieda here.




How-to: Create vintage waves with John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Collection (pictured above). The Luxurious Volume line is designed to maintain the volume & texture of freshly coloured hair.

This Retro Wave look is definitely a fave! Hollywood Glam is always in style. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions, click here. And/or watch the simple tutorial video provided by John Frieda here.


Where To Buy:
Online here, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Safeway, Superstore

 John Frieda Canada Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

What are some of your go-to Summer hairstyles? Let us know!
Laura & Natasha xo

3 Reasons Why Practical Magic is the Best Fall Movie Ever.


Even though Fall is nearly over, we couldn’t help but post about one of our favorite things about Fall – Practical Magic. We ended up watching a movie called Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman a few weeks ago and it quickly became our favorite Fall movie. We are obsessed.


Here are 3 reasons why Practical Magic is the greatest Fall movie ever:


via Heather Taylor tumblr. 


Oh. my. gosh.
If you are looking for hair inspiration, look no further – you have to watch this movie.
I was literally mesmerized by Nicole Kidman’s hair during the whole movie.
Both Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman’s hair are super long, shiny and gorgeous and my mom and I couldn’t stop making comments about their hair! Serious hair envy.

Now I can’t stop thinking about dying my hair a light red colour.. (one day. it’s gonna happen).


photo via: decorology

via hooked on houses

It’s worth it to watch this movie just for the house & decor alone. By far the best movie house ever! The book & movie take place in New England but due to bad weather & financial reasons they built and filmed the house in San Juan Park, Washington. The entire house was a specially built architectural shell (the house had no actual rooms on the inside), and was built on a platform. All the interior scenes of the house were shot on sets in LA and the house was taken down after filming. (so sad!)

I loved everything about the grand white Victorian house in the movie but my favorite part was by far the kitchen. This is my dream kitchen. Get ready to swoon…



Image3 photos via hooked on houses


Enough said.


Practical Magic is all about love, family, & girl power combined with the magicalness of potions, spells and all things witches. It’s a fun, feel-good movie that represents positivity and sisterhood & is perfect to watch during the Fall. Grab your best girlfriends, pour some margaritas & get into the Fall spirit with Practical Magic!

I loved the movie so much that I painted a little picture of Sandra Bullock’s character ‘Sally Owens‘, & the Amas Veritas (True Love) Spell. I found this cute print on etsy, and decided to paint my own version to put on my bookshelf. The original print/painting is by etsy user: woodwings, which you can see here.



To conclude this post, I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from Practical Magic..
“Hang On To Your Husbands, Girls!”

Oh, how I wish I were a witch…
Natasha xo.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things… (Instagram Edition)

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with Instagram?

I love that you can find great ideas & inspiration on Instagram, its a simple way to make your photos look good, there’s literally thousands of photos for any subject that you’re looking for & its also a great way to keep up with friends & family (aka stalk-your-ex-boyfriend). ­čśë

On the other hand – you have to look through a ton of (how do I put it..) not-so-great photos to find quality ones, and it seems like every other photo is of a half-naked girl doing a duckface selfie.

So yes, Instagram has its pros & cons but I’d say the pros outweigh the cons…


Here a few of my favorite Instagram photos:

(note: i did not take or own any of the photos above. instagram users are credited below.)

Top Left: Quilted Couch by Instagram User – elsiecake

OBSESSED with that couch. I will have a couch like that in my place someday. (a girl can dream!)

Top Right: Braided Updo by Instagram User – thestylebrowse

If I weren’t totally useless at doing my own hair, I would totally wear this bun everyday. (i mean it, everyday. seriously. that’s how much i love it.)

Bottom Left: Bright Floral Cake by Instagram User – goodiegirlcooks

This cake caught my eye.. I love the bright colours and the technique used for the flowers. I’d love to try flowers like that on a cake someday.

Bottom Right: Homemade Pumpkin Cozies for Coffee Cups by Instagram User – faithsyarnworks

Guys. How cute are these?! I’m obsessed. They would be a great gift for any girl who’s obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes. Ordering one soon!

Love/hate Instagram? Comment & let us know! 

Natasha xo