Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone!
We thought we would post some of our photos from the holidays before we get completely engulfed in the New Year. We took a little time from regular blogging during the holidays and enjoyed more time spent with family and friends. We have to say it was really great!
December is always a busy month for everyone, so much to do crammed into 30 short days. Sometimes you get so wrapped up focusing on the ‘big day’ that you forget to take in all of the special Holiday moments that are quickly whizzing by. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but that’s one of the things I’ve been learning to do more of… living in the moment and appreciating the little things in life. It’s not that easy to always do you know? Just give it a try. At the end of every day, before you go to sleep, think of one thing that day that you are grateful for. It’s great ending the day on a positive thought.

IMG_9686gWe absolutely love this Vancouver radio station, 103.5 during the holidays. It plays nothing but Christmas songs 24/7 for the whole month. Not everyone’s cup of tea but we can’t get enough of it! All of our radios/clock radios in the house (and car) are permanently set on this station for December. Funny thing is on Christmas Day we were playing board games listening to the station and at exactly 12am midnight that night and not one second past (technically Boxing day) they stopped playing Christmas songs! It was back to their regular soft rock playlist.

IMG_9660gThe stockings were hung… uh, placed by the chimney with care. Okay I couldn’t hang them, they were way too heavy. This year our family decided not to do a ‘gift’ exchange between the adults, opting to donate money to a charity instead. However, my parents are forever extremely giving to myself and my kids that I wanted to at least fill a stocking for each of them. The 2 stockings on the right are handmade stockings for both of my kids. Grown kids no less but since the ‘Big Guy in the Red Suit’ doesn’t fill them anymore, I still do. The stocking was always my favourite part of Christmas morning. So I love to carry on the tradition.  I made Nicholas’ stocking over 20 years ago and my mom made Natasha’s. We used to cross stitch a lot back then and these 2 stockings have always held many special memories of Christmas’ gone by.

IMG_9651g2Christmas morning.

decorIMG_9658gThe past couple of years I’ve decorated with a purple and gold theme. Instead of changing the whole theme this year I decided to add some new ornaments to the tree and decor. I bought these gold poinsettia beauties and sparkling gold branches from Micheal’s Craft Store. They had this crazy big sale a few weeks before Christmas and all of their Christmas decor was 50-70% off. Score!

IMG_965g7rAnd then there were deer. Loving the deer decor this year. I discovered 2 fabulous gold deer ornaments for the mantel at Winners in November and that was it. Love at first site. (Take note of the previous pics of my mantel with the deer adorning the ledge.) All it took was finding these 2 new deer for my mantel, I then became my predictable obsessed self and had to ‘hunt’ for more deer ornaments everywhere I went. Not as available as one would think! Found these adorable little gold prancing deer at Canadian Tire! For all of you non-Canadian readers, it’s a popular hardware/a little bit of everything, not just tires store! I know… sounds weird doesn’t it?

IMG_9667tFirst photo of the day… Natasha posing by the tree!

IMG_97135Here are 2 of my favourite little peeps, aka niece & nephew. This is basically how they looked most of the evening on Christmas day. Completely entranced by their new Nintendo 3DS. Kids these days hey? 

gThis little cutie is the newest addition to our family.  More specifically, my parents new puppy. Three month old Bear aka The Bear. Like how cute is he right?!  Bear loved his first Christmas with our family. Toys and treats galore for our fur babies! Ooooh, what a face.

collageThe photo above right is me with my kids… Natasha and Nicholas at my parents on Christmas day.The photo bottom right is the game Jenga. Natasha always wanted it so I got it for her. We instantly became addicts and had a Jenga marathon Christmas evening and Boxing day. I’m not so good at it and Natasha claims she’s the ‘master’. Ahh. Yeah. Right. We’ll just see about that. Bring on the next marathon! Let’s do it! Anyone know of any winning tips out there? Let me know!


IMG_9740gThis little lady is Mindy. My parents 4 year old Chihuahua. She likes getting new toys anytime but absolutely loves opening new toys at Christmas. She particularly enjoyed her new red stocking that squeaks and quickly became very protective of it. Mindy gets exhausted guarding it from that new Yorkie, The Bear. She really believes she’s the QUEEN and she finds him so terribly annoying. Aren’t dogs the cutest? They have little personalities, it kills me.


Mr. Bear playing with one of his new Christmas presents.
Just stop it! So cute.

photo (21)Of course we can’t make it through too many posts without including some Makeup/product pics! Above are some of our current favourite Holiday products! ^

We hope everyone had the most magical holiday season and got to spend it with the special people in your life. Here’s to a completely awesome New Year ahead. May all of your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.

Check out some of the Holiday fun we had at the Vancouver Christmas Market here and some more Holiday fun here!

Laura & Natasha xo