Run, Run, Run


What Natasha Wore:
Pink Sports Bra / Adidas (similar here)
Spark Shorts / Icebreaker
Runners / Asics
Sunglasses / Armani Exchange
Ipod + Headphones / Apple

I started running about 4 years ago. At the time, I was 20 lbs heavier & wanted to be healthier and get into better shape. I still remember the very first run that I went on… it was absolutely horrible and I loathed every second of it. I could hardly run down the street without gasping for air. I ended up going around the block and walking the majority of the way home. It was not fun at all but for some reason, I was determined to keep going and pushed myself to run about 2-4 times a week.

For the first few months I stuck to the same short route alternating between walking for a few minutes than running a few minutes. Slowly but surely, I started to see and feel the difference in my body and it wasn’t long before I added on time to my route making it longer. 

I still run about 2-5 times a week and absolutely love it. I never time my runs and honestly have no idea how far I go. I feel like if I start doing that than it will start being a competition and I might feel the need to constantly beat that time. I run strictly for enjoyment and don’t want to turn running into something I feel like I have to do.

I love the fact that running is so accessible & is completely free. You’re not tied down to a class every week. You can run anywhere at anytime and all you really need is a good pair of running shoes (and sports bra!).

Another reason why I love running? Workout gear! If you are looking for a little motivation to help get back into shape, a little shopping may do the trick! Workout gear is so bright, colourful and fun. I know that I definitely feel a little more inspired to get up and workout when I have a new outfit to wear and show off! ­čśë


A pair of comphy lightweight shorts is a must when it comes to Summertime running.

I love this pair of Spark Shorts* from Icebreaker’s 2015 Spring Collection. They are made with a sustainable, odour-resistant fiber called merino wool which is designed to keep the body cool in even the most hot & humid conditions. The material is extremely comfortable & prevents overheating making it the perfect choice for Summertime workouts!


Tips To Start Running:

1) Don’t Give Up. 
Running is not the funnest thing in the world when you are first starting out. Stick with it. It gets easier and you will see the results.

2) Listen to Your Body.
If you really don’t feel like running very far, don’t! There’s going to be bad run days and good run days. Some days you might do more walking than running and that’s totally okay! Just keep going.

3) Make A Kickass Workout Playlist.
I have a Running Playlist filled with upbeat songs ready to go whenever I’m in the mood for a run. Running to music makes the time go by that much quicker and makes it way more enjoyable.  (New runners: Try running for the full length of one song than walking during the next).


Some of my favourite workout apparel brands:

Lululemon, Adidas, Asics, IcebreakerNike, Under Armour

What are some of your favourite workout clothing brands? Let us know!

Natasha & Laura xo
(written by Natasha, photos by Laura)