KISS Fall/Holiday Collection 2016


Recently we were invited to an exclusive preview of KISS‘ upcoming Fall & Holiday Collections. The holiday season consisting of Halloween, which means Fall, aka loads and loads of pumpkins (Natasha’s personal favourite), then Christmas aka countless parties and of course New Years Eve, the biggest glitziest party of the year. The party season is fast approaching so we were excited to see what’s new. Plus a party in Yaletown Vancouver, well, count us in. Always fun!


At every good party there are always a few key essentials. A great cocktail and h’odeurve selection always sets the tone. KISS nailed it with their ‘spooky Halloween’ cocktail menu. The appetizers were also AMAZING. Natasha, being the obsessed pumpkin everything & anything lover was more then thrilled when the pumpkin macarons were served. 

IMG_4071 (1)2KISSHalloween

Even though I probably haven’t dressed up for Halloween since, like forever, I find these Halloween nails and nail art kind of adorable. I might not be a stick in the mud this year and at least do my nails! Natasha can hardly wait to use the Halloween nail art. She was going to put them on the night after the event. Which I have to say was in August. A whole 2 1/2 months before Halloween. I highly advised her against that. IMG_4043G
Kiss always has the best Halloween nail art each year. We love these new designs for 2016. I can’t wait to wear these babies come October! – Natasha

KISS Lashes

We don’t wear false eye lashes a whole lot. But when we go to events or special occasions we love to go all out.  False eye lashes can make your eyes pop more than even a whole lot of mascara on your real lashes. It’s funny because you think you have alright lashes after loading them up with mascara, then you see the difference after you put on false lashes. No comparison. 

At the event their makeup artist applied some of the BLOOMING Lashes from their newest lash launch on each of us. For Natasha she chose the Camelia but cut them in half and applied them onto the outer corners. Natasha already has really long lashes and big eyes so these just opened her eyes that much more and gave her that extra va va voom

On myself she choose the Tulip set, which I really liked because I want that false lash look without it looking all that false. You know? It’s just the right look for me.

KISS lashes come in a huge array of styles and there’s no lack of choices. Their newest lash collection, ‘Blooming Lash‘ are very beautiful and have what’s called multi-angle technology. Very scientific word meaning there is actually 3 varying layers with tapered ends on each lash to replica real, full, fluffy lashes.


How gorgeous are these new white/gold Gel Fantasy nails? Absolutely perfect for a New Years party!

Kiss is the largest manufacturer and distributor of professional nail products in the world. They offer an incredible selection of nail styles and nail products. In fact we’re big fans of their Professional Manicure Kit. You have to check it out.

We haven’t really been ones to wear these types of artificial nails in the past. But after being at the Kiss event and watching their professional nail experts applying them, we were shocked at how pretty they looked on. They look so different in the package compared to on the nail. The actual end result was impressive. Seeing is believing. They looked like salon quality. We can’t wait to try them out at our next event. 

Connect with KISS Online: Official Site, Twitter, Instagram

Where to buy:
Kiss products are available at Walmart stores across Canada.

Have you tried KISS lashes/nails before? Let us know!
Laura & Natasha xo

HAIR: Glam Waves


We were invited to a Red Carpet Event last week (stay tuned, we’ll be talking all about it & an exciting upcoming VIFF Beauty contest soon!). It was our first Red Carpet and we quickly realized that we had to figure out so many things. What to wear, makeup choices, hair styles. All very important details for 2 gals who’ve never been to this kind of event before. Hair it turns out is a big deal.

Anyone who has long hair knows just how much time and effort it takes to style it. Especially for those special occasions. Omg… talk about dealing with pressure! One can never really have enough time to prep and style hair to perfection. If given no time limit we would still probably never be satisfied! Or is that just us?!

However we both prefer optimum style in a minimum time frame. Who really wants to spend hours upon hours just prepping your hair? Not us. And since we don’t have a personal hair stylist on speed dial we have come up with a very quick and easy way to style your hair for any occasion. Natasha found an amazing long summer maxi dress so she wanted to have her hair down in a loose, wavy curl.

We didn’t use many products plus it didn’t take more than 45 minutes from start to finish. How’s that for Red Carpet Ready in a jiffy?!

VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event
VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event

Get Natasha’s Red Carpet Glam Hair Look:

1. We recommend washing your hair the day (or night) before the event. The curl and style will hold much better this way.
2. The day of we used Batiste Dry Shampoo mostly on the roots of her hair. The Dry Shampoo adds structure and absorbs any oil. This product is amazing! I literally used to wash my hair every single day until I discovered dry shampoo. Now I wash it every 2nd or 3rd day and use the spray in between. Saves me sooo much time!
3. Brush the dry shampoo through. We used Conair’s new InfinitiPRO Brush which produces conditioning ions leaving the hair shiny, sleek and completely frizz free. We then added a dab of L’Oreal Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice just to the ends. This adds some hydration, shine and protection before using a hot curling iron.
4. I used a couple quick sprays of John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Spray all over before I did any curling.
5. When curling is complete, run your fingers through the hair lightly to fluff. Finish off by spraying hairspray generously through hair.
6. When totally complete I added a spritz of a scented hair mist. The one we I chose (Natasha didn’t have a choice! ha!) was a strawberry scent (duh! I’m obsessed with strawberries. Is there any other flavour?) by Be Deluctable by Cake. This gives a nice soft pretty smell to your hair.

That’s it! It looks gorgeous and it was so easy.


We used our KISS Instawave to create the curls. This is not an ordinary curling iron. It is super easy to use. It grabs a hold of your hair and twists it around the barrel creating amazing curls. Natasha has thick and long hair so I found that using smaller sections of hair worked the best. I focused on the outside pieces of hair mostly and loosely curled the under pieces. Then fluffed and sprayed the hair altogether. 


Til next time Beauties

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)