Review: L’Oréal Professionnel Dual Stylers by TECNI.ART

dualstylers2L’Oréal Professionnel Paris recently launched their new haircare products, DUAL STYLERS*. A three-product addition to their popular Techni.Art line.

DUAL STYLERS combine cream & gel in one single product to create optimal, long-lasting style. They are designed to give you softness, style, texture and protection with just one product.

To achieve the perfect blowout or any kind of style to your hair, you generally have to use multiple products. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Dual Stylers introduce a new special technology where cream & gel are combined. It’s a 2-in-1, so there’s no need for multiple products. With Dual Stylers, you get a salon-quality blow-dry that lasts 72 hours without having to leave your home!

I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair and usually wear it straight/natural. Mostly because my hair is thick and also because I really don’t know how to curl my hair properly. ;) So these Dual Stylers are like a dream to me.

We were both very impressed with these products and use them regularly. Especially the Sleek & Swing which is designed to add shine and movement to straight hair. (Read more about each individual product below).

IMG_1157gHow To Use: Dual Stylers are extremely simple to use. You just apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair after showering. Than blow-dry and style to get your desired look.

IMG_1081gIMG_108gHow it works: Dual Stylers’ cream & gel Intra-cylane blend at the very last minute thanks to the dual tube, allowing each formula to preserve its benefits.

Elasto curl cream: hydratation, smoothness, shine, definition.
Intra-Cylane gel: body and heat protection.


I love how you can actually see the divided gel & cream formulas (as pictured above) when the product comes out of the bottle. 


  SLEEK & SWING (Duo rich cream + gel Intra-cylane)

What it does: Provides 72 hour volume control with natural movement. Drastically devolumizes hair while providing fluid movement.

When to Use: When you want perfectly smooth, straight hair. *For best results, after blow drying your hair completely, use a straightener to finish off the look.

Sleek & Swing creates:

– Less Volume
– Adds shine
– Sleek, flexible strands
– Easy combing & brushing
– Long-lasting malleability
– Frizz & heat protection


This was the first Dual Stylers that I tried so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was worried that it may leave hair looking greasy, but it did the complete opposite and didn’t weigh my hair down at all!

Sleek & Swing really does all that it claims to. It added shine, smoothness and made my hair look less frizzy & straighter with just blow drying. I didn’t even have to straighten my hair with a straightener after drying because Sleek & Swing already made my hair very straight! I love this product and have been using it after every shower lately. It conditions and leaves hair feeling super soft and flowy. It also smells reallllly good. ;)


LISS & PUMP-UP (Duo bodifying cream + gel Intra-cylane)

What it does: Up to 72 hours of dramatic volume with a velvetly smooth blow dry

When to use: When you want to achieve beautiful voluminous, bouncy hair.

Liss & Pump-Up creates:

– 2x more volume
– adds body
– makes styling easier
– antistatic protection
– adds shine
– heat & humidity protection

Review: I didn’t love the Liss & Pump-Up as much as Sleek & Swing. I found that it didn’t add any volume to my hair which it claims. However it did add shine and made my hair very soft. 


BOUNCY & TENDER (Duo elastin cream + gel Intra-cylane)

What it does: Provides 72 hour defined curls with a soft touch

Bouncy & Tender creates:

– defined curls
– adds softness & shine
– hydration and definition
– elasticity
– frizz & heat protection
– humidity protection

IMG_1153g2IMG_1067ggDual-Stylers-blog-imagePriceL’Oréal Professionnel DUAL STYLERS by Techni.Art retail at $26 (170ml) each.

Available exclusively in salons.
Click here to find a salon near you that carries L’Oréal Professionnel Dual Stylers.

L’Oréal Professionnel Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Have you tried DUAL STYLERS? Let us know! 
Natasha & Laura xo