Summer Lovin’: New in Beauty

Isn’t it the best when you try some new products and they turn out to be AWESOME?! With so many products constantly being introduced into the cosmetic world, there is always so much to choose from. MAKE UP FOR EVER is one of our absolute favourite cosmetic lines so we were very excited to try their brand new launch of foundations and mascara. Read on to discover new products from some of our much-loved brands that were recently launched in stores..

Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Volume Colourist Mascara
I seen the ads for this newest mascara launch for Rimmel and I was intrigued to try it. This mascara is supposed to gradually darken your eyelashes within 4 weeks. Being blond this appealed to me. Natasha doesn’t much care as she doesn’t have this concern. Lucky her. My eyelashes are not completely light, but I feel they could be darker. I figured it would be awesome to not have to wear mascara on my days off. If I don’t at the very least, have any mascara on my eyes, my whole face seems to disappear. Especially my eyes. Not my favourite look. Fair haired blondes with light eyes know what I’m talking about. Even though I have been using it more as a primer under my other mascara, it does work great alone. I find it separates and lengthens more then volumizes. I have only been using it for a week and a half and I do see my lashes tinting slightly. I’m happy with that. It does help. I’m hoping to see even more change in the next couple of weeks.

IMG_3832 (1)Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish
Shades pictured above from left to right:
Absolute Pure, So What?, Jeans On!, Be Awesome Tonight!, Feels Like Birthday

This is not the first time we’ve talked about Essence Gel nail polishes and probably won’t be the last. That’s just how amazing these gel nail polishes are. We could go on and on about the colour selection, how well they wear, the shine, the way it looks like a professional manicure and let’s not forget to mention the price of these babies. You can afford to purchase a dozen for the price of 1 manicure! We have purchased a lot of expensive nail polishes and have had expensive manicures and yes they are real nice, but honestly, these polishes are truly amazing. Score!

We were ecstatic when we came across these gorgeous new shades in store. ‘Be Awesome Tonight!’ (the light pink) is such a perfect shade for Summer.

IMG_3838NEW MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Face & Body Foundation ($54 Cdn)
NEW MAKE UP FOR EVER Excessive Lash Mascara ($31 Cdn

This new foundation is super light weight, transfer-proof and waterproof. We haven’t actually worn it in the water, but it definitely wears extremely well all day long. Even during these HOT summer days. The consistency is very light and fluid-y (is that even a word?) and sheer but if you want more coverage it is buildable. We both really like that it is infused with pro-vitamin B5 which gives lots of hydration (but doesn’t feel heavy or oily) and improves skin elasticity (hello…the more the better!). Overall, we both really love that this foundation gives our skin a dewy finish and looks natural.
MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Water Blend Face & Body Foundation is available in 20 shades.

The Excessive Lash Mascara did not disappoint. We both have a terrible case of what might be classified as ‘mascara junkyx2. Good news for us is, I don’t think we’re alone in that group. 
We both tend to prefer mascaras that give lots of volume and are buildable. You know that real thick look, not gawdy thick, more like voluptuous thick. We love to wear at least 2 coats of mascara. Maybe 3. We’re crazy like that. This mascara is perfect for volumizing without clumping. Big plus. The fibre fusion brush holds the perfect amount of mascara while brushing through the lashes to separate and lengthen. Bam. Beautiful. Love the way this mascara goes on.   

MAKE UP FOR EVER Online: Official Site, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

What beauty products are you currently lovin’? Let us know! 
Laura & Natasha xo

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils


MAKE UP FOR EVER recently collaborated with English pop star Charli XCX to release their new AQUA XL Eye Pencil Collection. If you’re looking for an amazing eye-popping eye liner pencil, you need look no further. 

With 20 brilliant shades and 5 different finishes to choose from, there is a colour suited for every desired look, mood and style. These high performance pencils are water-proof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof. They were put through the ultimate tests by makeup artists in extreme weather conditions such as under water tests, on stage and on camera. They’ve certainly been put through the ringer and the proof is found in the high quality of these liners. They are far superior to many eye pencils currently available on the market due to their wearability and vast colour range. The colour range includes your everyday neutrals like black and browns to more daring, bright colours such as pastel purple, pink and yellow. 


The liners are divided into 5 different finishes:
M – Matte
ME – Metallic
I – Iridescent
S – Satin
D – Diamond

The XL in the name of the liners (AQUA XL) refers to the formula – Extra-long (XL) lasting formula. The XL formula provides:

XL Performance: A unique blend of ingredients – flexible resin for long-lasting results, vegetable wax for consistent colour payoff, and a revolutionary dry oil that locks in the color and creates water resistance.

XL Colour: Unique, translucent, crystal copolymer gels helps amplify color intensity and brightness.

XL Comfort: Emollient oil and microspherical silica provides an easy, creamy and smooth application. Mango butter helps prevent skin dryness on application and throughout the day.

These liners are incredibly long-lasting and the pigments are seriously impressive. They glide on so silky and smooth and literally do not move or smear until you take it off with remover. The Aqua XL pencils can be worn a number of ways which we love. Applied on the upper lash line, smudged out, they can even be applied and hold up nicely on the waterline. 

M-92 (swatched above) is my (Natasha’s) favourite. It’s a beautiful pastel violet with a matte finish. The color payoff is amazing. This pastel shade is perfect for the Spring and Summer months when it’s all about the vivid, bright colours. 


Where to buy:
AQUA XL Eye Pencils retail at $25 CDN and can be found online at as well as at Sephora stores across Canada.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Online: Official Site, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Have you tried the new AQUA XL Eye Pencils? What’s your favourite shade? Let us know!
Natasha & Laura xo



MAKE UP FOR EVER recently launched their brand new Pro Sculpting Collection. The collection features face palettes, brow pencils and lip products all designed to contour and enhance your natural beauty.

You would have to be living under a rock aka not be interested what so ever in makeup to not have heard about this trend. It’s all about facial contouring lately. Shading, brightening, highlighting specific areas of your face to achieve desired looks. Whether it’s a smaller nose, defined cheek bones, or accentuated temples, you can have it with contouring! Like magic. A little practice, experimenting, blending and voila, your wish is granted. Of course you’re going to need some high-quality products to work with and that’s where MAKE UP FOR EVER has you covered…

(Available in 4 palettes : #20: Light, #30: Medium, #40: Tan, #50: Dark)

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Pro Sculpting Palette includes four shades to contour and sculpt the face. You have your Highlight, ContourShimmer & Colour (blush) all in one. The palette’s formula is very pigmented, creamy, easy to blend and results in a beautiful weightless, satin finish. 

The whole point of contouring is to enhance your features by shading and adding light to sculpt the face. The colours included in this palette make it very easy to do so. You have all you need in one sleek, compact palette. We have tried numerous contouring products and the Pro Sculpting Face Palette is by far one of the best. It’s simple to use and the shades are all very natural looking.

making of backstage sculpting photographe RANKIN
making of backstage sculpting: photographe RANKIN

Helpful step-by-step contouring instructions suited for all different face shapes are included with the palette. If you are new to the world of contouring, this palette would definitely be an excellent choice to begin with!

in shade 20 ($32)
Available in 5 shades.

There are so many different options when it comes to filling and shading your brows. From various powders, pencils and gels to more extreme options such as dying the eyebrow hairs and permanent tattooing. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

We both like to keep our eyebrows fairly natural looking and opt for shading our brows in with eyebrow products. We’re SO excited about MUFE’s new Pro Sculpting Brow which is a 3-in-1 product! Amazing right?

The Pro Sculpting Brow features the colour, brush and highlight all in 1 product. Everything you need to sculpt those gorgeous brows! First you apply the colour, than comb the hairs with the built-in brush and finish off with the highlight under the brow bone.

PRO SCULPTING LIP in shade 40 ($32)
Available in 4 shades.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Pro Sculpting Lip is designed to contour and highlight your lips in 2 simple steps. One end features a semi-matte lipstick and the other end has a shimmer tip sponge. First you coat your lips using the lipstick end, then highlight the center of your lips using the shimmer tip sponge. This makes lips appear larger and more defined.

Pictured Left – Semi-matte lipstick worn alone                        Pictured Right – Lipstick combined with highlight

MUFE completely simplified the process of sculpting and contouring your lips with this lip pen. It’s very easy to use which is especially good if you are new to contouring. We were both really impressed with the Pro Sculpting Lipstick. Even without applying the highlight, the lipstick shade can be worn alone and is absolutely gorgeous!


Where to buy:
MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro Sculpting Collection can be found exclusively at Sephora stores,, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques & online at MAKE UP FOR EVER.COM

MAKE UP FOR EVER Online: Official Site, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Have you tried MUFE’s new Pro Sculpting Collection? Let us know!
Natasha & Laura xo

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation


We have all heard about HD televisions and most people probably own one by now. The HD 4K TV is the latest technology for TV screens which basically means it’s quadruple the number of pixels found in an HD picture. Ultimately this means much better detail, depth, and colour resolution. Wayyy better quality, therefore people appear way more ‘life like‘ on film. This technology also applies to many android cell phones as well. This is totally awesome for our television and smart phone viewing pleasure. But for all of those that are actually ‘in‘ the film, TV and photos (hello selfie lovers!) well, your face is now like a real life close up. But not to worry! That’s where MAKE UP FOR EVER‘s new ULTRA HD Foundation really steps up and knocks it right out of the park.


You definitely don’t have to be in the movies to wear this foundation. Sometimes people think foundation that works for film must be heavy, thick and cakey and therefore they don’t consider it.  I think that is certainly how it used to be. But that is no longer the case. This foundation is light weight, oil-free, buildable, provides a light to medium coverage and is for all skin types. The best part is that this foundation makes your skin look natural.


You may be asking yourself… what is this HD 4K Complex of which they speak? (or maybe not, but just in case you’re like us and did…

We’re definitely not tech geeks, nothin’ wrong with tech geeks, it’s just not us. So really any technical talk doesn’t faze us all that much. But the curiosity (and my type A personality) led me to do some research. You know, be in the know. You know?

So this is the scoop, the new Ultra HD Foundation formula is going to make your skin look like hot damn on film, photos and to the naked eye.

The formula is developed with advanced technical ingredients such as:
Amino Acid Coated Pigments: reflective particles which blur and provide a translucent invisible coverage.
Hylaronic Spheres: hydrates and plumps the skin for a longer more comfortable wear.
Sericite: a fine grain that reflects light to create radiance and luminosity. 


Available in 40 shades, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation provides a natural finish in a lightweight, oil-free formula.


I have been wearing this foundation in Y215 and I have to be honest… I really, really, really like it a lot. I have never been one to wear much make up. A Make Up Artist that doesn’t wear much make up… odd, yes. I only started to wear actual foundation a few years ago. Literally I hit my 40’s and BAM… needed foundation. Well, that and the fact that a co-Make Up Artist friend couldn’t stop raving about how ‘great my skin looked‘ after she applied foundation on my face. Obviously I really needed it. Subtle, she’s not
Being more of an oily skin I have always been leery of what goes on my face. Not a fan of heavy or thick products.

I typically like to wear a light BB cream during the day and only wear foundations at night or when I’m going out. But I decided to give this new Ultra HD foundation a good ol’ try and put it to the test. I have been wearing it during the day to work. All day long and into the evening until I wash it off. I was very surprised at how light the texture was when applying it yet the coverage is amazing. I don’t need to apply much at all. The first couple of days I kept checking in the mirror through out the day when I’d get a second. I was concerned about my oily skin looking even more oily. But happily I discovered that was not the case. It has sustained it’s wear even on the days I was running around doing errands in the hot summer heat wave we’ve been having here in Vancouver.

Natasha and I both have been supremely impressed with this new foundation and can’t wait to wear it to our next event!  ðŸ˜‰

IMG_4444g Where to buy:
MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation retails for $50 Cdn and can be found exclusively at Sephora stores,, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques & online at MAKE UP FOR EVER.COM

MAKE UP FOR EVER Online: Official Site, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Have you tried the new Ultra HD Foundation? Let us know what you think! 

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)