Journey to VIFF 2015


The 34th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is coming this September 24th to October 9th. If you’re a movie buff this is thee place to be this Fall. The festival features a smorgasbord of various movies to suit everyone’s cinema preference. A real movie lover’s haven.

Vancouver will host over 350 films from BC, Canada and 70 countries worldwide.


This year Canadian skincare brand, NeoStrata has partnered with London Drugs to celebrate local talent at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

NeoStrata in collaboration with London Drugs are this year’s Official Skincare Sponsors and will be sponsoring the festival’s 2015 Style In Film series.


Having worked in the Cosmetics and Skincare business for the past 15 years I am no stranger to the NeoStrata brand. Natasha and I have used many of their products and some of them have maintained their place on our ‘TOP products‘ list over and over.

The Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Serum (pictured above), is a newer launch but it has quickly become a staple in my night time regime. It is a face serum for firming, fortifying and restructuring but I immediately thought this was exactly what I needed for my decollete, jaw line and neck. If it came in bigger bottles I’d use it all over my body! ha! No. Seriously. It’s that good.


NeoStrata is a Cosmeceutical brand that specializes in Glycolic Acid (AHA). I’m sure everyone has at least heard about Glycolic Acid by now. Oprah, Dr. Oz and many media outlets have talked about AHA’s and it’s benefits for awhile now. It is a very effective ingredient used for anti-aging. AHA is a natural small crystal found in sugarcane, is highly water soluble and is the most gentle AHA form for skin exfoliation. It removes the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin continually stimulating collagen growth, exposing younger, healthier looking skin. When we were young that skin exfoliation process happened naturally, but when we age it slows down. A lot. That’s when skin starts to look older, dull, dehydrated and fine lines and wrinkles occur. No thanks!


All I can say is thank god for amazing skincare companies like NeoStrata who help us maintain great looking skin at every age. By using their moisturizers with Gylcolic Acid you are essentially battling aging all day long and you don’t even know it! Their hydrating Glycolic Renewal creams state ‘exfoliating‘ on the box and that seems to confuse some people (ahem… mom.. ­čśë ) They think it is an actual exfoliator that you scrub on and wash off. But this is your moisturizer that exfoliates while hydrating all day long. Brilliant!

Pictured below are some of the NeoStrata products that I have used continually for many years and highly recommend. If you are new to the NeoStrata brand, you should definitely check these out:

1. Vitamin C Concentrate
2. Skin Resurfacing Duo
3. Skin Brightener


Natasha and I were honored to be invited to a Red Carpet Event a few weeks ago. It was a special media preview event celebrating Canadian beauty and talent for this year’s VIFF BEAUTY 2015. It was such a great evening being around such amazing women and being able to share in the excitement of the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival. It was our first red carpet event and we had so much fun!


Now for some exciting CONTEST news for all of you lovelies… You and a friend could be celebrating Canadian talent and beauty in film with a VIP Opening Night Gala Experience at the Vancouver International Film Festival this September!

Click HERE to find out more details and enter to win an all-expenses-paid VIP VIFF Experience! (Contest closes on September 13th).

Good luck Beauties…
Laura & Natasha xo 
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)

Lise Watier EYEvolution Fall 2015


It’s all about the eyes and Lise Watier’s recent collection #EYEvolution has you covered this Fall.



One of the standout products in this collection is definitely the eye shadow palette. Lise Watier’s eyeshadows have always been a favourite of ours due to their long-wearing colour & great pigmentation.

Lise Watier’s new EYEvolution Eyeshadow Quartet features four creme-to-powder shadows which range from a matte to shimmering finish. The shades are all very subtle and neutral. Flattering on all skin tones and easy to wear.


IMG_3917gTop of the EYEvolution Eyeshadow Quartet.

As with every single launch before (I’m talkin’ years and years here), we’ve always anticipated each season’s collection. Read some of our previous LW love here, here and even more here.
Once again, Lise Watier creates magic.

This futuristic, sleek and modern looking Limited Edition compact eludes confidence and power. The packaging alone emphasizes a strong woman who demands the best. Their collections always relate to a story, a theme, allowing you to become part of that story and journey.


OMBRE VELOURS SUPR├ŐME EYESHADOWS pictured above in shades SABLE VELOURS & FUM├ë VELOURS ($25) Available in 6 shades.

These new single pot eye shadows are absolutely fab! They glide on extremely smooth and set into a matte finish. They are super blendable, don’t crease or fade and are long wearing. You can use them alone or use them as your base shadow and build ontop with the powder shadows. Very comparable to other high end brands but the texture of these ones are seriously like silk. You can apply it with a brush but I just use my finger to apply with a simple sweep across the lid. Incredibly quick and easy. Love these so much.


If you like long, lush gorgeous lashes (like who doesn’t?!) then you’ll love this Intense 3D mascara! This mascara is a limited edition version of their highly popular Dramatique Intense 3D Volume Mascara. The only difference between the two is the packaging. This new limited edition EYEvolution version features the green dot design (pictured above). 

I have used the Intense 3D Mascara for the past couple of years and it has become one of my favourite mascaras. It is totally comparable to the Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes although I prefer the way I can build up my lashes with the Lise Watier mascara.


New INTENSE WATERPROOF EYELINER in shades Anthracite & Chocolat Intense ($22)

We’ve used Lise Watier eyeliner pencils for many years so when they launched their brand new INTENSE Water-proof pencils we were eager to test them out.  We both get oily lids so it’s always the true test to see if an eye liner doesn’t transfer onto the top lid. That’s the worst look possible! We weren’t surprised when the new liners stayed perfectly in place all day. No smudgey transferred mess at the end of the day. Love!

IMG_4013gIntense Waterproof Eyeliner Swatches
Anthracite (colour on the left), Chocolat Intense (brown shade on the right).


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… always (ALWAYS) use a primer before applying your eye shadow. Bottom line is it’s just better and you’ll be much happier with the flawless results. The new Base Paupieres CC eye primer is a colour correcting formula that can be worn on your eye lids even with no shadow. It evens out your skin tone and helps with any uneven colour. Used under the shadow it intensifies the shadow colour as well as prevents creasing and fading for up to 16 hours.


Lise Watier’s Limited Edition EYEvolution Collection will be available in stores from August to October 2015. You don’t want to miss out on this beautiful collection!

Where to buy:
Shop Online, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart

Connect with Lise Watier Online: Shop Online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Til next time Beauties…
Laura & Natasha xo

Friday Favourites

It’s only the end of July and the new Fall cosmetic launches are already hitting the store shelves! Being the 2 obsessed beauty junkies that we are, it’s never too soon or too much. A girl can never have too many lipsticks or mascaras. Or eye shadows, or…  Anyways, new makeup makes us happy. It’s actually proven that when a woman purchases a new lipstick it increases her confidence and makes her much happier.

We just tried COVERGIRL’s brand new Colorlicious Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams & LongWear Lipsticks, both in Red shades. The hotlip colour for this Fall season. Here are a few of our ‘Friday Favourites‘ – products we are lovin’ this week. 


MARCELLE’s BB Cream Beauty Balm was one of the first BB creams launched in Canada a number of years ago. Since then we have tried numerous brands and have liked many, but Marcelle’s has continued to be one of our must haves. It has the best creamy light texture that evens out your skin tone beautifully. It is currently the only BB cream on the market that is recommended & recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association. Hypo-allergenic, non comedogenic, perfume free, gluten & oil free.

NEW COVERGIRL Colorlicious Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams – shade 305 Cherry Cream Pie

This Fall, COVERGIRL will be releasing their new Colorlicious Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams. There are so many of these large lip balms available on the market right now. We were interested to see how Covergirl’s compare. Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams glide on smoothly, hydrate your lips and provide a really pretty rich colour with soft shine. The quality is definitely comparable to some of the higher end brands. 

Cherry Cream Pie (colour pictured above) is a super flattering deep red shade. Perfect berry colour for Fall!


I have actually had this blush for a few years now and haven’t even used it yet! It’s one of those blushes that you don’t want to use just because of how pretty it is. Designed after Shiseido’s cherished camellia flower, the compact is absolutely stunning.  – Natasha

You can create a variety of different looks with the Camellia Compact depending on application. Featuring 3 highly pigmented shades, you can blend them altogether or wear them individually for a softer look (highlighter, blush). 

This blush is limited edition and was released in 2012. However it is still available online only!




What products are you lovin’ lately?

Natasha & Laura xo
(written by Natasha)

HAIR: Glam Waves


We were invited to a Red Carpet Event last week (stay tuned, we’ll be talking all about it & an exciting upcoming VIFF Beauty contest soon!). It was our first Red Carpet and we quickly realized that we had to figure out so many things. What to wear, makeup choices, hair styles. All very important details for 2 gals who’ve never been to this kind of event before. Hair it turns out is a big deal.

Anyone who has long hair knows just how much time and effort it takes to style it. Especially for those special occasions. Omg… talk about dealing with pressure! One can never really have enough time to prep and style hair to perfection. If given no time limit we would still probably never be satisfied! Or is that just us?!

However we both prefer optimum style in a minimum time frame. Who really wants to spend hours upon hours just prepping your hair? Not us. And since we don’t have a personal hair stylist on speed dial we have come up with a very quick and easy way to style your hair for any occasion. Natasha found an amazing long summer maxi dress so she wanted to have her hair down in a loose, wavy curl.

We didn’t use many products plus it didn’t take more than 45 minutes from start to finish. How’s that for Red Carpet Ready in a jiffy?!

VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event
VIFF NeoStrata Beauty Event

Get Natasha’s Red Carpet Glam Hair Look:

1. We recommend washing your hair the day (or night) before the event. The curl and style will hold much better this way.
2. The day of we used Batiste Dry Shampoo mostly on the roots of her hair. The Dry Shampoo adds structure and absorbs any oil. This product is amazing! I literally used to wash my hair every single day until I discovered dry shampoo. Now I wash it every 2nd or 3rd day and use the spray in between. Saves me sooo much time!
3. Brush the dry shampoo through. We used Conair’s new InfinitiPRO Brush which produces conditioning ions leaving the hair shiny, sleek and completely frizz free. We then added a dab of L’Oreal Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice just to the ends. This adds some hydration, shine and protection before using a hot curling iron.
4. I used a couple quick sprays of John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Spray all over before I did any curling.
5. When curling is complete, run your fingers through the hair lightly to fluff. Finish off by spraying hairspray generously through hair.
6. When totally complete I added a spritz of a scented hair mist. The one we I chose (Natasha didn’t have a choice! ha!) was a strawberry scent (duh! I’m obsessed with strawberries. Is there any other flavour?) by Be Deluctable by Cake. This gives a nice soft pretty smell to your hair.

That’s it! It looks gorgeous and it was so easy.


We used our KISS Instawave to create the curls. This is not an ordinary curling iron. It is super easy to use. It grabs a hold of your hair and twists it around the barrel creating amazing curls. Natasha has thick and long hair so I found that using smaller sections of hair worked the best. I focused on the outside pieces of hair mostly and loosely curled the under pieces. Then fluffed and sprayed the hair altogether. 


Til next time Beauties

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)