MARCELLE Spring 2017 Collection

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We wish everyone the very best in 2017! 

It’s January 6th already and the holidays just seemed to fly by. However our Christmas tree is still up. I know, it’s coming down today. Or tomorrow. It’s just so hard to say good bye to the holidays! And so much work to pack up everything and put it all away. When do you guys take down your holiday decor? Immediately after Christmas, January 1st or later?

We’re slowly coming to terms and facing facts that it is indeed over. Now all that’s on our minds is Spring. And when will it get here already?! Here in Vancouver we were beyond excited to have snow for Christmas. Which is a rarity. But the cold and snow hasn’t stopped and everyone is totally over it. We’re not used to all of this snow, cold and ice here on the coast! Spring really can’t get here soon enough now. 

So you can believe our faces lit up like a Christmas tree when we laid our eyes on the new Spring 2017 launch from Marcelle Cosmetics. See what I did there?… Christmas tree?… Just can’t let Christmas go. I kill myself. 😉

We have talked about MARCELLE before and anyone who knows us, know that we support and show immense love for amazing Canadian brands. You can check out what we said about some of our FAVE Marcelle products here and here

Marcelle’s new CITY line up for Spring 2017 is fabulous. Beautiful new colours, incredible quality products and unbelievable price points. 

NEW ROUGE XPRESSION VELVET GEL LIPSTICK – Karine Vanasse Collection ($11.95)

Pictured from left to right: Red Carpet, Pink Blossom (Laura’s favourite~obsessed!), Rosy Nude, Buff Nude, Vivid Plum

100% hypoallergenic, perfume-free, gluten-free.

These new Spring shades of lipsticks are from the Karine Vanesse Collection. Karine is a talented French-Canadian actress and is the brand ambassador for Marcelle.

Natasha and I both deal with dry lips year round. But especially in the colder months. So lipstick is a tricky thing for us. Dry, chapped, peeling lips with lipstick ontop isn’t pretty. These velvet gel lipsticks leave a creamy matte finish that thankfully are not drying. They are incredibly smooth, have a light weight texture, not sticky, very pigmented and the wearability is superb. These are like a luxury brand lipstick but at a drugstore price point. Absolutely awesome. Highly recommend these! 

These new Velvet Gel Waterproof Eyeliners are… how can I explain them? Amaze-balls! Stu-pendice! Fan-tastico! We can’t even deal with how much we love these liners. The only thing I can possibly find to be a problem with them is that I want, NEED them in more colours!

We are terribly picky and choosy when it comes to eyeliners. Especially me since I suffer from the dreaded oily eye lids. So most pencils transfer, then I get that 2nd line on the top of my eye. And it smears all over the place, no one tells you and you end up catching a glimpse of yourself later on, or worse, in a photo and you are horrified at how messed up your eyes look. 

These pencils are smudge-proof, water-proof, glide on smooth like a liquid liner and are highly pigmented. I love lining my eye then blending it out a little with a brush to soften the line and creating a subtle smokey eye. I’m obsessed with the Deep Navy liner lately. It wears literally from morning application until I remove it at night. Doesn’t move, disappear or smear.  

These pencils, as with all Marcelle pencils are 100% Hypoallergenic, Perfume Free, Ophthalmological Tested, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers.  

Copper Coin (Laura’s favourite) Eye Brightening Beige, Classic Navy, Mother Of Pearl, Black Plum, Chocolate.

These Kohl pencils are the first and only Kohl recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association.

Rosy Nude, Pink Blossom, Buff Nude, Red Carpet, Velvet Plum  and the Universal Anti-Feathering Lip Liner. 

Made with an innovative gel based formula they simply glide onto the lips and make it very easy to maneuver a smooth line to outline the lips.  They are waterproof, water resistant and long wearing. 

We have used Marcelle’s Waterproof Lip Liners for many years.  The Nude shade being 1 of my go to’s for a long time. So I was super excited when I seen these new Waterproof gel pencils. And the colours! Just stop it!  Obviously I can’t get enough of the Pink Blossom. Gorgeous shade of pink that is perfect for Spring/summer. I get so many compliments whenever I wear it.  

The formula is creamy and applies so easily that I have been colouring my whole lip in with the pencil then apply a clear gloss ontop.  I find the colour lasts for hours on my lips and I just reapply gloss throughout the day.


The new City multi protection tinted spf cream is like having everything you need on your face in 1 bottle. It’s a light weight formula that you can wear alone or as a makeup base. It is available in 4 shades, made with anti-oxidants, green tea and chamomile. It evens skin tone,  protects from harmful external factors, hydrates, tightens pores, enhances and adds radiance to the skin.

It is 100% Perfume Free, Paraben Free, Oil Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-Comeodogenic, Dermatologist tested.

It’s been extremely cold weather lately and this is all I’ve been using with a serum, primer and mineral powder ontop for a little extra coverage when I work. Surprisingly it has been enough hydration for me. I’m a normal/combination skin type.  Natasha on the other hand is a drier skin type so she finds that she needs to add a moisturizer as well in order to feel her skin is adequately nourished during the cold winter days.

Where to buy:
MARCELLE products are available online and at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmasave and Walmart stores across Canada.

What product from Marcelle’s new Spring 2017 lineup are you most excited about?!

Laura & Natasha xo 
(written by/cityscape backdrop painted by Laura, photos by Natasha

MARCELLE Fall 2016


Being 2 Canadian girls, we will always support Canadian brands that we believe in. Montreal based cosmetic and skincare brand, MARCELLE, has been one of our absolute favourites for many years. The quality, affordability and vast selection of their product line makes them stand out. Marcelle products are all Dermatologist-tested, Hypoallergenic, and Perfume Free.

We are so excited about Marcelle’s new Fall 2016 lineup. Read on to find out which products we can’t stop talking about!

Flawless Compact ($17.95)
Face Powder in shade Translucent Medium ($14.95)
Ultimate Fringe Effect Mascara ($12.95)
Flawless Concealer ($10.95)
Hydra-C Daily Radiance Scrub ($12.95/150ml)
Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream ($24.95/15ml)
Rouge Xpression Lipsticks
3 new shades
Pink Lace, Show Of Pink, Berry Blossom ($11.95)
Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel ($12.95/350ml)
3-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover ($13.95/100ml)
New-Age LumiPOWER Multi-Action Hydrating Care ($24.95/50ml)
Ultimate Easy Lash Mascara ($9.95)
Ultra-Gentle Make-Up Removing Cleansing Cloths ($12.95)

IMG_3500Rouge Xpression Lipsticks – 3 NEW SHADES
(From bottom to top: Show Of Pink, Berry Blossom, Pink Lace)
Hypoallergenic, perfume free and gluten free

It’s been said that way back in the 1930’s, during the Depression, women would save to purchase a lipstick as this uplifted their spirit. It was affordable and offered them instant gratification. A tube of lipstick changes a woman’s face instantly. This still holds true. Women love an amazing lipstick!

Marcelle’s Rouge Xpression lipsticks are simply gorgeous. Infused with oils and vitamins, they provide incredible hydration. This is a big plus for us when choosing lipsticks since we are forever dealing with dry lips. The formula is rich and creamy and glides on absolutely beautifully. With them priced at only $11.95 Cdn, you can afford multiple shades! 

The Flawless Compact is Hypo-Allergenic, Perfume free, Gluten free, Paraben free, Oil free, Dermatologist tested and Non Comedogenic… and wears like a dream. It has a colour adapting technology that blends to your skin tone perfectly. I normally don’t tend to like creamy foundations because I have a oily t-zone skin type and have always found them too thick and heavy. This one, although creamy, goes on so, so smooth. I apply it using a beauty blender with just a little bit of the foundation under my eyes, cheeks and nose.

This new Hydra-C Radiance Scrub is not only visually appealing, it actually works and is one of our new favourite products. Who doesn’t love a good face scrub? Containing Vitamins C & E, the scrub is invigorating, energizing, unclogs pores and improves your skin’s texture. It’s gentle enough to be used daily without drying out your skin.

We LOVE that this scrub contains Eco Friendly Microbeads. Not many people are aware of the fact that most of the exfoliators/scrubs in the market are extremely harmful to the environment. The beads in many of the scrubs are not natural or biodegradable, they go down the drains into our water systems which are unable to filter them, all sorts of fish then eat these toxic plastic beads, we eat the fish… you see where this is going. Not good on so many levels.
We love the fact that we get all of the benefits of achieving radiant skin while at the same time being environmentally conscious. This scrub is da bomb. Period.

Where to buy:
MARCELLE products are available online and at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmasave and Walmart stores across Canada. 

What new products from Marcelle are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know!
Laura & Natasha xo