Mattel Game On! Game Day

IMG_7586g94It was literally like Christmas when we received a huge box full of Mattel games! It reminded us how it feels to be a kid again. Which instantly made us think that we had to share all of this fun in a box with our family, specifically my niece and nephew.
So this past Sunday = Family Funday. We hauled over our box of goodies to my sister’s house and spent the afternoon having a game filled day! We told my niece (8 years old) and nephew (3 years old) to put away their mini ipads and learn to play some good ole’ fashioned board games. Remember when we used to play board games and there were no ipads, cell phones or Xbox? Yeah, I know! (I sound like my parents now!)

IMG_759h72The games included were Mad Gab, UNO, Apples to Apples & Bounce-Off.

This awesome giant ‘GAME ON’ button was included in our box of games. Everytime someone won a game they would get the honour of pressing it and hearing it cheerfully belt out a recorded ‘Yaaahooo!‘ So funny! The kids loved that a lot and everyone wanted to win all the more just so they could press the button.

IMG_7600hhAfter going through each of the games we determined that Bounce-Off was a game all of us could play, including the kids. Brendan, my nephew is only three so it had to be age appropriate in order to include him too. So Bounce-Off it was!


The little munchkins got right into it. Brendan was having so much fun bouncing the balls into the rack, taunting his older sister on at times. Boys!
Larissa was more of the serious game type player and really studied her next move. That girl has some real game focus! They each ended up winning a few games so all ended well. Phew!

IMG_7739gBounce-Off is a newly released game from Mattel and is already one of our new favourite games to play with the family! It’s simple to play & extremely fun. Our favourite part? It says right on the box that the #1 rule of Bounce-Off is to ‘trash talk your opponent’! LOL. Amazing right?! 

How to play Bounce-Off (description from Mattel): Flip over a challenge card to determine the pattern you must attempt, then race to recreate it by bouncing balls into the grid. The first to complete the pattern wins the card and the first to earn 3 cards wins the game.  

IMG_7763Brendan eventually was over the whole Bounce-Off game. He’s 3, always on the move, always new things to discover!
So us girls then decided to get right into a serious game of UNO. My mom, Natasha, Larissa (my niece) and I became slightly obsessed with UNO and competed fiercely against one another for hours. I tried to explain winning isn’t everything, having some fun family time is what’s important. Just because I won the most games (three to be exact), doesn’t mean that I was the most awesome winner of family game day. Just sayin. ­čśë


When I was growing up my family played UNO all of the time. Such a fun game to play with family and friends. I have such great memories of all the good times. 

With Christmas right around the corner, we suggest that everyone should get a board game and plan a game day/night with your family! When was the last time you’ve done that? Right?! I know. It was the same for us. After having such a great time at our first official family game night, we’re already planning our next game day for next Sunday.

We want to give a big thank you to MATTEL for sending us the games and for getting us to do something fun as a family again that doesn’t include technical gadgets!

Want to win some awesome prizes from Mattel? Mattel Game On! is giving away game prizes each week on their Facebook Page to celebrate their new mantra – Anytime is #GameTime! All you have to do is answer the weekly game challenge on their Facebook for your chance to win!
Here is a link for more details on the contest:

What are some of your guys’ favourite board games? Any recommendations that we should try? We’d love to hear from you!

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)