ROAM Gallery Reception

unnamed (4)I can’t even express how excited I am to announce that I am having my very first Art Exhibit at a real Art Gallery! Like WHAT???!!! I know! It’s the craziest thing ever! I barely believe it myself. For real.

I am so honoured that ROAM Gallery Owner, Jennifer has given me this amazing opportunity. I can’t thank her enough. Even though she told me, “Flowers ain’t my thing’… and well, flowers happen to be my whole art collection right now! Ha! She has taken me and all of my floral-ness regardless. Love her!

If you happen to be around the Vancouver area tonight, Friday, October 10th from 6 – 10pm drop by ROAM Gallery and say hello! There will be 4 of us local artists in attendance. We would love to meet you.
My art will be in the Gallery until November 2 and you can now find some of my pieces on our new Facebook page.

Address: City Square Mall – Upper Level, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada

Laura xo

Art Exhibition Announcement

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We are so excited to officially announce that my original paintings will be featured in Vancouver at the ROAM Gallery. They will be showcasing my work along with 3 other talented local female artists. It’s going to be an awesome show with the different forms of art and styles. I love seeing new art and meeting other artists in all genres. Can always learn something new being around such creative people. Very inspiring. It’s gonna rock!

It’s kinda surreal to me at this point still. I never thought I’d ever have my paintings in an actual gallery! Last month Natasha and I had an art showing, but we did it all on our own. We booked the venue, planned and executed the whole thing. It was a ton of work, but we did everything completely solo. This time my art had to actually be accepted and invited into the gallery. A real gallery. This is a whole different ball game. I am super stoked about the whole thing yet super freaked out that people will be seeing it. Judging it. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do, in life in general… put yourself out there. But it’s something I feel I must do, I have to do. Besides, if I don’t put my art out into the world, I’m pretty sure I have absolutely no wall space left in my small townhouse left to hang anymore paintings!  ha!

IMG_808g82Pictured above: Jennifer Daerendinger (Gallery Owner), Laura and Hana Amani (Metro-Living-Zine)

IMG_8083hgMy paintings will be on display from October 6 – November 6. For those of you that live in and around the Vancouver area, there will be a Reception on Friday, October 10 from 6 – 10pm. We’d love to see you all. Stop by and say hi!

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Join us at:
ROAM Gallery
City Square Mall – Upper Level, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada.

 Laura & Natasha xo