Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

Spring2015FashionSpring is almost here! I am jumping the gun just a tad I admit. But it is technically only one month away!
When January is finally over, I for one can’t wait for Spring to arrive. When the weather starts to get warm, flowers start to bloom and bright coloured clothing styles start to appear in the stores. And makeup! All of the new Spring makeup collections launch! Eeek! Love it all.

I always enjoy browsing magazines and the internet every season to see what the latest trends are in home decor, fashion and makeup. To find out the latest and greatest must have products and fashion items. I just like to be in the know, you know?

From these numerous sources I’ve compiled a list of Must Have Fashion Items for Spring. Just for fun, I have mainly chose higher priced items that I’ve discovered during my endless hours of browsing. Obviously we can find plenty of similar fashion finds which are more cost efficient. Sometimes it’s nice to splurge on one ‘investment‘ piece that is special to you and it becomes a staple in your wardrobe/accessory closet. I like splurging every season or so on one particular item that makes me happy. Typically that is usually a jacket, handbag or a quality pair of shoes or boots. I tend to choose more of the classic pieces over the ‘current season’s fad’ pieces that way I can hopefully incorporate them into my wardrobe for many years to come.

1. White Lace Dress by Set  ($200USD) – With this pretty little lace number you are actually achieving 2 top fashion trends for the Spring. Lace is very popular and so is wearing all white. This is a great versatile spring/summer dress you can pair with heels for a dressier look or with cute flats and a clutch for daytime casual.  I came across this dress from a Spring Fashion show picture and traced it to a designer originally from London. ‘Set‘ is a newer European line created in 2009 and now their designs are sold in 18 countries. So ladies, any lacy white number that suits your fancy and style will do. 

2. Mules Heels ‘Azunika’ by Christian Louboutin – Talk about adding some pizzazz to your Spring look with these babies!  Mule shoes are not only comfortable and easy to wear with a dress, skirt or jeans they also look amazing. Especially this pair of Tribal-Chic inspired Mule Sandals! I mean they’re ‘only’ $1300USD. A girl can dream. {sigh} A pair of Christian Louboutin’s are on my ‘bucket list’. That’s right, along with seeing the 7 World Wonders, owning a pair of shoes has also made it on the list! 

3. Vertical Drop Necklaces by DIANE von FURSTENBERG ($363CDN) – This necklace is a beautiful stone and fringe statement piece inspired by 1970’s fashion. You can find numerous long chain vertical drop styles to choose from. Something that appeals to your taste and your wardrobe.

4. Scarves by Alexander McQueen – Scarves are my thing anytime of the year. They are so easy to wear and add style to any outfit. So this scarf is the perfect spring/summer accessory to throw on with jeans and a tee shirt. I’ve always wanted one of his scarves. Now if I only had $595USD laying around to purchase this beauty!

5. Gingham Prints by DVF  ($1198USD) – This Reverse Wrap Gingham dress with white lace crochet overlay was a very popular dress on designer DIANE von FURSTENBERG’ runway this Spring. I really love the style of this dress as it is flattering on most figures. Of course the ‘Wrap Style Dress‘ was designed by Diane in the 70’s and has since been a staple in many women’s closets. This wrap style combined with the Gingham print makes it doubly exciting. Gingham prints are everywhere this season!  With this specific dress, again we are combining 2 big fashion trends in 1 outfit. Gingham and white lace. You can choose a Gingham print in a variety of fashion items… dresses, shirts, skirts, scarves, pants – it’s everywhere! 

6. Bucket Bag – Too Hot To Handle Drawstring’ by Marc Jacobs ($468USD) – Such a great casual and practical bag. I especially love the teal colour of this bag. I am drawn to hand bags that have some colour which instantly adds style and interest to your overall outfit. No need to do the whole ‘matchy-matchy’ accessory and clothes thing. Don’t be scared to try new colours of handbags… step away from the black bags! 

7. Distressed Skinny Jeans ($88USD) – These Blank Style skinny jeans from ShopBob are a distressed soft stretch denim. I love the jeans with a bit of stretch in them. They wear snug to your body shape and you can still enjoy going out for lunch and actually eat! Breathing room for dessert too… that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

8. Bright Coloured Stylish Sunglasses by Celine ($390CDN) – Choose a style that’s a little out of the ordinary. Something you normally wouldn’t pick. Something new, exciting, fun and fashionable. It’s the accessory that you should have fun with. It changes your whole look and attitude when you slip a pair of classic sunglasses on.

9. Tunic Tops by DKNY ($303USD) – Any pretty tunic is a must for summer but this DKNY Tunic is pure chiffon and silk is just so darn pretty.  Light weight and airy, very casual yet it has a pulled together effortless look that I really like.
Yes, pretty please I’d like one! 

See wasn’t that nice to see some high end fashion and dreammmm…. ahhhh, yes, now back to reality! But remember there are oodles of choices and prices to choose from when shopping for items to add to our wardrobe. These were just examples of what’s hot on the fashion runways for this Spring. We all know we definitely don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look great.

What are some of your favourite fashion trends this Spring Season?
Laura xo