Top 5 Sunscreens for Summer 2016

sunscreen collageWe are heading straight into the hot months of summer. So much fun in the sun! But it’s so important to protect yourself  by applying sunscreen before all of that sun fun. No one likes the thought of dark brown spots appearing on your face (the sun works like a magnet and brings them out), wrinkles, dry leather like skin, or worse yet, skin cancer. It is recommended by Dermatologists that you apply sunscreen not just in the summer months, but all year round. We’ve made a list of our absolute favourite sunscreens that we use all of the time. Year round. They are super light weight, non greasy and honestly feel like you are putting on your moisturizer and not a sunscreen. Once you start applying it daily it really becomes habit. Trust us!

#1. Skinceuticals 

883140000778-physical-fusionI have been using this little gem every single day for the past 6 months. I actually mix it in with my daytime moisturizer on the top of my hand then apply it to my face. It’s especially great for the days when I’m not working or wearing foundation because it has a slight tint that gives me just the right amount of colour, evens my tone slightly, adds radiance and protects. -Laura

What we love about it:
Specifically for the face
SPF 50 
UVA/UVB protection
Paraben Free
Light fluid texture 
Tinted that adapts to all skin tones  
Boosts radiance 
Water resistant for up to 40 minutes

#2. Vichy  ($25.95 Cdn)


This has been a constant sunscreen choice for me for many years. It doesn’t matter how many other sunscreens I try, my heart still belongs to this guy. – Laura

What we love about it:
Spf 50
Specifically for the face
Protection from UVA/UVB Rays & Free Radical Damage
Ultra light weight fluid
Ultra sheer
Water Resistant
Matte finish which is especially great for a combination/oily skin type
Non-sticky and absorbs instantly, it’s perfect for anyone who dislikes hates that sticky heavy texture you get from some suncreens.

#3. Ombrelle Ultra Fluid Lotion Spf 60 ($15.97 Cdn)


We gave this Ombrelle Spf 60 a try for the first time last summer. We loved the fact that this one costs less then some of our other favourite sunscreens plus it compares in quality. Natasha is an avid jogger and never steps out the door without applying sunscreen first regardless of weather/season. She is quite particular with her sunscreen choices when she’s running (many are never to be worn again!) and this one got the jogger approval! 

What we love about it:
SPF 60 
UVA/UVB Protection
Light weight formula
Contains Vitamin E
Fragrance Free 
The cost is less expensive then some of the other brands.

#4. Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream ($36.00 Cdn)


Don’t forget about the eyes! I honestly never worried about applying an SPF sunscreen around my eyes in my 20’s, but let me tell you, I sure do now. Plus I encourage Natasha to even though she’s only 23! Everyone knows that aging starts around the eye area so… prevent, protect, and prevent some more is what I say!

What we love about it:
SPF 34 (odd number but it’s above 30 so it’s all good) 
Protects the eye area 
Cream texture that hydrates around the eyes as it protects against UV damage
Has a light diffusing powder that brightens the eye area
Absorbs quickly 
Doesn’t sting around the eyes

#5. Clinique SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Body Sunscreen ($29.00 Cdn)


This Clinique SPF 50 for the body is the bomb! 

What we love about it: 
SPF 50
UVA/UVB Protection
Rubs in well
Sweat Proof
Oil Free
Fragrance Free
Adds shimmer to the skin

Laura xo